Painful to listen to. Bowie kniws he's going to die, and he makes the song to say goodbye to his fans. Suicide Frankie Teardrop. They didn’t even recognize him at first and when they did, Roger Waters was so heartbroken he was moved to tears.Syd Barrett suffered mental illness due in part to his drug addiction. Layne brought his heart right to the surface here. Trending: 2020 Best Rock Albums This song is by far the best enchanted song that throws you in a dark bottomless pit of pain and suffering. The story behind these lyrics is painful.. You can feel it twisting through your body while listening to this song. Lead singer M. Shadows says that the song is about thinking twice about your actions. Either version you choose, this is a fittingly sad funeral song that will serve as a reminder of your loved one and the beautiful legacy they leave behind. Best. I can't even. Masterfully written. 15 Saddest Rock Songs That’ll Break Your Heart. Was. "All the places I've been and things I've seen. A Very relatable topic for a lot of people I think. Makes me think of my friends. 39 Sad Songs That Make You Cry Like a Baby Every Time. Saddest Songs Ever - Sad Lyrics That Will Make You Cry. If there's anything that can break your heart, it's nostalgia. We have our differences, but we love eachother the same. My sons all time favorite band. One of the best and most meaningful songs of the awesome band Avenged Sevenfold..This nine minute track made me burst into tears and think a lot of things about life.It is a masterpiece.Excellent vocals by M. Shadows,incredible guitar solo by Synyster and rhythm guitar by Zacky and of course great drum work by the Rev...And don't forget the piano part of the song...It is the best song of their second album in my opinion. It's so sad. I could make a really polished playlist but for now, heres some songs that are sad but almost so good it makes you feel. It made me cry the first time I heard it. Also pearl jam is so influential to modern rock bands today. I used to think Slipknot was just another emo band because I saw fans go crazy over them just like other bands like pierce the veil and BVB, so I never really listened until I heard this song by accident and from that point on, I. "Powermetal at its best". by Buzz4Fun March 21, 2020 March 21, 2020. This song is just so beautiful. My mom passed away last year, this makes me cry every time I listen to it. It could be something else entirely. its just so easy to relate to it. Not only is it a super sad song it's a great song in remembrance of one of the most talented musicians of all time. "Truely a touching song, It makes me tear up when he says "the faces of people, I'll never see again", Love all my brothers in arms and will help you's anyway I can. Honestly, why is Into the Light NOT on this list? Join Me In Death - HIM. Graphic By Chris Ritter / BuzzFeed He uses the song to send her a message of sorrow and sadness to apologize for what he did. This is by far the most saddest song I have ever song. It is one about separation from those who you have long loved or were close to and still are or desire to be. Read Next New Book Explores How the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Landed in Cleveland Log In Subscribe Send a Tip Account Welcome, ... Readers’ Poll: The 10 Saddest Songs … When Eddie sung this in tribute in Chris Cornell, Just him and a guitar, listening to his voice crack in grief. I love this song so much, it is always a go to song for me but I'd listen to anytime too. There has not been a time where I heard either part and didn't cry.It's one of the saddest songs I know. It delivers a positive message in a sad and powerful song...The way it expresses the feelings is unique...It deserves higher place for sure, I prefer the G N R version but through respect ITS BY BOB DYLAN JESUS, Top 10 Most Bizarre Holiday Traditions in America, Top 10 Lost or Cancelled Video Games from Popular Gaming Franchises, Countries With the Most COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cases. "Not only is this the most emotional songs in Avenged Sevenfold, but this is also one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Someone died? No way does this song deserv to be out of the top 10! Link for 2/2: This is a list of what I felt were some of the best ''sad'' rock songs. This is such an amazing song, it really makes you think, its sad but at the same time its peaceful. written by Morgan Baila; Designed by Richard Chance. No one to cry to, no place to call home." It's the saddest song I've ever heard, and one of the most powerful. He left us 7/31/19 he was 20.“Now I know how the world can overcame a man”.He lives on through the music he loved so much but A7X was his therapy literally.Last song he had on was Save Me...I’m crushed beyond words.. but A7X will always hold a huge place in my heart as they did my sons. Layne cut himself open for this one. Simply the best power balad of all times! Truly wonderful and touching and moving. Please, being this to #1. Cooper revealed it is about a young couple struggling with feelings of regret after an abortion.He retold this story and further explained his intent in writing the song in an Air interview posted on Skillet's official website. The song is about loosing your true love forever, And the depression that follows the breakup. True Songwriting at its best. 3. Skillet - Lucy Story Behind The Song.This is the great Song. The saddest part of this song is the back story – it was written for former Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett who is responsible for giving the band their name.He walked in during one of the recording sessions and he looked very different – heavyset and with shaved head and eyebrows. How the hell is the top 10 filled with Slipknot and Evanescence, yet Hurt is at 37?! He’s miserable and depressed and wants to “go home” per say. The people who listen to pearl jam would know that black should be ranked high on any.list like this, the song is a classic! Drenched in my pain again, becoming who we are.". Such a good song! A true tear commander! By far saddest song I have heard from rock/metal genre, made me cry so many times and still continues to do so. I have what you are looking for right now. Especially this one. Tracy Clayton BuzzFeed Staff. There may be so many reasons to cry your heart out for sure. It is very deep and has true meaning, and is very personal. Just the tone of the guitar and vocals can bring emotion out but the lyrics bring it over the top. Why do people listen to sad songs? Very touching and sad, with a blend of vigerous punk rock, this song clearly shows Billie Joe Armstrong's depression at the time he lost his father. #forkyle. He will never recover from his coma leaving him a prisoner in his own body. If you are feeling sad and want songs to make you cry, scroll down and check out a list of the 15 saddest rock songs we compiled for you. This song is such a clear representation of the singer's self-hatred that it gives me chills every time I hear it. I defy anyone to not choke up. The 22 Saddest Christmas Songs Of All Time. If I need to get a specific tone of absolute sorrow for my book, I listen to Snuff and Into the Light by In This Moment. Readers’ Poll: The 10 Saddest Songs of All Time Your picks include ‘Cat’s in the Cradle and ‘I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry’ Listen to Red Hot Chili Peppers on Spotify, 15 Saddest Rock Songs That'll Break Your Heart, 10 Interesting Facts About Jax Jones You Didn’t Know Before, 10 Best Relaxing Rap Songs That Will Make You Literally Calm Down, We Know Which Song Matches Your Personality Based On The Desserts You Choose, 11 Interesting Lil Tracy Facts You Might Never Have Heard Before, Answer These 10 Simple Questions And We’ll Tell You Which “Dua Lipa” Song Was Secretly Written For You, 8 Interesting Facts About British Shorthair Cats That’ll Make You Obsessed With Them, 16 Stunning Photos From Mexico That’ll Make You Travel There. Fade to Black has much sadder lyrics but the tempo speeds so I understand that it's not up. This song is a perfect sonic representation for the hurt Trent was feeling and the hurt of the millions who have heard it. Should definitely be number one. Just trust me. I cry every time I sing it. This song is so beautiful!It's about Unrequited Love which so many people face. It's the saddest song I've ever heard, and one of the most powerful. 10 of the Saddest Classic Rock Songs Ever There can be many reasons to break down in tears – a broken heart, unrequited love, death of a friend or a family member, losing your way in life, a happy memory that can no longer exist…Such things happen to everyone and they can truly have a very strong emotional impact on our existence. If misery loves company, sometimes there's no better friend than a really good, really sad song. It is also saying that at one point or another, you could wind up without any friends: "And yet I fight, and yet I fight this battle all alone. She brought God to tears making that song. Whenever I hear it, I can honor those who have made me who I am today, who I had to leave. Recent breakup? Amon Amarth - Embrace of the Endless Ocean. I always listen by heart this song cause I'm broken. It makes it even more depressing. Its heart breaking and soulful and brings me to tears every time I hear it I love it. It is so emotional. Missing your best friend? This is my favorite Metallica song and by far a very sad and depressing song. Everyone can relate to the pain of breakup, the passing away of a loved one or depression.So dim the lights, grab a box of tissues, prepare a tub of ice cream and weep your heart out. Slipknot and In This Moment made two of the saddest songs of all time. These two songs are (sadly) forgotten hits from 1970 Keeper Of The Castle by The Four Tops I would say that these songs are not totally sad but they can be considered more like "advice" songs. Your mess ups its overall an amazingly sad song but also purely epic, While most of Five Finger Death Punch's songs are upbeat and violent, this song is so sad, and I always feel like crying when I hear it. That last chorus is the saddest … Great things about songs is interpretation. Beautiful song with deep lyrics. It's a beautiful song that's perfectly listenable, but man, the feels. It's like smiling with tears in your eyes due to the pain you get when you know you can't be with your lover forever, when she doesn't care at all but you still love her. For good reason. When I think emotional rock songs, this one is the one that pops into my head. It could symbolize for a soldier the moment they have to leave everything behind in order to go on deployment. This song has always touched my heart and conveys how hard it is to move on even when you know how wrong it is to stay. About how to get along with those who are different - albeit physically, emotional, and racial differences. That why this should be in the top 10. Wham!, "Last Christmas" Martyn Goddard/REX USA. There is always a story behind their songs. It’s what’s relatable in a song that connects with listeners. 7 years ago. A million stories that made up a million shattered dreams. I recommend it. Music • Entertainment • Playlists. You will have to do some things in life without any guidance. Best song ever, sadder than the un forgiven if you take into account the story behind it, When you've lost all faith and your empty. It also showed the struggles when making this music video. We get goosebumps when surreal aspects in songs have a striking similarity to instances in our life. I think this is really sad, it made me cry the first time I heard it. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. No matter what it is, there are plenty of songs written about it. This is my all time favorite song though I'm not a fan of 3 doors down. It is sad because it is about a soldier during the First World War who stepped on a land mine and he is taken to the hospital. First off, I am a huge Nirvana fan and they NEVER wrote a sad song. Its mainly Foo Fighters but im pretty sure you havent heard these songs by them. Tonight Alive specialised in sad songs on 2013 ’s The Other Side – an album with more heartbreak than a cardiologist’s waiting room. Top 10 Music Videos That Will Make You CrySubscribe -- Have an idea for a video? Whenever I hear this song, I think of her. Just play it. This deserves to be number 1 in my opinion. This deserves to be in the top ten. 9. *#& situations. It also showed the struggles when … Sad rock music playlist - to get you over your partner, to get you over your bad days, and other sh! Green Day's songs are always meaningful. John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote it describing the tumultuous actions of a … written by Elena Nicolaou. Top 10 Sad Rock Songs That Bring Tears to Your Eyes 1 Last Kiss – Wayne Cochran (1961) 2 Another Day in Paradise – Phil Collins (1989) Here is my playlist of such songs. There may be so many reasons to cry your heart out for sure. This connects with me because many times I have had to leave close friends, neighbors or even my passed dog who have made a long lasting impact. 15. This means that you have two versions of this sad song to choose from: Elton’s 1973 version, which has more of a classic rock sound, or the 1997 one (above), which is more of a ballad. Because sometimes you just need to let it out. Over 250 self-help support groups and discussion forums for people who need emotional support, help with a mental health, relationship, parenting, or sexual problem, and mental illness support. Relatable. Yup. This song is about the self-loathing you have in a breakup. This song is so heartbreaking in hindsight. True emotion, power, and message. Emotions are floating all around you. Despite the album’s electronic tinged tracks, it was the final song, the guitar led, sorrowful, Leave Me Alone that stood out the most. I heard about this and I Won't See You Tonight Part 2 because of my boyfriend.Part 1 I relate to, I've self harmed (one month clean, very proud) I've considered suicide and have almost attempted several times.Part 2 does have screaming but I can relate to that one, especially after losing my friend to suicide. There shouldn't even be a question that this should be on the list. You can hear the emotion in his voice. It's outburst of emotions... Its about a friend who passed away long time ago... Total masterpiece, Written for a past away friend... "Someday I too will fly and find you again", Just listen once and ask yourself where this should be in this list, This song is not only a meaningful song through the lyrics but it also takes me back to a happier time and makes me think about what I lost but by standing by and trusting in who I am I have come through it, This song is just so soft and meaningful. I really want to know what you think. I cried when I first heard this song. Here are our 50 favorite of the saddest songs. This song is anbout self-hating and a massive depression...Whenever I listen to this song all my emotions are around me...It is a perfect song when I want to calm down after a bad day. ET Tweet Share Copy 22. In. Love. If you're like me, you have a … Can't it be..., can't it be mine ":(. Relatable. The members even said, it's basically like a person talking to his best friend, telling him he misses him. REV, You'll be forever in our hearts and rest in peace. Didn't expect this to be on the list, even though it's probably the saddest song I have ever heard. The guitar solo shared between Kennedy and Tremonti is just absolutely the best composed and ever played. To me that’s what I get from it. This song is a classic I enjoy that tries to cope with spending time apart from ones you love. And if you look at the lyrics and listen to her voice, you'll see why I cry when I hear it. "Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars. Over 250 self-help support groups and discussion forums for people who need emotional support, help with a mental health, relationship, parenting, or sexual problem, and mental illness support. I am having a depressive episode, and I had found some of the most depressing songs that I love, and I had originally been listening to just Good Riddance by Green Day and The Weakends by Motion City Soundtrack, but I remembered this song, played it, but then went onto this site and saw it here. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. To me, Lazarus is the one of the saddest songs. No matter what it is, there are plenty of songs written about it. It's a beautiful song with Amy's beautifully haunting voice, go listen to it. I listen to this song when I need to cry but can't and it gets the job done every tine. I highly recommend this song. This and 'River of Deceit' when he was with Mad Season are so raw with emotion it is painful to listen to. As break-ups go, trying to get over someone who’s alrea Different types of sad rock songs are known to heal listeners emotionally. Theres some soft and some louder songs to keep the rock vibe. It was written after the drummer of Avenged Sevenfold, the Rev, died. Just remember that the singer would be a reclusive, perpetually ill junkie within a couple of years of this EP's release. Onto sad classic rock songs about death comes a track by The Beatles. When it comes to sad metal songs how can people forget about Metallica's masterpiece fade to black?! Nobody can replace him as the backup singer, drummer, and most importantly song writer for avenged sevenfold. This song is relatable. It's likely that this is about going through life's path: "We face the path of time," and believing things that aren't true at some point of our lives: "We chase misprinted lies." Well at least not what youre looking for. It talks about having to leave close ones behind, such as family or close friends by simply moving apart from each other or even death. As this list of sad songs demonstrates, there are many reasons to break down in tears -- a broken heart, death, lost car keys after an especially crappy morning. Even The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley thought it’s “probably the saddest song I’ve ever heard.” Everything the singer encounters, from the moon hiding its face behind the clouds to cry to the fact that he’s lost the will to live, Hank Williams perfectly described his dark mood. She was probably one of the only things in my life that ever made me actually happy. ", This is seriously the saddest song I have ever heard, and the meaning and story behind it is just so powerful, and it is just an all around beautiful song. Posted on December 17, 2013, at 5:19 p.m. Power, emotional, guaranteed to make you cry. Shinedown's Call Me can connect with someone who has had a lot of good and bad experiences in their life, myself being one of them. This song says it all. It's not just a sad rock song, but also a lesson. It's about "Seizing the Day," keeping those you love close because everything can be gone in two minutes. Here are 100 sad songs with the saddest lyrics of all time that will make you cry: 1. It's so beautiful. It's because this clearly showed how A7X members felt after The REV's death. I was listening to this song as I was writing my last love letter to my now ex. The members even said, it's basically like a person talking to his best friend, telling him he misses him. I don't know how this one isn't higher, gets me in my feels whenever I listen to it. Grew up listening to Green Day because of my sister, and this song, after all these years, has stuck with me the most. Johnny Cash's version is also beautiful. Rock songs with emotional lyrics lead listeners on a journey of a reflective past that is captivating. It's because this clearly showed how A7X members felt after The REV's death. I can't thank Shinedown enough for this song, for I can't describe the connection it has with me. This song is of a tragic, love loss. If you are feeling sad and want songs to make you cry, scroll down and check out a list of the 15 saddest rock songs we compiled for you. This is just a popularity contest. This song has very sad climate, but also tells a sad, but beautiful and painful story about growing up and getting older and trying to satisfy everybody except yourself. By Carolyn Twersky. Influential synth duo, Suicide, caused a stir with the release of their self-titled 1977 album, with its stand out track, the 10 minute Frankie Teardrop. Oh yeah, and the guitar riffs are depressing too. Feb 3, 2020 courtney chavez. I personally think "fade to black" was sadder. A great but depressing song. It's so agonizing and dreadful, along with the haunting sounds in the background. Because it makes them realize that somewhere out there, someone is feeling the same thing. Deck the halls with anti-depressants. "Not only is this the most emotional songs in Avenged Sevenfold, but this is also one of the greatest rock songs of all time. … By Tracy Clayton. To me black hole sun is like the light in the tunnel we see when we die. RIP foREVer. If you listen to this song, you just have to break down. In case you didn't know, he died alone and depressed from an overdose. An absolute classic. It's not just the suicidal lyrics that make it so meaningful, but the instrumentality of the song is very sad and depressing. Not particulary because of lyrics (they are horrifyingly sad), but because the whole composition, the whole song sends such a hard emotion, and the way it is sung is beautyfull, this is most certanly the best skillet song in my opinion, and I wanna see it higher on the list.I don't deny that more quality songs are here, like Unforgiven, I'm kinda sad there isn't Mama Said by Metallica or Cats in the cradle by Ugly kid Joe, but who knows, it's a good list overall.