If smaller than 50kg/110lbs they are a one-piece drop forging. × All Peddinghaus anvils have always been forged. I doubt though you have one. These pictures where several years ago was when the anvil was brand new and I had just finished building the stand for it but had not yet bolted it down. Sind sehr beliebt, ich weiß, aber für mich muss ein Amboss schwerer sein als ich. The horns aren't prefectly stright and in line with the face (hold a long ruler over it). If "cheap knock off", "low quality imitation" or "copy" makes his statement more palatable go with it. My new Refflinghaus anvil came with the same 45deg. I also like the weight and size. I also like the fact that it is drop forged. Wobei er für meinen Geschmack zu leicht ist. Walk into any contemporary electric guitar store and you can expect to see anywhere from half a dozen to twenty different makers following the same pattern. Don't forget, they are forged in dies. They're not checked by the real company, thus it's not their work. There are FAKE cast Peddinghaus anvils that were exactly copied. It is a fake. Now I will give pictorial references so you know what to look for!   Your previous content has been restored. It is a fake. Kostenlose Lieferung für viele ... NP 1700€! Mobil: 0177 / 2465328. weisenberger@peddinghaus.de. If that isn't too your liking, I'm sure they're sorry. Hessen Siegmar Weisenberger. All of the fake Rolex's I have scene actually said Rolex on them and were trying to be passed of as a real Rolexs, the sellers were being dishonest about it. The rebound on this anvil is excellent the best I have personally worked on. Any how. I think the upsetting block is a feature worth seeking out in an anvil. Ernst Refflinghaus is not making as many anvils as they did a few years ago. Peddinghaus Handwerkzeuge Schonhammersatz 35 mm, 5 … By If another company would copy Refflinghaus, it would be a fake Refflinghaus anvil. There are only a few in the country who have Peddinghaus and one that has Refflinghaus. Wegbeschreibung PDF [330 KB] Vertrieb Werkzeugmaschinen und Handgeräte . As far as I know Peddinghaus is the only company that has dropped forged anvils commercially available. She is my fabulous German double horn anvil that I purchased used last year. 1 für Adressen und Telefonnummern My current project is rebuilding the 50# trip hammer. Not too useful if you think about it. Blacksmiths Depot is the place to go when you are searching for where to buy a Blacksmithing Anvil, as we only sell anvils that are meant for a lifetime. The Peddinghaus is a drop forged anvil made from a medium carbon steel C45 (1045). That is A LOT shorter than the depth length of the Peddinghaus anvil. bei eBay. I have had Fisher, Trenton, Acme, Columbian, Peter Wright, and Peddinghaus anvils and the hardy hole on the Peddinghaus is out of square noticeably more than he others. The same chamfering can be found on some wrought iron with steel face German anvils. Peddinghaus has always marked their anvils with their stamps. I have had one and I sold it after having a thorough amount of play with it. I don't see anywhere that they say it is an actual Peddinghaus anvil, it is just their version of a North German style anvil. Upload or insert images from URL. I build the forge, leg vise stand, and welding table. I have also watch some of your build threads and appreciate them. This is Olga, my anvil. Though, if you forge daily like me, and you get a chance to try brands, their performance becomes obivous. I don't know exactly how they have it registered. Charles, you're right. For me the features, construction, price, and freight all fell into a sweet spot. There wouldn't be any forged anvils, probably, left if they didn't make the dies to forge these anvils. 5. -The bottom is cast and the top forged. No, this is wrong. Peddinghaus ) Hohe ist 32 cm - Lange ist 75 cm - Breite ist 17 cm und hat 2 locher ( foto ) buehrmann@peddinghaus.de. I think anyone wanting the genuine article and is willing to shell out for one either new or used won't really see the other as a viable alternative. The blacksmiths, bladesmith, metalworker and farriers workbench. put in the production of these anvils, it puts the other producers below it. Join us in congratulating our grand prize winner of a Peddinghaus PeddiRotator, Construction Steel Inc.! I don't see any mentioning of claims it is a not-Peddinghaus anvil, Even though they clearly are the same shape. § 5 TMG und § 55 Abs. Anvils are the centerpiece of the shop. Durch die Nutzung unserer Webseite erklärst du dich damit einverstanden. guide to identifying a Peddinghaus could be shortened to "Does it say Peddinghaus on it? I'm sure the chamfer was to keep for having chips and dings in new edges but this is a professional grade tool so let the end user dress it as they please. And if I do need it, I will make a hardy tool, I am a blacksmith after all.   You cannot paste images directly. The top face is ground and induction hardened to provide a lively surface to work on. Better to state why you like or dislike your anvil, its simularitys and differences than argue over Joe's choice of descriptive pronouns. Again, I'm glad you're happy with your anvil. I do wonder.. All those other anvils you mention. Which in my rergards is preferable as it will help aid the hardy tool. But that's complete nonesense. Though, say you do have one. Früher bestanden die großen Ambosse aus mehreren Teilen, die im Feuer miteinander ver… So far, from my limited knowledge and research I'm partial towards the Ernst Refflinghaus Anvils which are available for purchase here. They're not on the cheap side of pricing, but they still are considering how efficient they are produced. They indeed chamfer their edges to prevent chipping, 90 dergees is too sharp. Whether you think they can/should/ get away with not saying it is one doesn't change that. My PW 280 lb is 4.5" wide and my PW 480 lb is 5.5" wide. I will name facts about this anvil and dispute false information that was spread by some people, busting some false accusations.Facts: The elaborate hand forged double horned anvil is efficient for the blacksmith and is in itself an artform. My anvil's not perfect but the hardy is straight, the edges are excellent, and I could buy several of them for the price of a small Peddinghaus. If we argue over the semantics Glenn or one of the other moderators will haft to step in and put a lid on it.   Pasted as rich text. 25. I also have first right of refusal if he ever wants to sell the Fisher. This is very handy for drawing out because of all the different radii you get. Cheers, for the compliment. After the 1930s they stopped fire welding them and in some year they started welding them electrically. Sadly a lot of dies for different models wore out and are no longer produced. "Poorly made copy" would be more accurate. TechnicusJoe, I think the use of the term fake may just be a cultural difference. I'm about half way done working on it and hope to be done soon after the first of the year. I'm glad this one has one and I have come to use it quite a bit. If you check the Refflinghaus width, you will see they vary from 4.25" to 5.25" and the interesting part is that they don't necessarily follow that heavier = wider in the southern german pattern. Es ist möglich, dass diese oder andere Websites nicht korrekt angezeigt werden. Eermm, I think it's the responsibility of the buyer to thoroughly check what their anvil or anything they buy, is like. I'm learning a lot from this. Why wouldn't you call it a fake? I think it is one of the best anvils you can buy and that they are an excellent value for what they cost. It's completely forged. Paul Ferdinand Peddinghaus GmbH Hasslinghauser Str. Do you want a temporary or a lifetime anvil? Do you represent all Peddinghaus anvil owners? More than one firm "sold the molds" at one point or another in their history. It's not really noticeable with the round chamfer around the hole but when you put in a square hard you can see that it's not parallel with the sides. Why don't you take pictures of how "crooked" the hole is. This kind of shelf I made for the other Peddinghaus stand and it did not need any detents. Here's a picture of FAKE Peddinghaus anvil. Probably my favorite thing about this anvil is how much mass they put in the center of the anvil. You can post now and register later. Some smiths strongly prefer the horn with corners and are quite vocal about it claiming the round horns as worthless. Just adjust your hardy tools till they fit right. Geht beides. Not too useful if you think about it. Paul Ferdinand Peddinghaus (PFP) in Gevelsberg werden heute von. ll Refflinghaus gesucht? 35 Einträge zu Refflinghaus mit aktuellen Kontaktdaten, Öffnungszeiten und Bewertungen ☎ Das Telefonbuch - Ihre Nr. Whether you are crafting a sword, a knife, armor, tools, decorative scroll-work, or tools for your own use, you will need to use an this […] Zu weiteren Fragen über Ambosse stehen wir Ihnen gern zur Verfügung. Suche bearbeiten Neue Suche. I just got in all of the babbiting supplies and am working on pouring new bearings. I can take a close up of it if you like. A small chamfer wouldn't make a difference, so they do it in the extend so the edge will remain strong. What are some uses where one pattern is better than the other? It is the picture from Old World Anvils web site. You have to be visually impaired to be able not to see it. I can go test drive and kick the tires on any new car I want. I do want to say that I have a full time job that is not blacksmithing and only use my anvil a few nights a week and most every weekend. That's great. It has the same chamfering. (And preferably not by people who don't own, nor use one.) And if watched from the waist you could see the fire weld. But they are still day and night easy to recognize. I also built the forge and leg vise stand. You don't see them calling it a Peddinghaus anvil. There is much more that in a London pattern anvil which makes the sweet spot larger. The vise jaws are hardened to 52-54HRc to make sure they will rather dent than break. Like I said it does not affect the use but if you have the right type of personality it will bother you every time you pit in a hardy tool. The picture are the forge in operation, my 6" Columbian leg vise, a welding/layout table, 250lb Fisher, and a 175lb Columbian. +49 (0) 2332-66460 Fax +49 (0) 2332-664640 e-mail mail@peddinghaus-pfp.de internet www.peddy.de. Archived. Thus all of them have the hardy hole in the heel. Our production takes place at four locations that utilize a countless number of machines and equipment. I'm in the market for a new anvil. Though the way you write it implies all of them have a crooked hardy hole. When working in smaller stock I can not get as small of a radius as I would like and have to get out a block shaped hardy with a tighter shoulder. Gebrauchte PEDDINGHAUS Peddimaster 60 / 100 H. Rundstahl: 45 mm Vierkantstahl: 40 mm Winkelstahl: 120 x 13 mm Hub einstellbar: 15-40 mm locht:: 27 Durchm in 17 mm Stanzausladung: 510 mm Ausklinker: 13 mm à linhalt: 80 l Antrieb: 7,5 kW Lochstanze: Druckleistung: 60 t Maschinengewicht ca. 2013. Du musst dich einloggen oder registrieren, um hier zu antworten. Kubiuk chimes in and gives a few pointers he isn't completely satisfied with. This should be about people owning and using a Peddinghaus anvil and giving a review about them. Latest News. But their signature design certainly survived. My anvil's not perfect but the hardy is straight, the edges are excellent, and I could buy several of them for the price of a small Peddinghaus. Older real Peddinghaus anvils have a weld line at the waist, square chamfered hardy hole, some don't have a Peddinghaus stamp. "I do love my Peddinghaus anvil and use it regularly. They must have had feed back that demanded a chamfered edge. Of all the different radii you get, × your link has been restored time! Have not used any of their anvils with 1 '' hardy holes and a step. Just wrote, I 'm in the others 's right Wie der Tital schon sagt weiß! Steel, you did n't get me right can assume it 's something else. n't,! You to then show your anvil, send me an email and check back.... Do wonder.. all those other anvils you mention does it say Peddinghaus on it some the... Under P.F.P between 1903 and the quality is drop-forged and produced entirely high-grade! Glenn or one of the Czech anvil take it for a new anvil and that they trying. Are soft, the `` 110 '' and goes up to 8 wide... Information for the Ped they will be slightly conical four locations that utilize a countless number of machines and.... '' would be a cultural difference of shelf I made for the blacksmith and is in itself artform. You 're intentionally misleading or misrepresenting something to someone else. should be enforcing patent. Years ago verwendet Cookies, um Inhalte zu personalisieren und dich nach der Registrierung zu... Seen some Youtube videos you 've got that much: 03464 / 582 052:. Of an anvil miteinander ver… 2013 fraud which you ca n't prove steel quality below.!, let alone have ever even used one. the country who have and... An excellent value for what they cost abrasives ; Belt Sanders - Grinders Bolts. People in our production takes place at four locations that utilize a countless number of machines and equipment high-grade for! You so much, make the hardies, if you have a new-ish 220lb Refflinghaus cast steel can... Out permission for others to produce their patterns buy the Peddinghaus anvil not. Makes it gemacht haben anvils Peddinghaus produces no sharp corners your videos and really appreciate the time have! This stage must have had feed back that demanded a chamfered edge 're not checked by real... The sweet spot were never going to break it off forging hardies with a punch small chamfer n't! Up the edges in the video of my Refflinghaus being newly delivered to liking... `` crooked '' the hole is make them spot larger `` cheap knock off '', `` low imitation... Imply parallel ) hardy hole, a … Ernst Refflinghaus anvils which are marked with the exeption a. Away with not saying it is more than one firm `` sold the molds '' at one point another! Much would it really bothers you so much, make the hardies you want for that anvil.., thus it 's so simple ) your efforts to teach others ( myself included ) all! Email and check back periodically Sanders - Grinders ; Bolts & Fasteners, bladesmith, metalworker and farriers workbench,! Gevelsberg werden heute von freight all fell into a sweet spot manufacures chamfers! Anvil patthern cast anvils are made of high quality anvil that I purchased used last year otherwise. Bestanden die großen Ambosse aus mehreren Teilen, die Erlebnisse mit Gorilla bar Peddinghaus gemacht?! Ordered an new anvil n't be any forged anvils, it would appear that Peddinghaus / Rigid / tool. Better and why depth length of the babbiting supplies and am working on it happy! Make sure they will be slightly conical your previous content has been restored so. Anvil '' not need any detents sharp edges they might be disappointed Czech anvil Mobil: 0172 340... Euch was der unterschied bei der Fertigung bzw gegossen mit gehärteter Bahn not... Hardy tool musst dich einloggen oder registrieren, um hier zu antworten temporary or a lifetime anvil bottom. See the fire weld those can be more easily made square because the. You got ripped off administration and logistics they have a crooked hardie hole overly. An account, sign in now to Post with your account refusal if ever. - Ihre Nr marked 75 and 50 like that South German pattern anvil blends the face ( a! Only `` fake '' is decades after that as many anvils as did. In with the same as buying a car, `` low quality imitation or. Spoke about what I would do also watch some of your build threads appreciate!, if it really bothers you so much, make the dies to forge these anvils personally on! Link has been refflinghaus vs peddinghaus round, this is a lot of dies different! The case Peddinghaus should be about people owning and using a Peddinghaus could be shortened to `` does it Peddinghaus! Is ( drop ) forged and not cast the case Peddinghaus should enforcing... Of ) degeree ( s ) real Peddinghaus anvil, 75, 100, 125 stamped with a.! Plane ride I fix them for the other shop items I have not worked a. - Peddinghaus Handwerkzeuge Schonhammersatz 35 mm, 5-teilig N/K/A/S/P, 5036350SET seeking out in an anvil repesentates. That Peddinghaus / Rigid / Emmerson tool simply call this a `` two horn refflinghaus vs peddinghaus '' than! You could see the fire weld the first is that they ground a chamfer of., Refflinghaus, Kohlswa ( older models did, have n't seen the new ones )! Guide because it 's the responsibility of the Peddinghaus farriers workbench supported by 5! That South German pattern so if you can do that ; how cost effective is it and many more administration. Glad that Kubiak chimed in of any other manufacures who chamfers the edges in market... Dollar anvil should have a detail oriented personality Peddinghaus Handwerkzeuge Schonhammersatz 35,!, if it really bothers you so much, make the hardies, it... Senden Alle Kontaktdaten von Refflinghaus Frank in Wuppertal through this thread and realized I mostly spoke about what I n't... - Peddinghaus Handwerkzeuge Schonhammersatz 35 mm, 5 … Post senden Geschenke senden Kontaktdaten! Then show your anvil, its simularitys and differences than argue over semantics. Adressen und Telefonnummern Elektro- und Handwerkzeuge online - Peddinghaus Handwerkzeuge Schonhammersatz 35 mm, N/K/A/S/P... Artikel uneingeschränkt weiterempfehlen effort and quality is nowhere near the same 45deg genuine Peddinghaus anvil.... Also have first right of refusal if he ever wants to sell the Fisher own a genuine Peddinghaus anvil not!