The University of Nottingham “the University” has in place a CCTV surveillance system “the CCTV system” across its UK campuses. 2. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE POLICY . - Acting as the primary contact for all requests by law enforcement agencies for access to video records. video recording are responsible for implementing this policy in their respective operations. If needed, electronic shielding will be placed in the security camera so that the security camera cannot be used to look into or through windows into private areas. Video surveillance shall be not conducted in private areas of the campus unless specifically authorized by the Chief of Police pursuant to a search warrant or otherwise. Participant. DEFINITIONS: Voyeurism: A person commits the offense of voyeurism when he/she secretly observes, photographs, films and/or video tapes with lewd or lascivious intent. DUS has primary responsibility for disseminating the policy and assisting other units in implementing the policy and procedures. This policy does not apply to the use of video for non-surveillance purposes, examples include: The academic use of cameras for educational purposes. This request must clearly state the reason for the surveillance, financial support sources, privacy Please note that the the use of visual surveillance is regulated by legislation in some states and territories and may include the requirement that cameras used for surveillance by an employer be cleary visible and that signs are placed within the workplace where cameras exist. 3.2.2 Computer surveillance Use of Council’s computers and email and internet accounts generate vital information and data Surveillance Camera Policy Sample 570 views . 0 comments. - Advising on placement of video surveillance monitoring signs. Top Ten Tips Disclaimer. This policy details the purpose, use and management of the CCTV system at the University and details the procedures to be … Acknowledgement, Consent, and Release . Should any department, faculty or staff member wish to use video surveillance on campus, they must provide a written request to the AVP of Public Safety, prior to installation. This policy applies to all University of Northern Iowa persons and organizations in the use of surveillance systems and devices for monitoring and/or recording activity. Purpose of System The purpose of the Union Square Business Improvement District ("USBID") video surveillance system is to help make the USBID safer for visitors, residents, and employees by providing surveillance of key public space areas in an attempt to reduce crime and criminal activity. Video Surveillance System Usage Policy & Procedures I. - Overseeing day-to-day operations of video surveillance cameras. - Complying and ensuring Operator’s compliance with all aspects of the Security Video Surveillance Policy. performing their daily duties which include but not limited to video surveillance, photography, and/or audio tape records as it relates to policy, legal and security issues. This policy is a sample only. File Attachment: SurveillanceCameraPolicySample.doc (preview) Posted in: Church Admin & Finance > Risk Management; Resource > Policy or Guidelines; Posted By CRCNA Finance. The Director, DUS must authorize all video recording for safety and security purposes at Carleton University. VIDEO SURVEILLANCE POLICY Acknowledgement, Consent, and Release I acknowledge that I have received a copy of Insure One Agency LLC updated policies, that I have been given the opportunity to read and ask any questions that I might have about the same, and that by signing this acknowledgement, I agree to adhere to the policies as a condition This is a sample of a surveillance camera policy at a church. number of departments that have technical, policy or legal expertise. Policy is further notification to staff that these cameras are used. Access to and use of information collected using camera surveillance is to be in accordance with the Video Surveillance on Public and Other Lands Policy.