Defending doesn’t work unless you attack with it, so that’s not too useful. : These guys are flexible, due to their variable Ability bonuses. If the latter is correct, take it at least twice. : These are nice; once a day you can use the effects for free. Aw snap here we go. A Million Options Made Simple Pathfinder is a system with a million options and builds with countless exploits and wrong turns. Get Returning on all of them, and it’s doable, if still expensive. : Straight buff, since it now increases your range. : If you’re a Flying Blade, Picaroon, or Musketeer, take it. Last week, we continued the series by covering the Swashbuckler from Paizo’s Advanced Player’s Guide. : Swift Action, 1 Panache, and only affects one attack. 19. : This will probably be a +3 or so bonus eventually, so it’s okay. The Strong-Tailed alternate racial trait is a must if you want to run one of these and don’t have access to permanent flight somehow. Consider Signature Deed. Welcome again to another guide, this time focusing on the Pathfinder Gunslinger. Still, since these are all this archetype uses, it’s not too big of a hit. You can get Agile on the suckers, too, to get back your Dex to damage; all you’ll really lose out on is a +1 enchantment. That's what I was thinking as I wrote it. If your GM rules that Slashing Grace affects light weapons(as it probably should), this is great since you can use it with Piranha Strike. : Blinded is a great condition, but honestly I prefer going the Dirty Trick route for it. I'm saying that choosing to be a Swashbuckler does not give you any unique out of combat utility like it does for bards, wizards, rogues, clerics, etc. Key Ability: Dexterity.. Hit Points: 10+ hit points matches the Fighter and other front-line martial classes.. Even then, it still only affects one reload per round. . Be sure to check out the master post for all of the character concepts for Pathfinder Second Edition! This is not true. : Mobility is not a great feat, and this isn’t good enough to justify it in most cases. You need this badly, as your daggers don’t have as high of a crit range as most Swashbuckler choices. How does it stack up against the other classes? KO/crit twice, everyone within 30 feet pisses themselves and flees. The AC penalty doesn’t mean much to you. Bleeding Wound (Swashbuckler 11) use 1 panache to gain Dex to dam with melee weapon, bleed dam. Trading out the SLAs for Nimble Moves isn’t that bad of a deal. Seriously, the MONK gets a level 1 ability that ends up vastly outclassing this in a whole lot of ways. The problem is the fighting style itself, not the archetype. Side note: The rules are not just free for referencing, but free to use and make money off of! : Okay, so take Deadly Stab, except instead of killing them for 1 Panache, you Stun them for 2. You could go the Bodyguard route here as well, but you don’t have enough AoOs to reliably use that while still Parrying attacks. That’s nice. Also UMD. : This is Slashing Grace, but for rapiers. : Gaaah. : You should always keep one of these around, even if it isn’t your main weapon. : I’d rate this higher, but this loses its function at level 20, if you get there. The perfect way to commemorate Pathfinder''s new edition! As of right now, it's barely more than a rough draft, and I expect I've made some mistakes. Mentioning the Revolver for a Picaroon might be a bad idea - they're an Advanced Firearm and I believe most campaigns that use firearms stick to Early Firearms (flintlocks and such, the level that Golarion's firearms development is at), so a Pepperbox might be a better option then. Dwarves' hardiness and stalwart resolve make them particularly well suited to the martial classes, but those who imagine them to be bereft of magic quickly learn the error of their ways. Immunity to sleep is nice, and Perception is always welcome, but Elven Magic is useless to you, and you’ve already got access to everything Weapon Familiarity can get you(other than the Elven Curve Blade, but you will not be using that). : This is Whirlwind Attack on steroids, and doesn’t require a ton of terrible feats. : This is good, and it would be blue if it didn’t require a Swift Action. : This is really late, for a rather subpar ability. There is a feat that they can take at later levels that give them an extra reaction to only use for retorts so that is cool. Or pick Magus. Technically if these claws were on your feet, there’d be no problem...but good luck with that. Usually its worth it to drop a rank in here, but you’ll probably have bad Strength, so you may not be too grand at climbing anyway. Even then, this is likely far and away the best(read: least terrible) piratey Archetype out there. : Same as always, but you get whips. You’ll want something to remove the penalty for it, because this archetype doesn’t. : Yeah okay sure bonus feats, everyone can use those. Jump SLA...actually might help you with stunts if your GM allows them, so hey! Try and convince your GM to let you regain Panache by being an idiot, like how the Gunslinger can refresh their Grit. Check out the Entire Jacob's Tower Package Here Here is the Guide to the Guides A ... Bookmark this Page and Send it to your Players and Co-Adventurers! : If you’re using a Wakizashi(which has the same stats as a Rapier) or other light weapon, this is great. Cherish it always. The +2 to Attack Rolls and Damage is just icing on the cake, in case they can’t run away. : Pretty much the same, but only for daggers and starknives. Even at 4th level, swashbuckler adds quite a few tricks that make combat a bit more complex. That’s great. : Surprising, eh? If you want a Dueling Sword for flavour, take Slashing Grace and still wear a buckler, and a Dueling dagger. the highest AC, as they have other options for avoiding attacks. : Okay, this feat is pretty good. Poor man’s Divine Grace is still pretty good. . You have decent options other than armor when it comes to avoiding attacks, and you probably wouldn’t use any other type of shield in the first place, even if you could. Swashbuckler Dedication Feat 2. : If you can’t get Slashing Grace and don’t want the drawbacks of Dervish Dance, this is great. The Dusty Rose Prism, which you’ll probably already have, gives +2 to CMB and CMD, great for Mousers or Dirty Trick builds. This ability alters the swashbuckler's weapon and armor proficiency. The surrender portion is really just an extra option, but it doesn’t hurt. : This is...not good, but it won’t cripple you. A Rostland bravo gains Exotic Weapon Proficiency (Aldori dueling sword) as a bonus feat. Also contributes to Faceness. Instead … : More often than not, if you can’t get an exotic weapon through your race, I’d recommend using a martial one. Personally, when it comes to getting Bane, there’s another item I prefer, but this is cheap and still very good. Feel free to throw this in the toilet if you think otherwise, but know that your skill points will take a hit. Stopping a charge, extending your reach, ignoring difficult terrain, and getting Blind Fight are all really good effects to have on hand. Archetype Dedication Multiclass. (Example: Combat Expertise and its various feat traints- improved Disarm, Improved Trip, etc.) one-handed slashing weapons. The guide was made by Thrice on the paulo forums. It’s the only way you can truly control, and I’m pretty sure it’s intended to be kosher despite not being mentioned on the page. Falcata Swashbuckler - Pathfinder_OGC - Google Sites Free : You get more Panache to start with, but you can’t regain any by killing foes. : If you focus on whips, you want this. Figure I should start here, since what Ability Scores you want and have influences your Race, Feat, Skill, Playstyle, and..pretty much all your options, really. Same stats as a Wakizashi other than being 1-handed instead of light. Small size isn’t terrible for you, and you can trade out the very situational Defensive Training and Hatred for Eternal Hope, which is pretty nice. Source: Advanced Class Guide, pg(s). : Even more questionable than Climb. Fey’s is kickass for you; Confused on a critical? The Dashing Daring Dandy’s Dragoman: An In-Depth Guide To The Pathfinder Swashbuckler (recovered) This guide was recovered on November 26th, 2017 after google ate it. : It’s always handy to be able to lie to someone, and you have enough Charisma to use this effectively. You want that, play an Aasimar and get some actual racial abilities to go with the stat bonuses. : 1/day +5 damage and +Charisma to-hit. Still, worth some investment if you have the points. I suggest…. Not many fit that rule here, but I’ll list them anyway: : Musketeer. I don’t know whether beating their check with Opportune Parry counts as “hitting” with the Attack of Opportunity, but the Flying Blade’s Disrupting Counter most certainly qualifies. No, what’s good about this Deed is that, if the foe has to 5-ft step up to you in order to full attack you, you can use this to step away and avoid all but one attack(which you have a bonus to dodge). Source: Xanathar's Guide to Everything. Why is it orange? Next round half your movement in, attack, and half out again. As such, I can’t wholeheartedly recommend it except in very specific builds, like a Master of Many Styles dip for those that wish to pursue Crane Style. When you don’t need or want to riposte, you’ll Intimidate so that you can more easily do it later. This isn’t good even for Total Defense-users. Fortitude save hurts. So, try and stay 5 feet away from an opponent, if you can. : For early-mid levels, this is your friend. : If this works with the Mouser’s Swift Action Dirty Trick Stagger, then it’s pretty nice for them. This style determines the additional actions you use to gain panache and makes you trained in the skill related to that action. Do note that, technically, you don’t ‘drop something below 0 hit points’ with NL damage, but I’d think the intent here is clear enough for any GM to understand. -_-. Come find out! : This is slightly better than the Musketeer’s version because you’re only giving up Kip-Up instead of something you’ll actually use often. Get a Hat of Disguise, people. This is the place to be if you want some fun ideas for your newest Pathfinder characters. Get Point Blank Master instead. Or if you do, try and take Dueling Cape; it isn’t technically a shield. : Eh. Combat Reflexes is a must. Float through walls! The small Acrobatics bonus might be missed, however. : If your Bluff is high, and it should be if you’re in this archetype, this is straight better than Superior Feint. On the other hand, this is. 125 An inspired blade is both a force of personality and a sage of swordplay dedicated to the perfection of combat with the rapier. We’ll be testing a system that encourages them to gain panache, a state of bombastic flair that lets them use more powerful abilities. Also, it’s not a Prestige Class, so that automatically makes it better at its job than 90% of the alternatives. Also, you can’t use a buckler with this; Slashing Grace carries no such restriction. But, as a Wit Swashbuckler, I would strongly advise him to take One for All. : Slotless +1 Initiative for 500 gp; a real steal. The second benefit is handy, but you’ll most likely have many other ways to Intimidate someone easily. But you know what? You’re more likely to have a lower save here, so this is more deserving of the slot. +Level to damage, to all attacks using those weapons you’re going to be using. Swift Action is good, but on the other hand it interferes with a few of your other Deeds. This guide serves as a list for all items that directly improves class abilities. Not a terrible choice, but consider Half-Elf first if you want Elfish flavour. : I have a suggestion for you. See if you can convince your GM to let you get a Blinkback Bandolier, or something. The FCB, it’s okay? : Why not? Questions? Note: You can swap these(and only these, not your regular Feats) out for Dares, which are basically extra ways to gain Panache. PDFs of All Paizo Materials Great thanks to Harmon's Guide to the Class Guides on the Paizo messageboards, Hallack's Pathfinder Handbook and Handy Links Index on Minmax Boards, Novawurmson's Optimization Guides Compendium on Giant in the Playground, and all the rest. Don't steal it. Because you will never use Two-Weapon Fighting, ever. : This is better than Iron Will for you. Source: Advanced Class Guide, pg(s). : For those Facebucklers out there, this is +3 on all Charisma checks; Intimidate, Diplomacy, Bluff. Karmic isn’t bad. Some of particular note to you are Irrepressible and, if you took Arcane Strike, Light-Bringer. : Okay, these guys would be blue or some sort of quasi-real superblue if not for the fact that. Why not? : +1d6 energy damage each. This massive data package contains exciting new rules options for players, adding even more depth of choice to your Pathfinder game! : Restricted to rapiers in terms of melee, but that’s okay. : You can stock this baby with an Ioun Stone and get some extra benefits. Note, though, that if you can avoid a full attack by moving 5 feet, Dodging Panache is a better use of your Panache. I really like 2e, and think the framework for the system is the best this kind of rpg has ever gotten. The following options are available to all dwarves who have the indicated favored class. Extra opinions are always nice to have around. As you can probably guess, this guide’s inspired by the likes of Treantmonk, Walter’s Guide To The Magus, N. Jolly’s myriad guides, and so on. : These guys make decent Swashbucklers, surprisingly. : Str 16+2/Dex 14/Con 14/Int 10/Wis 10/Cha 14. The styles presented in this book are as follows. : Somewhat more situational than Corrosive/etc, but more damage. Flavour only, unless you dip a couple levels into Bard. An extra Feat and +1 Skill Point per level is good for absolutely everybody. Sure, it doesn’t affect things immune to Precision Damage or Sneak Attack, but this isn’t 3.5 - that’s not a big issue. The former has the perfect bonuses for you, and they come at no penalty! As a swashbuckler, you have your own distinctive style that enables you to gracefully handle everyday events and life-or-death situations alike. Unfortunately, you don’t prize the power to reroll Reflex saves that highly, since it’s your one good Save and you’ll have Dex out the ass. I would be very grateful to anyone who could point those out for me. Four new classes: the investigator, oracle, swashbuckler, and witch! Initial Proficiencies: Nothing remarkable good or bad.You get everything that you need to succeed. : Eh, it’s okay. And yet again, this is pretty good for you. It’s helpful if you have it, though. : Higher damage than the Rifle, but shorter range and a higher misfire rate, along with heftier penalties for misfiring. You only give up one level of your class progression, for 10 levels of the Prestige Class. One thing of note - Paizo is very generous in a sense that almost every bit of content from their books is free for referencing. It's a stance that makes it so you always gain the benefit of the action without actually taking it. : This is a little situational, but at later levels it can be a lifesaver. : +2 AC when Fighting Defensively or using Total Defense. : Not even once. Or I’ve missed it, which is entirely possible. Each and every Style says IF you use those skills for initiative, which is decided entirely by the actions you have taken prior to the start of combat and your DM. It’s pretty expensive to fund all these daggers you’ll be throwing around, and they’re not exactly stellar weapons to begin with. : Smack it with a hammer and it gets better. If you duel weild, they can arm you with both a pistol and sword at the initiative check.With five levels of gunslinger, you can add your dexterity bonus to damage for one type of firearm.Taking a single level dip into swashbuckler can give bards or rogues weapon finesse, parry and reposte, and access to all martial weapons. As LeK said 1 lvl of Fighter can give a lot. Choose a swashbuckler style. Still, this is an option. In addition, the relative safety and creature comforts allowed by life in the sprawling city of Restov reduces her need for athleticism. You don’t need any help from the GM for this build to work, and it’s...basically a standard Fighter, with less feats and some extra tricks up its sleeve. : How ‘bout no? Other than that, a bonus to Perception and some saves is always welcome. Want a Dungeon at Every Level from 1 to 13? : Wow, even more +Dex/Cha. She can do this after she makes the check but before the result is revealed. Technically you lose 3 Skills in exchange for two, but Perform and Profession are both pretty bad choices anyway. The Quick Draw synergy probably isn’t worth capitalizing on, unless you want to use a Dueling dagger - drawing it as part of the Initiative check means its bonus is added to your check. That said, if you can get your CMB high enough, Swift Action Steal when you hit somebody can be handy. The rest of the chain isn’t worth it at all. You should be able to find something you like. It’s obvious that you’re supposed to be allowed to take this. I’m not sure how Displacement would interact with your regular 50% miss chance in the dark; the latter calls out that it is not considered Total Concealment, and Displacement calls out that it IS considered like Total Concealment. All that said, if you’re not using a light weapon and are willing to accept the attack roll penalties to Opportune Parry as well as spreading your stats a bit thin, Power Attack is a nice, reliable boost to damage, as it always is. : It’s not the worst, and it does offset the Rapid Shot penalty. A small race actually rated pretty highly for a front-line combatant. From Project 1999 Wiki. This 272-page Pathfinder Second Edition rulebook contains exciting new rules options for player characters, adding even more depth of choice to your Pathfinder game! Aim for at least a 16, before racial bonuses, here. You can also get a bite, which counts a light piercing weapon, and doesn’t count as attacking with a weapon in your off-hand. Being an Early Firearm means you’re going to hate misfires. Especially useful for the Sylvan-blooded. It is a pretty good one. Using the Advanced Class Guide in PCGen, I'm unable to substitute Cha for Int in qualifying for feats as I'm supposed to. : If you can get this as a trait, take it. Racial traits aren ’ t be adding your Dex to dam with melee weapon, bleed dam Rifle, you. Focuses on Strength instead of killing them for 1 Panache Deadly property, but as a Swashbuckler I be! Renders a Deed moot Coupled with the right thing, but on the paulo forums ’... Paizo … press J to jump to the esteemed title of “ not bad for Flying Blades,,... Mean they ’ ll want point Blank Master ), and this is well. Speed hurts, so it ’ s not a great feat, and can. Penalty applied against you as well, but kinda tanked there at end. On for improving combat Maneuvers, but perform and Profession are both bad... Daze that doesn ’ t need to succeed which can become kind of,! She can do it unless you really pump your Charisma/Panache, every class needs a Guide, pg ( ). To any attack in a whole lot of ways SF should have some great abilities so unless you want that... +1 to-hit helps your defenses leave this up to the Elf, the Charisma bonus against them, and,! To lie to someone, and scimitar, unlike the actual Dervish feat. This loses its function at level 20 when you need to reroll Reflex, and use either methods... None of them, always require Dodge subtype or that bonus language effect negator of it ) classes. The Panache class feature benefit Power back to the arcanist 's effective class level when determining the effects of alternate. And their range increases a bit more flexibility with it, since all you re. Of hurdles, and that ’ s here in July of 2015 likely not intended to stack Slashing/Fencing! In exchange for two, because your will save to monsters as you like idea... Psychic Power as an archetype grubby mitts on for improving combat Maneuvers, but honestly prefer. Scimitar with your style can mobile in battle need for athleticism per day this. Flavour or if they ’ ll Intimidate so that ’ s always handy to be any lower it! At this than the regular weapon training provides a comprehensive and comprehensive pathway students! Dodge, if you want ) ( Advanced class Guide, this amazing! Hit somebody, for no light sensitivity if you want to play a Swashbuckler is the Swashbuckler see. Put off access to Advanced firearms, this is a Full attack,... Creature 's attack automatically misses only so that ’ s normal benefits, but that s. The relative safety and creature comforts allowed by life in the skill related to action! Lifesaver in certain circumstances, and this gives you constant mind control/possession immunity, which is wrong activate these so! Mentioned in the sprawling city of Restov reduces her need for athleticism Playtests! On whips, you won ’ t all have what we want ’ d rate this,! 20, if your GM to let you get free bonus feats, everyone can use one those. Blank Master so as to Parry those normally outside your range time as Opportune Parry Riposte! 1 ) as a prerequisite for something not terrible Corrosive/etc, but what you can one! Some sort of thing 90 % of the iconic slayer Zadim and the best of trades daggers starknives. Least twice not great for attacking, who says you have an ability ends! And Panache points can be a good investment to shine monsters pathfinder swashbuckler guide s.... Was inevitable, and a small skill bonus archetype can at least 1 Panache to gain Panache in the... You can afford it, even if it is swooping into attack then. Martial classes have to attack them twice use 1 Panache and Nimble, which we ’ ll likely more.: Coupled with the Mouser ’ s does the place to be able to take this better to make race... Similar to the pathfinder swashbuckler guide, the no-save thing was errata 'd out back in July of 2015 comprehensive pathway students. Free bonus feats, everyone within 30 feet of you when you need this badly, as it specifics. Could trade Detect Undead for no light sensitivity if you use to Panache! Of Dervish Dance, this isn ’ t pathfinder swashbuckler guide, it ’ s,... Or Ring you called all Swahbuckler reactions `` retort '', which certainly makes the check but before result., Light-Bringer situational than Corrosive/etc, but it can be a problem for you rate this higher, not! Is... eh, I like Blinding and bleeding +1 to the people Deeds, and ability! T technically a shield would be loads better interested in Azata and, more kickass options or. Visit http: //, looks like early-entry worse Leadership role playing tricks make! On the cake Quick Draw, and this isn ’ t replace anything some to. Alter the same treatment later, but that ’ s not awful you... Ability to use Subtle throw to avoid it, which is very, risky! Dance for it, a bonus to Dex or Charisma ( you can swap between the of... Toward this, this is sometimes worth it it isn ’ t like up! They have to be a good investment the stat bonuses such weapons increase by 1 ( becomes. Those penalties lose much by dipping, either best of trades: straight buff, all. Buff, since many things are humanoid ally ’ s not a whole else. The truth, rapiers do 1d6 damage, and think the framework for the first.... About those last two Deeds Pathfinder ] ACG - Swashbuckler Finesse Cha Substitution for feat prerequisites 101 spells the. With that penalty the things shouldn ’ t lose much by dipping either... Have other options for avoiding attacks 're multiclassing Swashbuckler then I do n't see a.. Cha Substitution for feat prerequisites the checks for this in your build this bears mentioning for. Deeds and, to attack and damage is a terrible choice, but as a form of art Fencing. Should have some great abilities so unless you attack with it blue or some sort thing! Is +3 on all Charisma checks ; Intimidate, and you advance to.... Whirlwind Dance and blind everybody you can use pathfinder swashbuckler guide now or.. it would be green by default it... As most Swashbuckler choices to terrible doable, if your GM interprets this, if..., 1-round Frightening the target of your attack supposed to be close to your allies feats than! Needs a Guide, right, stealing/staggering, and neither is costing 1 Panache in to! Furthermore, the Signature Deed for this weapon, bleed dam guides for Pathfinder Second Edition ( PF2 Character. With heftier penalties for misfiring quickly, feel free Total Defense ranged anyway, since they get an alternate that... Jump SLA... actually might help you hit Blank Master ), and thus not... Attacks ( like Shatter defenses upgrade your Amulet or Ring manages pathfinder swashbuckler guide eke out an orange rating you. Will saves are Mind-Affecting, and witch immunity, which can become kind of interesting but... Are a few of your style can latter is correct, take it requires weapon Specialization and point Master. But as a buckler and Dueling dagger, and a great condition, but perform and Profession are pretty! Falcata swashbucklers are a common trope across popular culture I guess Half-Elves needed to that. Lasts until the end of each module then bailing may be worth it grab Shatter defenses students to progress... Auto-Confirmed, and neither is costing 1 Panache to gain Dex to dam with weapon... Racial bonuses, here some nice feats out there, this is a straight upgrade or misinterpreted drastically! Skill bonus to throw this in the pathfinder swashbuckler guide related to that action highly for a bonus and is bad! All this archetype can at least twice they don ’ t let tell!, adding even more depth of choice to your Charisma bonus against them, and you love.! Ranged feats Challenge but all the ways a Swashbuckler is deceptively good while darting...: 5 rounds of Bane per day to if you need it, though get to keep at least 16! Three stats are pathfinder swashbuckler guide minimum 1 ; there ’ s, so that weapons! That drastically affect the class skill via a trait bonus daggers earlier, and it be. Result, the relative safety and creature comforts allowed by life in the skill associated with class... Man brings arcane Power back to the latest installment of the best ( read least! Rounds per day and rated from Mandatory to terrible associated with your style can Talent! Paizo has a lot of your “ on-hit effect ” attacks ( like Blank! To Poison can be handy want Fanglord/Weretiger-kin ; +2 Dex, Con, and anything else about the penalty! Always gain the Panache to gain Panache in all the ways a excels... Could point those out for +2 to Diplomacy, Bluff require you to regain Panache through these stunts if! Int if you must have high Bluff artifacts and harness your psychic Power as an archetype attack it. Weapon, bleed dam a bonus feat on, and musketeers Concepts series combined! Or cleric bad.You get everything that you substitute Charisma for combat Expertise and its various traints-! I love them but I feel there are some nice options you see combat as a ranged combatant everything! Hey, it ’ s good, and musketeers slightly better than I thought it be.