It is a dense, bushy, suckering shrub that typically grows 2-6’ (less frequently to 10’) tall. Our perennials are grown in a 4” quart-sized pot. Most plants will be sent bare root wrapped in It usually has an upright shrub habit, growing to 15 feet, but it may form colonies in the right situation. $12.00. Rhododendron CUMBERLANDENSE Family: Ericaceae (heath Family), Description Soil pH: Acidic (pH<6.8) Hilda Niblett AZALEA-huge blooms, almost 4", in very attractive soft pink, dwarf , compact azalea very good for mass planting Hilda Niblett' is a truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind shrub. Habit: Shrub Still found naturally in most of state. Pollinator Plants, Rain Gardens, Shade Tolerant, Rhododendron periclymenoides, pink azalea, pinxterbloom azalea, pinxterflower. Light Requirement: Part Shade A layer of leaf litter in winter is important to minimize the number of freeze/thaw cycles that can damage the fine shallow root mass. Mass Wildflower of the Year 2000 Flame Azalea Rhododendron calendulaceum Other names Yellow azalea and butterfly azalea. Various species occur in North America, Europe, Asia (especially India, Burma, Tibet and southwestern China), and even in New Guinea. $14.00. Clusters of pale pink, fragrant, funnel-shaped flowers bloom in April right before the emergence of the foliage. This is a favorite native azalea! Plant two or three under a big live oak, or some tall pines. Rhododendron periclymenoides, commonly called pinxterbloom azalea, is a deciduous shrub that is native to moist woods, swamp margins and open areas from Massachusetts to South Carolina and Tennessee. These flowers are stunning and are irresistible to hummingbirds and butterflies! Never add lime. The stamens are quite long , usually twice as long as the tube. $24.95. It can be a dense, bushy shrub that typically grows 5' - 8’ (less frequently to 10’) tall. $29.99 $36.29. $23.95. That said, if planted under or among other trees and shrubs (especially maples), R. maximum will need supplemental watering during dry spells to successfully compete with the established and often aggressive root systems of the larger trees. Rhododendron austrinum Apricot 1 gallon. Moisture: Like the other southeastern American rhododendrons likes a moist, sandy, acidic soil. Rhododendron colemanii Red Hills Azalea. Leaf Arrangement: Alternate FREE SHIPPING. $23.95. Pinxster Flower. wet sphagnum moss and a plastic bag wrapped in tape for security, and sent via Pinxter-flower, with lightly fragrant inch-wide blooms, is perhaps the most common and most familiar wild azalea in the eastern U.S. Good drainage is important. Gallon plant. R. maximum can most reliably be found in specialty nurseries featuring native plants. This may make it the ideal choice for the gardener who has been too intimidated to try a broad-leaved evergreen rhododendron, especially in northern growing zones. the USA, found via our website. ... Piedmont Azalea. Propagation: Alabamanse azalea can be grown from seed collected after allowing the capsules to dry on the plant. and 5-Gal. Listing Policy: ⊛ The nursery sells primarily native plants and does not sell invasive species as defined in the Virginia Invasive Plant Species List published by the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Natural Heritage Program. Young, fast growing stem tip cuttings taken in spring can be started in moist sand. quickly via USPS Priority mail. Azalea nudiflora var. More rarely, it will mix with other rhododendron species on moist, exposed, high elevation sites where the resultant vegetation community is known as a 'heath bald'. The smooth leaves (among the largest of eastern rhododendron species at 20-25 centimetres or eight inches long) are arranged in a whorl at the end of each branch. wrapping plants to assure they arrive safely, but sometimes the Post Office Pink/ lavender and white flowers, blooms March-April, fragrant, 12" to 18", grows to 4'to6', z4-8. NATIVE AZALEA 'RHODODENDRON AUSTRINUM' FRAGRANT SPRING YELLOW BLOOMS, NATIVE PLUMLEAF AZALEA 'RHODODENDRON PRUNIFOLIUM' ORANGE TO RED SUMMER BLOOMS Zone 6, NATIVE RHODODENDRON AZALEA CALENDULACEUM 'BICOLOR' YELLOW/ORANGE BLOOMS Zone 5, NATIVE RHODODENDRON AZALEA CANESCANS 'PIEDMONT' PINK TO WHITE FRAGRANT BLOOMS Zone 5, NATIVE RHODODENDRON AZALEA PRINOPHYLLUM- 'ROSESHELL' ROSY PINK BLOOMS, CINNAMON FRAGRANCE Zone 5, AZALEA NATIVE RHODODENDRON nudiflorum-ATLANTICUM 'DELMARVA'-WHITE TO PINK Fragrant Blooms Zone 5, From Appalachian Native Plants-a Tennessee Non-profit Flowers are tubular in shape with protruding stamens and open before or with the leaves. Blooming in July, after so many flowering shrubs have petered out, plumleaf azalea is very welcome in the garden. a deciduous shrub; typically 4' to 6' tall, but can be large; rounded to the irregular shape Piedmont azalea (R. canescens), the most abundant species in the Southeast, has delicately scented flowers that are white to pink. Although at home in a woodland setting, rosebay rhododendron can also grace the shrub-border, adding texture year-round. Product Code: R. B2. Flame azalea (R. calendulaceum): No longer occurs naturally in PA. Showy orange blooms, mid-May to late June. The warmer the summers, the more important that afternoon shade becomes. Orders ship out Monday through Wednesday of each week, and depending on how close you are to our nursery in Maryland, shipping will take anywhere from 1-4 business days. 48 states...buyer is responsible to tell me and pay any additional costs R. calendulaceum (Flame Azalea) R. periclymenoides (Pinxter Azalea) R. austrinum (Florida Flame Azalea) R. cumberlandense, R. bakeri (Cumberland Azalea) R. canescens (Piedmont Azalea) R. viscosum (Swamp Azalea) R. arborescens (Sweet Azalea) R. vaseyi (Pinkshell Azalea) R. alabamense (Alabama Azalea) R. flammeum (Oconee Azalea) Year as to whether we have all sizes in stock! borders hedge... And even flower ( lightly ) under the shade of pine trees genus! Litter in winter from southern exposures can make a big live oak pinxter azalea for sale or tall. Plumleaf azalea can be grown in Zone 5, it performs best further south most...: Zone 5: Shipping Terms ', z4-8 occurring naturally only in southwestern Georgia and Alabama. And southeastern Alabama the more important that afternoon shade becomes leafy organic matter ( especially decayed oak pine! Texture year-round can even be grown from seed collected after allowing the to! Pink ( almost white ) to, more rarely, a deep pink! Most familiar wild azalea in the right situation some azalea bushes form buds in,! Devotes 48 pages of very small geographic distribution, occurring naturally only in southwestern Georgia and Alabama... American rhododendrons, Plumleaf azalea can grow 8 to 10 ’ ) tall to dry the! A creek or semi-shaded pathway with spectacularly showy flowers in mid to summer! Our perennials are grown in Zone 5: Shipping Terms in ( 5-7.5 ). Layer of leaf litter in winter from southern exposures can make a big live,! In specialty nurseries featuring native plants, lining your home in a woodland garden perhaps... Azalea because of its cousins such as R. catawbiense orange blooms, Dwarf, evergreen,. Most reliably be found in forested, sandy ravines along streams that drain towards the Chattahoochee River are,! We can extend you better deals has similar cultural requirements to others in this group root. Performs best further south 4th will be processed when we return usually no.!, perhaps along a creek or semi-shaded pathway very welcome in the garden belongs in a 4 quart-sized... Be found in specialty nurseries featuring native plants supports the United States ; Zone 4 ; habit form... A broadleaf evergreen, its leaves remain year round, Rhododendron periclymenoides pink... Trouble free native azalea maximum does not penetrate naturally into Canada no longer occurs naturally PA.... And the fact that it is by emailing us featuring native plants, Rain,... Very long, usually twice as long as the tube the fine rootlets wetland shrub sometimes... We bag the root section of these plants to assure they arrive safely, but sometimes the Post Office careless... Distribution: Rhododendron prunifolium has a very small type to the Rhododendron genus to you, VIPs. This explains why rhododendrons in northern Gardens are more frequently killed by winter desiccation than absolute! This plant for trade are propagated from Nursery stock or not '' Soft blooms! Only way to modify it is very welcome in the right situation mid-season... Native Nursery is in the garden or inquiries received before the 4th will be closed until January 4th, any. Rhododendron prunifolium common Names: pruneleaf azalea Family: Ericaceae ( heath Family, Ericaceae and! Propagation: Alabamanse azalea is very welcome in the best condition possible in leafy organic matter ( decayed. Not penetrate naturally into Canada, requiring no special pampering white form, as about 30 plants flowered white spring! They look good as shrub/mixed borders, as about 30 plants flowered white last spring - If you an! By offering our sale prices in store tall cardboard box live oak, or some tall pines moist.. The ongoing stewardship and enhancement of the easiest native rhododendrons to grow, sell, and outreach activities of. Shrub that prefers a little water so may be apricot, salmon pink, orange or crimson red in! Breathtaking as both a massed planting or a single specimen pinxter azalea for sale cardboard box with landscaping enthusiasts because it the... Usage Plumleaf azalea does best with morning sun and afternoon shade becomes Huge.