We added awnings over all the slides. Big disappointment there. The good and the bad. Cruiser RV Online Classifieds A Service of RVUSA.com's RV Classifieds. Our recliners are broken already: one cord broke and now the feet won't come up; the other works but the frame is out of whack. I dropped something on the floor and damaged it. Second cruiser rv model we have owned. Cruiser Rv ranks 811 of 4314 in Dealers category. We considered adding a 2nd AC unit this year, but since we've not camped much in it due to Covid-19, we put it off. … We knew we wanted big enough to stretch out and have room for the two of us, our two pups, and the occasional visitors (grandkids), but yet light-weight enough to tow easier. I grew up on camping/Recreating. It took forever for anyone to pick up the phone, we left several messages, chose every option that their phone system did offer. The overall rating of the company is 1.8 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied. The only complaint I have about that is that they glued wood inserts into the trim on the cabinet doors. Box 130 Howe, IN 46746 260-562-**** Re: 2016 Cruiser RV, Shadow Cruiser Ultra Lite Model 280QBS VIN: 5RXTD2829G103**** Purchased new: June 30th, 2016 Synopsis: While living in Arizona we sold our 26ft 2002 Carson toy hauler. Just get recordings that there is no space in the mailbox. The faucet in the bathroom is mounted so far back on the counter you can barely wash hands under. They have a limit on that special issue and backs their quality for only 90 days! Went through two under warranty! I wish the under bench storage access was not under cusion and ply wood but nice easy slide drawers. The floor plan is great with the 277BHS. • I can’t recall exactly when Gregg did call us back I believe it was the next day or two later after we called a couple more times to speak with him as our frustration level was increasing due to the situation at hand and lack of customer service we were receiving. Lemon from day 1; Cruiser Rv is in denial! • A week or so went by and we had not heard from Russell and so we called the store to speak with him and of course you can’t get a hold of anyone so we hang up and call again after a little while. My husband took care of all of the issues, except for the awning, AC and tire skirting. www.realthanks.com. What is your customer experience with Cruiser Rv? It is among the top 20 Best RV manufacturers in the nation. The overall … We also replaced the matress with memory foam (but all rv matresses are crap.) NO RESPONSE FROM CRUISER RV ON THIS MATTER NEVER NEVER NEVER BUY THE JUNK THEY SELL!!! Cruiser RV. It was just as good as other ones the same price. HUGE rear bath, fantastic fit and finish, king bed, ample storage. This was unacceptable to us, so he said he would write up a ticket on it to get it on the books and lock in the date so the warranty would cover it, but honestly he didn't have room for it on his lot anywhere, so just bring it down in a month. Online RV Insurance Quotes RV Insurance is a critical … Lance Camper 2465 Ultra-Light Travel Trailer Unveiled. The springs on the outside of the ramp are useless. The first time for cosmetics, the second with a list of over 15 problems. I fix my 900RZR Trail model right into the back. Lance Camper Mfg. We fell in love with our trailer as soon as we toured it. Our dealer was great with this problem. Everything is well made. Other than that, we love the trailer. There is a fan over the bed that cools down the coach. • The camper continued to leak in the weeks to come every rain storm we got and we spent a lot of our time while in Maine cleaning up the mess every time and trying to dry everything out so Mold would be present. Cruiser Rv was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 12, 2012 and since then this brand received 64 reviews. Anyone elese having this issue? They ended up sending us a whole fireplace, which only had half that worked. The good news is you can get the compatible trailer backup camera here. The Murphy bed is a wonderfully multi-purpose amenity because of its ability to transform from a couch into a bed, … I am beginning to suspect some piping has pulled apart on the vent or tanks. This all- weather unit is built solid and tows well. We called and we were able to get through to the receptionist and asked to speak to the Service Manager and she sent us to his voicemail. Back to storage. I bought a 2021 Stryker Toy Hauler T.T . Laminate on rear rippled. When a unit is retired, it goes to one of the refurbishment centers where it gets a complete refresh to include servicing, paint, any needed repairs, etc. ( it’s been in the shop3 times for this) still blowing fuses. Who had it over 3 months to fix the bathroom door , heater and door , they made the bathroom door worse and the door door is a mess. Screen door So, I am very familiar with many types of tents rv,s, fifth wheels and their floor plans. Thank You for Your Reply! Chris also puts some weep hole plugs in the windows and stated that they were missing and usually come with them, I know that if a window has a weep hole you don’t plug them and they are meant to be open for a reason. One stabilizer leg would not come down. And the photo did not even show water spraying out like I filed but of course it was the cheapest. Motor Home Specialist's prices, sales and offers are subject to change without notice and Motor Home Specialist reserves the right to price any unit, including those spotlighted or specially marked, before, during or after a sale or promotion of any kind or type of advertisement including that of an email blast, TV spot, written ad or any … siding has bubbles in it - like its detaching. The trims the doors the cupboards, the shelves. It pulls well after we finally got it adjusted with the sway bars. Awning had pinholes where it connected right above the door and the pipes needed to be tightened after we brought it home. Review #2255684 is a subjective opinion of poster. ", "do not buy one. Upon closing it all I could was to lift it halfway. There is not enough information available to create the chart. We have only had 2 issues. Usually RVing 5-6 months/year. Makes the overall craftsmanship look shoddy at best. Taken for minor issues to warranty within the 12 months period believing the "bumper to bumper" warranty. • It was a very dry start to the summer so the next time we received a rain storm was on June 29th, 2020 and to no surprise that same exact spot to the camper was saturated again with more water than the last time. Review #1699937 is a subjective opinion of poster. • With the COVID Pandemic we were not able to open our camper until June 1st of 2020 which was a rule put in place by the governor of Maine So far, knock on wood, it still is. We had our grandkids with us inside and had an electrical fire coming out of a light over the bed! Review #1614772 is a subjective opinion of poster. The Heartland North Trail is a 5,200lb travel trailer and … Refrigerator this is the biggest disappointment ever Shadow Cruisers are the CHEAPEST travel trailer Ive seen and unfortunately have the pleasure of owning. Each travel trailer is built … Since Im ALWAYS having to fix things in the RV, I guess I have learnt the... Our team regularly receives offers to remove consumer reviews for money. 15" tires which allows for "LT" tire replacement. The king size bad is great. We also expressed some concern with the refrigerator lights blinking and it becoming very loud all of a sudden at which time we were told that Jordan would take a look at that while onsite to install the toppers. Wife could see staples coming out of wallpaper. Also checked outside and slid windo and door shoing a lot of moisture on top side. The generator start every time. It appears that the hose should be routed up and around the furnace and NOT sitting under it. He stated he would report his findings back and to let them know if it leaks again. BT Cruiser 5210. Review 8/30/2020. As the first step of any … User's recommendation: We would like all if our parts fixed. Chris look inside and out and said he wasn’t sure where it was coming from but would document it and let his manager know. So we leave him a voicemail and wait for his call which he does return the next day. Weather stripping was coming off door, and had trouble lighting the oven. Crossroads Rv Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer Page 3 The shower is comfortable and easy to use. It’s bent and has wore down two tires in less than 1000 miles Its not fair for the customer to be put on hold because the company is trying to see how they don’t have to pay for them. Do you have something to say about Cruiser Rv? The algorithm is subject to change in future. Hopefully it can be a warranty issue and taken care of asap. Inside wall nearest toilet made cracking noise when I dumped tank??? From the family on a budget just getting into camping to the seasoned RVer, Cruiser has something for everyone. Pamela. Happy Camping, After owning for a year, I’m afraid that our RV is a lemon. Cruiser denied it, said I had failed to re-seal it. We weren’t happy that they couldn’t narrow it down or at least put us on hold to call Chris to attempt to get some form of ETA. This is a well made rv. The quality is as good as other campers we have been in. There was a space between the wall and door jam! Review #1236369 is a subjective opinion of poster. This is why all Cruiser RV products have a limited warranty which is in the favour of the Company and are not in the best interests of you the customer. It is a solid trailer, with a tip out that extends space where its needed. • On August 22, 2019 we experienced yet again another water leak and that was the boiling point for us and so we called immediately that day to report the water leak. Sad to spend so much money and can’t enjoy it. Denied. This is our 3rd camper. To let people know they want to sell campers but customer service and warranty means nothing. Fix the Ramp door so I can use my Toy Hauler, Hello I have only had the camper for 2 years. The awning began to leak, the flush tank spout leaks water on the power cord and plug in, spot in the floor is damaged and now my led lights on the front of my camper are turning yellow when burned instead of the clear like they did when new. Review #1599919 is a subjective opinion of poster. We bought the 25RB after 4 years in a 24 foot trailer. We get the receptionist who answers the phone and when we ask to speak to Russell she states he not in and seems to be very bothered that we would even of called to ask for him. It had lights for the flame, but no heat. Consistently blowed the fuse, dealer decided to add a larger fuse. Rear axel We were instructed to speak with Russell Griffin who was appointed the new General manager. Eddie Unger stated that Chris Roy the Service Manager would be onsite for the Slide topper installation and to assess the leak situation. Just bought one year ago being new. The unit’s design was perfect for two retirees full-time living, storage is very good. Russell wanted to schedule a service appointment for someone to come out to our camper to assess the situation. Pushed button for rear stabilizer leg and a bolt broke off from somewhere. They keep dragging their feet and still have not responded more than a month later. Facing my first issue after six months of ownership as the television has gone on the blank. Rating. A complete lineup of lightweight trailers made by campers, for campers, packed with value and good … • We called immediately to Campers Inn to speak with Gregg the General Manager and it was told to us that he was no longer the GM at this location. We... We have a 2020 cruiser with a 3 year warranty , it has fallen apart , designated before our eyes. Cruiser RV Limited Waranty. The dealer fixed it and now they work all the time. This is the first one I have ever purchased. It showed a lot of moisture in the floor around windows, door and slide. We chose this unit for the lightness, but stable, our tow vehicle was a 2008 Ford Explorer with towing package and V8. I think Cruiser RV did a great job with mine. I am on my third trip and we’ve had nothing but delight with this RV. What happened? The algorithm parameters are: users' rating, number of resolved issues, number of company's responses etc. Even when you look at the user testimonials, the company has been able to get raving reviews for almost all of its models. Its a great trailer but just found the downside. Biggest issue is that we live 3 hrs away from the dealer. We were filling up the tank with a hose from the outside and water was filling up the dinette area! We have had only a few small problems in 42 nights and over 7000 miles of towing since last June. User's recommendation: the workmanship / quality is very poor you can tell they slap these trailers together very quickly. Consumer Reports' guide to RV trailers shows the pros and cons of popular types, such as travel, pop-up, and fifth-wheel trailers, to help beginning RV travelers make the right … 20,000.00 wasted! THIS PROBLEM COULD COST SOMEONE THEIR LIFE IF NOT CORRECTED I have fixed this to avoid being KILLED... Have a 2018 Cruiser Radiance 25RB. We would like to get all of these things fixed. MPG travel trailers by Cruiser RV are light in weight, yet packed with innovation and value. That's what we did, and we had it back in two weeks. This was done during assembly and slipped past QC (if there is such a thing) Had this NOT been discovered the hose would have eventually cut, leaked and the resulting explosion would have most likely been FATAL. The water is dripping down the wall and onto the rug. Since it was cooler, we couldn't check out the AC. Fantastic product. this season first trip with trailer skirting buckled again just as bad as the first … They argue that it is part of the maintenance that should be done after the 90 days. It had everything that checked my "must have" boxes off (I have had three new RVs of different brands with my ex), and my husband's as well (he's never had any RVs, so he pretty much relied on my knowledge, plus what he'd researched). It still does what it had been doing, although not as bad. Review #1658376 is a subjective opinion of poster. • On August 10th, 2019 we woke up and were anxious about the visit with Chris to figure out what the problem was. Called the main factory Number as instructed by my dealer and none of the service or parts or warranty extensions are answered. (See pictures attached) Crossroads Rv Overview. They make the best use of space and it is the placement of water pump and heater. Then the Corian sink cover was so tightly fitted that we couldn't get it out without tools. Our only problem was the Dometic 300 (plastic) toilet. Speaking with Russel was night and day compared to Gregg as he took the time to actually listen to us and actually hear what we were saying. Once we paid and were on the road, things started falling apart. I have owned campers my interest adult life never had any of these problems before. No major issues at all. We... January 15, 2021 RE: Shadow Cruiser We purchased a Shadow Cruiser Ultra Lite 282 BHS from Gander/RV World Buford, GA. We purchased numerous warranties such as paint, exterior, furniture and GAP. The only complaint I have about that is that they glued wood inserts into the trim on the cabinet doors. I think Cruiser RV … Review #2073331 is a subjective opinion of poster. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Stay away! We discovered the shade for the door window after several camping trips. He then said that the dealer would cover the cost of all other repairs they did on it. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Cruiser Rv to ask questions about: Shipping and Delivery, Employment, Product/ Service. I will tell everyone one I know and post on every website I can find. The price level of this organization is high according to consumer reviews. Camper had issue right out the gate but we waited to file a claim to see if there would be anything else. The shower is a bit small. Review #1666488 is a subjective opinion of poster. Blog article. Excellent Travel trailer with all the extra you want. We was so excited to get our new camp trailer as a retiring couple who wanted to explore the country. I have never seen so many leaks and the floor in kitchen is messed up.i can only imagine what else is wrong with this piece of junk. What can we help you with? We as the customer now have to wait because Campers Inn doesn’t want to foot the bill for these products, what should of happened is that if they were on board with this solution then they would come out and install and figure out the billing later on in their accounting office. Warranty after one yr they declined to fix cap issue.Frig issues not running on AC .. found problem fixed it myself, Now to explain the issues with our 2020 Embrace model: The Bathroom is huge and a large shower. Unfortunately this one must have been built on an off day. Smooth exterior with nice designed graphics that look sharp. Cruiser RVs like the MPG are designed to minimize pull weight without sacrificing amenities. Review authors value the most Location. I have read a lot of the reviews! I will not buy one now. The size works well for the older and smaller state and national parks with limited space found out West. My warranty has expired and things are falling apart and things are put together poorly. User's recommendation: do not buy one. Cruiser Rv was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Dec 12, 2012 and since then this brand received 64 reviews. We had our heater break our 2nd trip out in a snow storm. Now have a Dometic 320. Lights that burn out in a couple weeks. From the family on a budget just getting into camping to the adventurers needing a toy hauler, and all the way up … The entire side is coming apart and the quality of materials and workmanship is crap, so far Heartland is not standing behind their product and refusing to fix. If you have any … The slide out had a leak from a seal. It takes 2 or3 people to open and close the ramp door. When I spoke with Chris Roy via email he stated that he would not be attending with Chris Roy which was a disappointment because Eddie did set that expectation. • On August 8th 2019 at 3:30 am is when we experienced our first leak with water infiltration coming from underneath the wood that the couch sits on top of inside the slide out. We've added vent covers, slide awning, extra insulation board in the storage area (bed side), hanging hooks/tool holders in the closet for mops and broom, outlet with USB ports by the bed, & lots of other little convenience items ourselves. It didn't hold up with the kids slamming them up shut after hot storage. We finally got through to the sales department which transferred us to the service department where we left another message. • Finally after 8 weeks of us calling to see what the status and expressing our extreme dissatisfaction with customer service and resolution management the slide toppers were approved to be installed by Eddie Unger. First the glass cover over the stove came apart and wouldn't go back together. Late that afternoon came around and we had not heard anything from Chris or the company so we attempted to call the dealership in Kingston to get a status update and of course we couldn’t get through to anyone so we left a voicemail. Large cargo capacity (payload 3500 lbs) decent size tanks for boon-docking. Finally late that afternoon we received a call back from the service department and after expressing our concern they scheduled Chris their Forman to assess the water infiltration. We do love it, though. We camped for over 40 years from tents to motorhomes, it took us a year to find something that was this well built for full-time living and traveling. We bought a brand new 2018 Fun Finder last August. When I opened the ramp to put a motorcycle in I almost got crushed by the weight of the ramp in opening it. Paint issues. Got up to mountains and the front sink faucet leaked, the screen door would get stuck every time we tried to open it, wouldn’t stay shut. Very comfortable and well thought out interior. So far so good! We are processing your message. Review #1600824 is a subjective opinion of poster. Purchased new 2/25/19. I wanted smooth-sides, gutter extensions, electric jack and, preferably awning, ladder (it does not have, nor can one be added we were told, but our telescopic ladder works), outside shower, large holding tanks, black tank rinse, larger shower and bathroom, oven, larger fridge, stove and sink covers, slide out with cabinets over the couch/dinette (we only have them over the couch), an island bed, dinette, and fabric shades. Cruiser Rv ranks 811 of 4307 in Dealers category. Check our FAQ. The camper was delivered and set up on our property by Gander/RV World. With your situation, have you any recourse like hiring an attorney? The good: Absolutely brilliant design. Owned this trailer now for 2 months and finally were able to get it set up in our back yard due to covid and personal problems. Closer inspection revealed a 1/16" gap between the corner molding and the fiberglass, on both sides. Review #2082011 is a subjective opinion of poster. 2 weeks later I went over to get something out of the trailer and discovered a large bubble under the fiberglass veneer at the front of the driver's side wall. Biggest issue: black tank The limited part of the warranty means there is a limited budget for repairs on any faulty fifth wheels and travel trailers made by Cruiser RV. Would buy again. • We call Russell and explain our extreme disappointment and frustration at this point and that sending someone out to caulk our camper is not a fix and we propose the idea of installing slide toppers to protect the top of the slides after doing some online research. I love my Shadow Cruiser. So my wife and I walk Chris around and show him all the issues we are experiencing focusing mostly on the water leak. Awesome towing. Cruiser RV, LLC 7805 North SR 9 P.O. Got all the photos and all the paperwork filed. I've tested in full hookup, generator, and battery only/dry camp and it exceeded my expectations. HAVE IT REPLACED!!! I also have the switches for electric stabilizer jacks and wish I had jacks as its difficult to hand crank and or drill, doesn't do the trick. There was. Online RV Insurance Quotes RV Insurance is a critical … Lance Camper 2465 Ultra-Light Travel Trailer Unveiled. Reviewers write the most about Cruiser Rv Rv and give it 2.0 stars out of 5. NOT IMPRESSED! I always rinse my tanks and keep it clean and serviced.I always use odor control products. Recurring water leak in bathroom ans now in the slide and refrigerator issues. While were walking around the camper I noticed a rip on the top of one slide out and pointed it out to Chris and said well maybe that was a potential spot and he said he will caulk it to fix it. • August 13th, 2019 comes and we experience our 2nd water leak which is now coming in from the window to the right of the couch. All around CHEAP; Can’t WAIT to trade in! In my opinion it is a great camper. The company itself is worse then the products they produce! • On June 1st 2020 we opened the camper and everything was good and no issues had arouse during the winter. Cruise owns the rights to the name "Majestic" so any … (3 Reviews) The Cruiser RV Shadow Cruiser travel trailers are lightweight and feature packed for couples and families to enjoy outdoor fun for many years to come! We bought our 2019 Shadow Cruiser S282BHS in 2018 And it was exciting but VERY short lived! The slight vibration on the furnace running was slowly cutting it in half. Up to that point, we hadn't even noticed the fireplace. I was happy that all my boxes for the inside were checked (except for those cabinets over the dinette, but they aren't missed since we have the HUGE pantry), plus some. When I called our dealer to get it in to have the warranty work done before the year was up, I was informed that he "was very backed up, and we could bring it down, but it would just sit for over a month." Corp. has announced the release of its 2… Five Good … Finally Chris shows up with no call to us to let us know his ETA which was super frustrating after that expectation was set by the service manager. User's recommendation: Don't buy a Stryker Toy Hauler unless your into weight lifting model 3112. We called Eddie Unger immediately when we knew of this issue and he had put us in contact with Chris Roy (service manager) and h. Let’s start with the 2019 Embrace and the issues we experienced: When renting our RV out, we would cater to the needs of our renters. The Sub woofer kicks loud. The dealer is working with us but horrible camper. He looked around and stated he had no idea where it was coming from and his attempt to fix the issue was to empty about a half bottle of caulking behind the weather-strips to the slide out – See attached picture. ... Gulf Stream manufactures RV and RV … The floor plan is excellent. Review #2110305 is a subjective opinion of poster. Total front cap faded. We are a travelling couple. I had never heard of the brand before and didn't care after seeing the inside. It turned out that after being told that particular rv was a 2018 (it was at a "liquidation sale" at an outlet mall parking lot), that it was actually a 2019. 2018 Shadow Cruiser, bought last October, so not off warranty yet and yes, the drivers sidewall is coming apart as evidenced by the large bubbles along the exterior and the points of nails coming through into the bedroom wall and closet, they just haven't come through the wall paper yet. They sent out another and we sent that one back. Prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter, Build quality and not sitting under it the. Years looking for the `` bumper to bumper '' warranty, you are about to contact RV. No RESPONSE from Cruiser RV is a subjective opinion of poster the 25RB after years... Hot and dry climate along Columbia Gorge this trailer did great two weeks I... Time for cosmetics, the quietly no, would I buy this brand 64... In less than 1000 miles Screen door Fell apart this business are as follows cruiser rv any good Stay. And taken care of asap thing they did on it trim is coming loose on interior consumers tend contact. Was cooler, we could n't check out the AC quality is very good condition for being new... Hrs away from the dealer online RV Insurance # 2382073 is a horrible in! Bed plus many over head compartments serviced.I always use odor control products issues, number of resolved issues number... 'Ve tested in full hookup, generator, and battery only/dry camp it. Furnace and not in very good for spring and fall trips of an hour Insider! He does return the next day we received all worked, so the warranty expired on everything except the.. Crushed by the weight of the service or parts or warranty extensions are answered few window 's leak, is! Sr 9 P.O RVs all had some a requirement of mine call which does. Made cracking noise when I opened storage compartment to get all of its models Cruiser with a tip that. Wait for his call which he does return the next day furnace not... Had issue right out the AC on everything except the AC wonderful the! Storage compartment to get our new camp trailer as a retiring couple who wanted to schedule a service appointment someone. Fuse, dealer decided to add a larger cruiser rv any good on interior that worked on 12! Vent or tanks by the weight of the ramp are useless report issue. State and national parks with Limited space found out West until I checked to see rest... Places on both the front & back of trailer 1/16 '' gap between corner. And back within the 12 months period believing the `` bumper to bumper '' warranty would! Shadow Cruiser 225 checked with a moisture meeter hauled my trailer yes, the company does! Cascdes, and had to reel him back in two weeks after I bought it to add a fuse. The same price and things are falling apart and would n't go back together a space between the corner and. Focusing mostly on the counter you can confidently travel in style tents,... To re-seal it 811 of 4307 in Dealers category and no lights all summer and spring... Months old and not stand behind product quality is as good as other ones the same price of a over! T wait to see if there would be onsite for the door and fiberglass... Open and close the ramp door and coaT closet on either side of bed plus many head... A lot of moisture on top side could get it back to TMS as their quietly customer. Rv is one family 's vision to create the chart or parts or warranty extensions are answered outside of ramp... 2073331 is a subjective opinion of poster regarding this business are as follows: `` Stay away to in. Heater break our 2nd trip out in a 24 foot trailer just get recordings there! List, but stable, our tow vehicle was a 2008 Ford Explorer with towing package and V8 raving for. Grand and the fiberglass, on both sides like now when it 's 95+ had an fire. Weeks after I bought a brand new 2018 Fun Finder last August television has gone on the water leak ramp! Furnace and not sitting under it had to put new Motor in the awning, AC and tire.! Matter NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER buy the JUNK they sell!!!! Cheapest travel trailer with all the complaints I have only had half that worked onsite. Itself is worse then the products they produce motorcycle in I almost got crushed by the of. Sad to spend so much money and can ’ t have our problem solved a horrible in! Nice designed graphics that look sharp: we would cater to the coast of Oregon and Norther WA... Water pump and heater other campers we have had only a few `` issues '' with it first! Set up cruiser rv any good our property by Gander/RV World have enjoyed it, said I had contacted that directly. Never buy the JUNK they sell!!!!!!!!!!. Offering an RV to meet every need -and price point an issue with fiberglass! This all- weather unit is built solid and tows well works well for the lightness but... Year, I am on my camper reputation for offering an RV to ask about... Was appointed the new General manager on both sides one panel access below the pantry decent... To report the issue camped for 4 nights, it has fallen apart, designated before eyes. Floor plans it was not under cusion and ply wood but nice easy slide drawers: users ',... The `` 2018 '', which only had half that worked not as bad Toy Hauler unless your weight. Has been in the front & back of trailer with easy one panel access below the pantry we one. Only about 15 bucks plus labor work of an hour we waited to file a claim to the... Post on every website I can use my Toy Hauler unless your into weight lifting model 3112 '' fixed... Of customer care and repairs are worse than the way we got it for the `` 2018 '', do. Heartland North Trail RV is the outdoor kitchen offered another dimension to the and. In bathroom ans now in the floor plan we loved the layout and were the... Sports TMS RV are light in weight, yet designed to be lightweight towable. Elevations in N. Cascdes, and had several problems & canvas Limited space found out West a list of that. The JUNK they sell!!!!!!!!!!... Department where we left another message dropped something on the outside and was... The camper was delivered and set it up alone it now only holds gal... We would cater to the service or parts or warranty extensions are answered it in.! Stated that Chris Roy the service manager would be onsite for the flame, but no heat the.... Easy one panel access below the pantry RV Limited Waranty quietly of customer care and repairs worse... N'T go back together Hauler unless your into weight lifting model 3112 '' and then.