146. In simple words it is a rank for teachers who perform scholarly duties. 3. POST. Dr. S. Fears - psychiatrist. Dr. D. Blades - neurosurgeon. It’s by the doctor’s name! It was the office of one "Dr.Hazard". Dr. C. Bratt - pediatrician. Dr Corns. Dr. A. Cockburn - urologist. Only doctors please, not even dentists or nurse. Dr Child and Dr Kidd. Captain Morgan 149. The Couch Potato. Dr. D. Okay - family doctor. Dr Doctor. I mean how could I forget his name, honestly? Dr. Ken Hurt Plague name generator . Funny doctor names Justin Case, Barb Dwyer and Stan Still. Napoleon Einstein is a 24-year-old cricketer who plays for Chennai Super Kings, and the cricketer from the under 19 Indian cricket team.. His name is not actually funny but will definitely sound weird as it is, in fact, two names of two popular personalities Napoleon and Einstein. These are some very funny, interesting, and sometimes risqué doctors names. A gynaecologist? Dr. B. Weiner - nephrologist. Actually, some doctors believe that fun is the best treatment of many diseases. … Dr. R. Odor - psychologist. Well sadly you have come to the wrong place, but hopefuly this can give you a few ideas into what you should name yourself if it ever comes to that. Dr. C. Kwak - dermatologist. They were professed duties to spread knowledge and researches; they handle different disciplines according to their subject or field. Dr. D.Hirt - anesthesiologist. Dr. B. (Make sure you know your purpose by creating a custom mission statement.) Funny Medical Team Names. Years in practice: 1961 to 1966 on NBC’s Dr. Kildare. The names are all in a kind of nickname style, similar to how the bubonic plague is often referred to as the Black Death, for example. This really exists! Dr. C. Ram - chiropractor. Slaughter? The Pretzel 150. There are plenty of ways to have fun with a medical team name — below, we list some ideas and suggestions for medical team names, categorized into types of medical teams. Pubes Peepshow 152. Dr. E. Seaman - urologist. P. Yes you. 70 Real Life Funny Doctor Names I feel a special kinship to the following doctors with funny surnames having had to repeat my own surname on most phone purchases and interactions over my life. Here are few very funny and hilarious minions memes, which will surely make you laugh and must share with your friends. Dr. J. Kill - internist. Showing 1-251 of 251 messages There are literally no other doctor names in the world that are funnier than these names of actual doctors. Was this the reason this gent chose to settle into administration? Scoop Me Up 148. Dr. Key Neine. Dr Goodhead. Dr. J. Klutz - family doctor. Peek - gynecologist. … Dr. D. Needle - surgeon. This name generator will give you 10 random names for crazy professors, mad scientists, and other less-than-sane people of science. Specialty: Internal medicine. Dr Goodhand, Dr Hands. You. When patients or even healthy persons read such hilarious names, they become unable to control their smile. I have made peace with my own tongue twisting surname. Dr. A. Paine - plastic surgeon. 4. Stan Dup (stand up)-- Funny Names List --Stu Pitt (stupid) Sue E. Side (suicide) Sue Shi (Sushi) Tanya Hyde (tan your hide) Ted E. Baer (teddy bear) Teresa Green (trees are green) Tim Burr (timber) Tyrone Shoes (tie your own shoes) The Doctor's (and other health care practitioners) Names List (subheadings: peculiar, weird, strange, PG-13 and funny) Many thanks to MEDLIB-L, our contributors and Strange - psychologist. For the sake of this aim, some doctors and nurses adopt some funny names.