United has a total of four 757 layouts. 757s are common for transatlantic flights from secondary cities on either the Europe or US side (like DL and PIT-CDG) or during winter when it's low season to Europe. Video: United Airlines. The highlights include the carrier’s first ever nonstop flights to Porto, Portugal, and Reykjavik, Iceland (both from United’s Newark hub). Location: SFO and OAK. Since then Continental and then United have used the 752 as a strategic asset, operating shorter, lower demand routes, often where it has little direct competition. Report inappropriate content . Enjoy the video! 757 Transatlantic Warning. Capable of flying both transcontinental and transatlantic, the Boeing 757 has a published range of up to 4,500 nautical miles. Regular readers of this blog have heard me advise against any flight over 3 hours on this most despicable of aircraft. Lv 4. United Airlines has been especially hard hit due to an extensive schedule of 757s across the Atlantic, most … In fact of the 938 aircraft currently active world wide as of August 2011, 488 or roughly 52% are being flown by U.S. domestic airlines according to airfleets.net . I just discovered two typos in the video although I've watched it two times before. American Airlines Boeing 757-200 with winglets. The purchase allows United to meet its operational needs across the Atlantic by pairing the optimal airplane type with specific transatlantic flights. United 757 Trans-Atlantic Diversions . Relevance. United is excited to announce an all-new, feature-rich, seatback entertainment system, with more content and new features for customers to enjoy on board. MIAMI – American Airlines (AA) is set to drop four transatlantic routes, redeploying aircraft traditionally used on flights into Latin America and the Caribbean.. Here is a time-lapse of the painting of United’s New York theme. RichB. Unusually strong headwinds for westbound trans-Atlantic flights, averaging 60 knots for half of December versus 30 knots for the preceeding 12 Decembers, have been forcing fuel stops for many of these flights operated in Boeing 757 aircraft. In the winter, going westbound there may be occasional refueling stops in Reykjavik or St. John's depending on the weather conditions, but overall they are capable. 0 0. I just discovered two typos in the video although I've watched it two times before. Angled/recliner seats. The economy cabin onboard United’s 757-200 has 114 seats total, in a 3-3 configuration; there are 72 seats in standard economy and 42 in Economy Plus. Claim up to 600 euros for a flight delay: https://bit.ly/2yldKgG This is how my flight ended. I do apologize for that. Wanna know why? As the largest narrowbody aircraft, the 757 has a range of around 4,400 miles, which makes it comfortably suitable for transatlantic operations. Angled seats. Sitting here at Stewart Field currently.....hate transatlantic 757s definitely swearing them off! The 757-200 has been a transatlantic workhorse for the carrier, dating back to Continental Airlines introducing it to the Newark hub more than a decade ago. United Airlines has announced an order to purchase 50 new Airbus A321XLR aircraft, enabling the carrier to begin replacing and retiring its existing fleet of Boeing 757-200 aircraft and further meet the airline’s operational needs by pairing the optimal aircraft with select transatlantic routes. In addition, it was operated by one of my favorite birds in the United fleet, the 757-200. According to OAG Schedules Analyser, it currently deploys the aircraft on its daily transatlantic routes from Newark to Edinburgh and Washington Dulles to London Heathrow. The fuselage is the same width as the B757, which flies trans-Atlantic regularly. There are also four transatlantic Boeing 757-200s in a slightly different configuration. Programs: FAF, Hyatt <>, SPG PLT. United — 757, 767, 777, 787; 6. Consolidated "United 757 TATL Fuel Stop" Thread [Merged] Well headwinds and everything made us divert. United 1695 to Newark (EWR) was ideal, as it was slated to leave SEA at 10:35pm, which fit my schedule perfectly. Because you've been on a 757 at some point in your life. Image by Wikimedia. One is the stretched 757-300 that used to fly for Continental, which we'll cover separately. United has chosen to operate flights that are at the edge of the 757's operating range, such as from Berlin to Newark, which is a distance of 3,980 miles. Enjoy the video! Must be the late time.. This picture just made you shudder, didn't it? The 757 was a major success with US airlines given its strong performance profile. The New York 757 highlights the New York City Skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and the Red Mill in New Jersey. It’s the fastest WiFi United offers, although they still don’t allow you to stream video. Economy Plus seats have 36 inches of pitch (compared to standard economy’s 31 inches) and a width of 17.3 inches (the same as standard economy). Posts: 2,240 Ugh. The new Airbus A321XLR, about the size of a Boeing 757, is going to disrupt transatlantic travel. United uses four different WiFi providers across its entire fleet which can be confusing. Last week I asked if United will remove seats from business class.Most commenters felt I misread comments from United’s Executive Vice President Andrew Nocella and that he actually meant United would add business class seats on some aircraft. American, Delta, and United – the US3 – all fly the aging 757 on routes short and long. Enjoy the video! Reply. Update: WOOPS! United’s transatlantic routes airplanes. Answer Save. Also, the other transatlantic option by United is with a Boeing 777 and not all of them have video on demand systems yet. yes it is quite capable of transatlantic flights. As far as I know all transatlantic 757s do. At over 4,000 nautical miles (7,410 km), as of February 2015, the longest commercial route served by a 757 is United Airlines' Newark to Berlin flight; the aircraft assigned to this route cannot fly with full payload. I just want to get more insight as to what transatlantic routes the 757 is used on by AA, DL, UA, and US. I fondly remember flying out of O’Hare (ORD) with my family when these planes were the workhorse of the United fleet, so the 757 is always a nostalgic ride for me. The A321XLRs are much more fuel-efficient than the Boeing 757-200s. The globe represents United’s global airline network. Learn more  United Private Screening. I do apologize for that. Favourite answer. The 757 has been a proven reliable work-horse across the Atlantic for years. Join Date: Nov 2005. David. As mentioned above, all the CO 757-200's have AVOD. United 757 transatlantic inflight experience Newark to Berlin. They can do the job most of the time. CHICAGO — United Airlines announced a major expansion of trans-Atlantic service Tuesday morning, revealing four new seasonal routes launching in Summer 2018. United is the major airline operator at Newark Airport. The only other type of plane CO flies over the Atlantic is the 777 and all but one of these have AVOD, but no one is flying 777's into EDI. I was full of excitement during approach into Newark. Whether it be transcontinental flights between the coasts or flying transatlantic between the USA and Europe, the North American airlines just love to use these smaller, more efficient aircraft. There are three 757-200 layouts, but one of those -- with four rows of BusinessFirst at the very front -- is very rarely used for domestic flying and tends to be found on trans-Atlantic and other long-distance international flights from the US. If you’re flying on one of their premium transcontinental configured planes, the WiFi will be provided by ViaSat. Our United Private Screening℠ options let you view the latest Hollywood hits, trending TV shows, and more through a seatback monitor or your own personal device, depending on the aircraft. Hell knows no misery worse than a long-haul flight on a 757. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. However, there are two flight attendants to serve the small Envoy cabin, for a less hurried service. Two of those providers equip 757-200s. United has 53 757-200s in its fleet. First off, this is not a thread about 757 replacement, capability, or anything of the sort. And some smaller cities are only served by United with 757s anyway. The United 757-200 economy cabin contained 25 rows of 3-3 seating: eight Economy Plus rows with more legroom and 18 rows of economy. I could’ve upgraded to a middle, nonreclining Economy Plus seat four days before departure for $83 but Economy Plus was sold out by the time I checked in, about 14 hours before departure. I'm flying with Continental Airlines to Newark airport on a 757-200,and I was wandering if this plane is really designed to fly trans-Atlantic flights? The 757 is the one airplane that all major U.S. legacy airlines have in common in their current fleet inventory, with American, Delta, United/Continental and US Airways all operating the aircraft. United is reportedly considering the Airbus A321LR to replace its Boeing 757-200s currently operating a handful of transatlantic routes. I too was a little apprehensive on it being a narrow body for a 7hr flight and feeling cramped. Due to the lack of refrigeration and galley space, Envoy Class passengers are offered only two meal choices, vs. the normal three to four on the US Airways widebody planes. Thanks! Mar 9, 12, 2:22 pm #2 Beerman92 . 1 of 3. I just discovered two typos in the video although I've watched it two times before. None of the CO 767's have AVOD, so this is an advantage of flying the 757 across the Atlantic. According to an internal memo, AA has chosen to eliminate service to Reykjavik (KEF) in Iceland, Manchester (MAN) in the UK, and Prague (PRG) in Czechia while service to Venice (VCE) in Italy while suspended is set to return in 2022. It actually felt more spacious than I had expected. Transatlantic Fuel Stops Fuel the Fire. I've gone transatlantic many times, but only once on a 757. Edited: 7 years ago . Cabin shot from after the flight. Must be the late time.. I do apologize for that. Now, I would definitely choose a Boeing 757 transatlantic flight again. (the 2 engine thing was of no concern to me) However I was pleasantly surprised to find the flight much better than I had expected and quite enjoyed it. Boeing 757-200 Boeing 757-300 Cruise Speed: 540 mph Capacity: 142-234 passengers Propulsion: Two Rolls-Royce RB211-535 or two Pratt & Whitney PW2040 engines, rated up to 43,700 pounds thrust each Wingspan: 134 feet, 7 inches  Boeing 737. USBusinessTraveller. Must be the late time.. Still the only single-aisle airplane used to fly regularly scheduled transatlantic service, the 757 filled a gap between the Boeing 737 narrowbody and its twin-aisle 767. Why I don’t like angled seats: Because my idea of a good night of sleep doesn’t involve a dentist office. Boeing 757. Boeing 737-700 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 737-900 Cruise Speed: 530 mph Capacity: 126-179 passengers Propulsion: Two General Electric … 757-200 Trans-Atlantic? 11 Answers. I've created my own list but I'm sure there are some that I might have overlooked and forgotten. 1 decade ago. Fuel, in particular, has caused a number of diversions in recent years — particularly with Boeing 757s flying westbound transatlantic flights. It … United's 757s assigned to transatlantic routes are fitted with 169 seats. Airbus Show More Show Less 2 of 3. I ment wondering!!lol. For me, the daddy of these aircraft is the Boeing 757, which is no longer in production but still is the stalwart of the narrow bodies.