I want moreeeeee ??? thumbs up to the writers .. Healer Mar 20 2018 8:15 am Yoo Yeon Sook seems hardly working to build the chemistry while Seo Hyun jin always looking half hearted. Wonderfull story and Realistic Medical Story. As medical themed entertainment, it is far compared to the Dr. X. Bianca Dec 07 2016 4:10 pm Truthfully, I had my share in korean dramas,,,,,. His acting really cringe, BEE_ Jan 23 2020 7:01 pm kkk Sep 21 2016 7:05 am as of ep 5 im kinda sad i rly got hyped by Kang Dong-Joo on ep1 dude was cool and straight forward. chia.s Jan 11 2017 7:29 am Kamil Jan 09 2017 4:46 pm Omo!! Fam May 20 2020 3:41 am Ameerul danial Jan 10 2017 2:48 pm Romantic" Doctors and Righteous People (TV Episode 2017) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. but after he met with teacher kim,he has changed and knew that teacher kim is boo young joo( legendary surgeon).but sometimes i wanna be surgeon like teacher kim. Kang dong joo=kang hye jung. Rika Jan 13 2017 10:30 am Romantic 2 (2020) Details; Episode Guide; Cast; Reviews; Recommendations; Photos; Edit this Page. Things and events which we saw in "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim" did really happen and still do so in the hospitals in our real life. But they could just name it Master Kim or something, the title is so cheesy when this whole drama follows quite a serious plot. Sounds good right? The drama hasn't even aired yet but there are a lot of haters... don't watch if u don't like the plot.. -_-, nayo Nov 02 2016 3:22 am @Namina I don't know your taste, but my opinion in this site is really honest, i'll never praised something this much if not accordance with my heart. Why every one who want to revenge became a doctor !!! lol. I have never been a fan of medical dramas, but this one will go down as my absolute favorite and that's really saying a lot. Season 2 please..... Rodelia Mar 09 2018 1:01 am I rarely give my comments from the kdrama that i've watched! So, what was it?). Noni Dec 19 2018 9:46 pm WHAT THE HECK. Of Course, Han Suk Kyu deserved that grand prize and I hope he's honored at Paeksang, too, since he is BRILLIANT here. If you are in a medical school or want to be a doctor, you should watch this :). if youre a biomedical student, i really suggest you to watch it as it will really open your eyes on the medical world. Romantic season 2 and I really wait for her appearance especially when she shows her dimples She’s so cuteeeee Park min jae (Park Eun tak) is suited for her as her Boyfieeee i hope if Dr. Nice to see someone giving American tv a run for its money, and actually winning. I started watching season 2 first and then I felt it was necessary to watch season 1 (not necessarily but def worth watching!!!). Shuu_cream May 05 2020 9:17 am He lives up to his name as a skilled master of his craft as he portrays the role of Dr. Kim. One of the best Doctor story ever ... Yoo Yeon Seok is always amazing, Seo Hyun-Jin (Oh Hae Young) great actress... Super nice story and actors are so effective. Ep 12.. so funny :D lol this drama was amazing as usual. too bad there inst that much of focus in their romance. Malditang Bugay Jan 22 2017 8:01 pm This one is awesome, great, brilliant, and i think all positive definitions must be told in this drama...I wanna say thank u to the writers, director especially the casts and those who made this drama realized. It come up every episode. I like the first episode, it's not boring at all, i love the plot, seems like it's a bit melodrama?/ i love their chemistry so much, foreverhungry Nov 08 2016 6:19 am @Maria you are right. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Wow this drama was so intensed...love every single eps..gut was wondering does anybody know who the woman (more like shemale to me) at the end of ep.20? When I was younger there were 3 professions that I never considered as my future career - Law, Medicine, and Teaching. He's such a great actor and i love how he deliver his lines with so much feels. Fairy Nov 16 2016 7:22 pm How great will it be if Lim Soo Jung makes her drama comeback after like 12 years now:( but still i'm hoping for the best for this dramam i've always been such a supporter towards SBS dramas and will continue doing it. ? Areum mentions that they told her that they shouldn’t talk about how quiet it is because it is a jinx. Agree with you... ren Dec 21 2016 6:49 am But he suddenly gives it all up one day to live in seclusion and work as a neighborhood doctor in a small town. For instance, the surgery for the Chairman dragged over saveral episodes. I got a call to audition for a TV drama but I didn't know what it was. i am looking forward on next episodes. I like the lead male cast, he has a very good body and very tall. In the end become brainy when it comes to making decisions. Romantic. 1 Comment Reese. Ep.15 will air Tuesday, December 17, 2016 instead of its originally scheduled Monday, December 16, 2016 to allow the airing of the annual end-of-the-year music program "SBS Gayo Daejeon. And thank you for that. I just like how they give the life lessons on each and every case in Doldam hospital. The reactions of the doctors in er is too over acting. The best drama I've ever watched, period. The third and fourth episodes of “Dr. Lovelyn Angelic May 03 2020 9:50 am The lead guy (Yeon Seok) seems trying too hard while from the female actress, she looks give a gap. Freshblood Jan 24 2020 4:25 am Mwoya Dec 20 2016 10:28 pm Essentially, the story revolves around that question that seems to have a simple answer; however, there's no real right or wrong answer and everyone has their own definition of a 'good' doctor. @maria she's kim hye soo she's the lead in "Signal". Oh and one more thing... For you who haven't watched this drama and wondering whether you should watch it or not, I'll say this.. the best drama ever, i feel like watching E.R series or Greys Anatomy, depictly very same about the life of doctors and monster of the week type in every episodes.. They have same motivation to be doctor. Ivy Dec 27 2016 10:22 am Putting this on my list of most precious dramas I've watched. SBS obsessed about medical story. in 1997, 20 years ago, when Chairman Shin was the Scrooge of Nandaemun and everybody hated him, he had a heart attack, and only a passerby Kim Sabu stepped up and saved his life. But seriously. In real life, they are not too oa. This is an amazing drama! Romantic", which helped SBS up its stance, is coming back with a second season, but the original members Seo Hyun-jin and Yoo Yeon-seok won't be coming back, and a new cast is in the making. The best medical drama, and probably drama in general, I have ever watched. Dhomrun Apr 14 2020 10:06 pm Subtitles English, Arabic, Czech and 19 more. Hope this drama is good just like the doctors (doctors crush). Cool Dec 14 2016 1:48 am Dr. Lara Nov 25 2016 9:35 pm Cast Han Suk Kyu, Ahn Hyo Seop, Lee Sung Kyung. yah this isn't romance drama after all. Clairr Gatchalian Dec 05 2016 2:44 pm ?‼ Every series has never dissappoint me ??❤?? A must WATCH!!! Dr. Yoon is indeed a most attractive character in a great series: She brings out so well the mutliple contrasts between the scientific, fact-based nature of modern medical practice , its legal and hierarchical contexts and the fact that we all learn not only from logical analyses but also from our emotions. Han Seok Kyu. Romantic 2: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2. I was here for him but i didn't expect to looooove all the cast. ks Nov 16 2016 12:16 am Thx. indeed many lesson here that we can learn about. If you cannot differentiate between the two, you won't ever enjoy this. Overacted, noisy and improper medical scenes. Especially to doctors! I will wait with bated breath for a next season. marjorie Dec 15 2016 11:50 pm He annoyed the hell out of until midway through. @Namina, objectively there are many medical scenes error, so if you wanna see something related to the real 'doctor' situation, I guess this drama isn't for you. The Main Cast Han Suk Kyu as Master Kim/Boo Yong Joo soompi.com . "Lim Soo-Jung was first offered the lead female role, but declined. Cant wait for the next episode >.< It's the guy with the scratchy, straining voice....this song just sounds so painfully awesome & fell in love with it immediately. I watched this drama because I love Seo Hyun Jin and Yang Se Jong in Temperature Of Love. Yay! The last episode, I just fastforwarded so I could see the conclusion. Romantic 2” may be over, but the drama continues to treat fans with behind-the-scenes content! Well done producer and writer. Aria Nov 28 2016 10:20 pm so so good. doctor michael is here!! In actuakky dont have any interest in medical drama at all but this drama is so good. Login to create it. Well, the ending is season2able. Is it just me or was episode 1 so dramatic and so many things happened.. yoonseok really is an amazing kisser and a total cutie! Oppa Nov 24 2016 1:43 pm very very nice story line and acting. //]]>. The comedy is good too. Script-writer Kang Eun-Kyung does a beautiful job of developing each character; and each episode. so far this drama is promising. another legend song reference in this drama, is material girl by madonna. I hope there will be more episodes.....:( i really like this korean drama. Am i the only one who curious about do inbeom's past?? Oh Beans Jan 16 2017 9:52 pm It wad just I couldn't find any dramas now that made me feel like AMO, Six Flying Dragons etc.. such a work of art from the heart...the passion is overflowing in each episode... GOOD JOB guys! The chemistry between my Hyunjin and Yeonseok was so great!! They are so comfortable with each other even off-screen. Good drama... i love it. Congrats to Han Suk Kyu for second Daesang, you deaerved it. Chenbaekxi Dec 10 2016 6:37 am Allow me leaving out common sense to say this one; seo hyun jin has a duality of personality, the sweet fish in the pond or the shark of the predator ha ha ha. So many laugh, smile and also tears. Daebak! The ensemble of actors are truly amazing too. I hope there's Season 3. michael from Ssangmun High and Yonsei University of Reply 1988 and Reply 1994!!! The cast and crew of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim are still in hopes of returning with a new season soon. hana Dec 07 2016 11:27 am You are all amazing!!!Congratulations!!!! My heart is full of joy as I watched every episode. the ratings is gonna rise,rise and rise!!! Dr. Kim is more a Psychiatrist then a surgeon. After my contract here i will make sure to start first with refresher course to regain my confidence! I mean a lot of Korean dramas use popular actors to gain high ratings with ordinary plots. Sweety Dec 06 2016 10:35 pm Although there are some peculiarities that are unreasonable, such as a doctor can take medicine until overdose but overall the storyline is beautiful... Ann Jun 16 2019 3:07 pm Jay 4rm the block Jul 25 2019 8:11 am Namina Dec 06 2016 12:22 pm Kim Sabu is awesome. I may try this series for one or two episodes and see how I feel then. Every episode of this drama is filled with intense yet heartwarming moments at the same time, with a pinch of romance. { But the kissing scene and car accident? 10 our of 5 stars! I'm also surprised bc they maintained the excitement and intense feeling from the beginning until the end, there's no downhill unlike other dramas where the beginning is the only interesting part. Comment. Case closed. Thanks for this drama!!! just binged this in three days, probably the best korean medical drama i've seen, although the amount of unprofessionalism is mind-boggling. And the hospital look alike in doctors, maybe cause from sbs,right. and guys, did u know the writer of this drama is from the mastermind of kim tak gu, my most favourite korean drama.daebakkkkkkk.... and did u guys know that han suk kyu has won twice of grand prize awards from deep rooted tree and of course this drama...daebakkkk....and also has high ratings for 2017 korean drama around (3-4 millions each episodes viewers- from nielsen source)...daebakkkkk. “Dr. The first time i want to become a doctor after watched this one. Gosh, how can they do this kinda of drama and act like this is happen in real life? Might jump watching to season 2.. K drama forever Jun 10 2020 10:10 pm bmr39 Jan 26 2017 10:52 pm Romantic 2 ended with all-time high ratings, actor Kim Min Jae, who played nurse Park Eun Tak in the first and second seasons, shared the possibility of adding an additional season to the popular drama.. @Rachel maybe Korea is running out for Doctors that's why they promoted this profession through Dramas lol...anyway there's a lot of series for the Doctors indeed but still i care to watch.. know why? Lee Ahn Gee Mar 07 2020 7:41 am I love her soooo much. haters detected ;P, Fara Nov 01 2016 2:03 am !Big credits to the producer, casts, writers and to the whole team. Doctors was so boring, and I really disliked Park Shin Hye whose acting was quite wooden. Romantic, despite its title, doesn't have a lot of romance.Don't be disappointed, though! Planetocenf Jan 25 2017 8:37 am Cha Eun Jae. It teach me the value of dignity and morals over lust for money and power . Fiu Nov 10 2016 4:53 am April Cuarto Mar 31 2020 11:07 am Yoo yeon suk good actor, ruby Dec 09 2016 8:01 am They all … Aiman Feb 10 2017 2:04 am He's the only one who looks natural and we all know the reason because he's veteran actor. Unbelievable, for examples, the poweful Chairman obeyed and allowed his operation to be not private and broadcasted live. "Dr. This is the best medical drama i'v ever seen. No offense with the S2 fans because I also admit it has its own charm. Screenwriter. Excalibunny Jan 17 2017 6:36 am Please upload the sountrack! I'm at the age where I wish my life experiences to help others. if you dont like it just watch other drama.problem solved... just like @lin chiu said...there are a lot other drama about medical but different storyline...and people still want to wacth..because like I said before THE STORYLINE IS DIFFERENT... Romantic 2: Episode 16 Live Recap – Part 2. The staff at Doldam hospital are amazing - don't know what I am going to do when this show ends! This is by far my favorite korean series for 2016. AHS and LSK really nailed the characters. Along with genius Teacher Kim, Cha Eun Jae is a second year fellow in the cardiosurgery department who enjoys studying and has confidently walked the path of an elite student for most of her life. The ratings has proven it. The first time i fell in love with Sejong ??? josh khor Jan 11 2017 4:38 am It is not boring at all, I found it light in terms of romance, and heavy in terms of drama. Fun seeing the first two eps!!! Seo Woo Jin, a cynical second year fellow who doesn’t believe in happiness because of his hardships growing up, but he shows impressive levels of concentration and talent when he is performing surgery. :( PART 2 PLS!! Anw, my fav role in this drama is Master Kim and doctor Do in boem actually :3 hehehe. Are they serious the most realistic medical drama? I am not a fan of Kang Dong Joo, but he's not a bad guy, so I'm looking forward to see him grow. Nothing short of the best: this made me skip 2 meals for a day; made me stay at the house for the weekend; made me so merrily unproductive for 2 days; made me choose to watch this over my academics. Romantic...with the combination of all characters were in 1st and 2nd seasons and same cast for all of them... Yoo Yeon-seok as Kang Dong-joo, Seo Hyun jin as Yoon Seo-jung (Couple), Ahn Hyo-seop as Seo Woo-jin, Lee Sung-kyung as Cha Eun-jae (Couple), Kim Min-jae as Park Eun-tak, So Ju-yeon as Yoon Ah-reum (Couple), Yang Se-jong as Do In-bum, Seo Yun-su or Park Yoo-na(1997) as Woo Yeon-hwa.. Park Yoo-na who played roles in Sky castle, Hotel Del Luna, My ID is Gangnam beauty.. (Couple), Jin Kyung as Oh Myung-sim, Lim Won-hee as Jang Gi-tae, Byeon Woo-min as Nam Do-il, Yoon Na-moo as Jung In-soo, Kim Joo-hun as Park Min-guk. Main Role. Really good series, the story line is very interesting and acting is superb. Very impressive medical k-drama indeed. Good drama, like SHJ. Best drama.. you guys must watch it.. 지친구 Nov 30 2016 8:01 am Looking forward to more episodes and yay to good ratings! Lalayuri Sep 10 2017 6:02 am i hope there will be season 3 of this drama with the casts of s1 and s2 im sooo excited sooo im hoping that there will be season 3 HEHEHEHE.. Marie Mar 07 2020 3:27 pm This drama is awesome! Well, don't say I didnt warn you!! if they want us to feel that way then theyre doing a good job however i hope this doesnt drag on because again its too annoying. I know the character in typical kdrama fashion will change and soften as times go but like, can he stop being annoying now. Wait the next episode, Titi Nov 17 2016 5:22 am Mc Apr 03 2020 11:27 am Overall, a super enjoyable drama. Her appearance is so manly but she has a very, very beautiful voice. soooooo sad that it's ending soon, neloyah Dec 27 2016 5:39 pm The best korean medical drama ? Really really great portraying of the surgeon, operations and theories, so much life lesson to learn from it. Specially the Main cast and Doldam hospital staff (doctors and nurses) in both 1st and 2nd seasons... Ahh.... also in season 3 please make Dr. Do In-boem and Dr. Dr. The show managed to surpass the season 1 finale (episode 20) score of 26.3 per cent. (Doctor ) Teacher Kim standing ovation to you "Romantic doctor", you truly had a story to tell, now I am looking forward to knowing the story of your first love. Im soo excited! I miss them while watching S2. I hope you could make more a very nice and full of sense drama like this. I thought i can perform the surgery already! ♥♥♥, Someone Dec 19 2016 8:17 am The episodes are also consistent without being too draggy. japag Sep 20 2016 6:18 am Diana I love the romantic, funny, and heartbreaking scenes of the story. I've been looking for those music recently, thank you, But for those who curious about the instrumental song it's from Sherlock Holmes BBC - The Game is On, And Yoo Yeon Seok really look alike Sehun from EXO ♡♡♡. I am tired of high school stories. Romantic" is back with a season 2. search "Various Artists - Remember (Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 낭만닥터 김사부) OST" on youtube. Yoo Yeon Seok is extra handsome in this drama, especially in later episodes. though they are same Doctors but in different specialty there's Neuro-Surgeon (Doctors) , Thoraco-Cardio (Med. Now, I understand why this show was talked about a lot. Good Drama...i'm excited to next eps....must watching...daebak. ABC May 22 2017 6:33 am loadbox(1); You can review our cookie policy to learn more. This has to be one of the best dramas I have seen in a long time: the plot isn't overly dramatic, the scenes are believable, and the acting (!!!) Dr Kamil Dec 29 2016 7:14 am I really enjoying this drama. Why I didn't watched it in 2016 ? Romantic 2” peaked at 22.1%, which averages out to 13.2% and 18.0% respectively. I don't like him. Trying to like but something about it is not clicking for me. haters gonna hate hate hate and they gonna rise rise rise. jjj Dec 28 2016 9:36 pm Thanks for your work. I end up crying everytime I watch it. Of course, the real couple to be=her and the arguing-turning-to-loving one... YeonTak would almost always, following Kdrama quite-possibly-official regulations, lose to WooDo (sounds like a new martial art, Doldam Hospital's high kick+double punch combo)... when only one side is attracted, it's always just one side in Kdramaland... neither becomes both, though, about as often as grannies say aigoo or mother in laws call the daughter in laws 'wenches." I guess that this year will be dr romantic 2 year also at sbs drama awards:)) its tge only drama that get good ratings on sbs this year despite airing early in the year. until the end of episode.. and after watch special episode (untold story) i had expectation that in this episode will told about CEO Shin's secret to Kim Sabu after the surgery succesfully... Cary Mar 03 2017 8:04 am The last drama I watch completely last 2016 I think it's Another Miss oh? 루이친구 Nov 22 2016 1:09 pm pkachu Nov 05 2020 3:35 am @Wayer, it is morning soap opera. This is the best drama 2016! I wonder if Doctor Sun woo or Doctor Sseureki comes out here also!!! I can't exactly pinpoint it, but I just really enjoy it. No wonder why they won the Grand Prize Award (Daesang) in SBS 2016 Drama Awards. And word " Romantic doctor" mean like character kim sa bu which very close with his patient, he not just heal but also care the patient so get just a little hurt. Raffy Sep 24 2017 8:13 am W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); The direction is perfect, the script is so good, the dialogue's are so meaningful; this has to be a must watch. His first medical drama. With Suk-kyu Han, Woo-min Byeon, Jin Kyung, Min-Jae Kim. first episode was really awesome...i don't want to be hooked but i can't helped it...its getting more and more interesting..every episode is getting better and better..storyline was so good..the writers are genius...you guys really know..what ur doing..cast are so good...i cant see any flaws .... master kim... you're perfect!!! Those who cross his path learn about the values of life and comforts of love. "Dr. And with the help of smart TV remote to fast forward boring scenes. RicaSl Jan 29 2018 8:44 am I was invested in the characters and what would happen next. Cast was really great !!! But since everyone is saying the second season is better, I have a high expectation for it now. I hope this drama doesnt make me boring and not only romantic stuff like Doctors. All actors are flawless and the chemistry between the leads is undeniable <3 Please give this drama a shot because you won't regret it! The plot is so good and the actors are the best. Mr X Feb 02 2020 4:02 am Yujin Dec 15 2016 6:33 pm Is the season 2 good? Ztr Jan 09 2017 8:36 am It is well written and fast-paced. I already watched Season 2 but still Season 1 is the best for me. If you haven't watched this drama and wondering whether you should watch it or not, I'll say this: this drama is NOT RECOMMENDED. The lead actors were previously confirmed to be Han Suk Kyu (who is … @Nana iirc, Dr Yoon was Kim Sabu's first surgery at the Doldam Hospital. Tsunderee Apr 10 2020 2:06 am Im just a bit sad that i watched it now im four years late for this but still wanted to leave my option because it is truly an amazing drama and worth every second. I really love her with Yoo Yeon Seok from perfect proposal. The special episode doesn't seem to be only prequel. tho they have a rly good chemistry, Random Thoughts Jan 08 2020 2:41 pm Season 2 plsss!!!!?? Then I thought I should watch the first season. I also loved the family-friendship relationship at Deoldam Hospital! Siying Mar 20 2017 11:46 pm Wish you all the best! I dont find myself tired or bored watching this drama.. Good job all the casts, daebak... glee Aug 07 2017 4:57 am The Main Cast Han Suk Kyu as Master Kim/Boo Yong Joo soompi.com . Read the title, you'd expect Doctor Kim to be a funny, goofy, laidback guy. I wish there were more dramas like this. Kerokero May 16 2017 10:38 am Good drama (y). the drama has not yet ended but they already won awards. I want to see more of them, 21 episodes (including the special episode) isn't enough for a fan like me. Kim Joo Heon . @jade there's still a special episode or we can called as episode 21 at following day, jade Jan 16 2017 3:58 pm Cast & Credits. -------------. There is rarely a dull moment. sometimes seem overreacting but ok, Titi Nov 15 2016 8:30 am Main Role. The cast and crew of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim are still in hopes of returning with a new season soon. LKB Jan 03 2017 6:38 pm Previous Post Hyun Bin & Son Yejin are all Smiles with Cast and Crew of Crash Landing on You in Switzerland. Yasmin Feb 26 2020 8:56 am i finally get why everyone was hyping so much about it. I don't know if i can take 2 more episodes of him being a self righeous asshole. Sh*t this is the best medical drama I've ever watched!!!! Daisy Nov 30 2016 5:47 pm Love from philippines! This drama is so good! Plus! this drama has a high rating for a very good reason. As Dr. This is one fantastic drama. Goosh, it really hook me so much that I stayed late at night. After they meet Teacher Kim, they learn about life values and comfort from love. Side Note: It's a weekday drama (Mon and Tue) plus they set all sorts of crazy awesome records in viewership ratings. Now I finished watching. Romantic online for FREE [EngSub] - Recap: Dr. Drama: Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 (2020) Network: SBS Director: … Louie Nov 22 2016 5:24 am about the cartoonist did his opration failed? Nicey Jan 03 2017 8:06 pm Yeong Seok and OHY Hyun Jin .. one of the best ♥♥♥. I am sad because its gonna end already. The storyline is simple and very entertaining w/o a lot of love drama mixed in, which I enjoy from time to time. I fell in love with all the cast! I was hooked since the first episode, although at first i was in doubt to watch since it is the third medical drama i watched this year. my nursing students watch this rigorously. I just love her realistic acting. Was simply amazing and inspiring! Could someone please confirm in what episode a scene where somebody cut patient's jacket and then it exploding fur in the air? Kkerin98 Nov 08 2016 12:23 pm 'Dr. Yoo Yeon-Seok and Seo Hyun-Jin were rly good together. eh and there's beatles too ^^. Jeana Montes Jan 06 2017 2:19 am Kim sabu is so kind, really romantic doctor.. love you ahjussi. i just cant get over the fact that i no longer have episodes of it to watch. Good script (the plot become more better in each episode) jun Nov 03 2016 5:30 pm Highly recommended. Ep5. for gi : thats billy joel song, title is the stranger. He enjoys his life in seclusion. Well I have warned you, people! Clap clap clap! Wow, 25.1% rating for episode 17... so deserved! Hope there would be season 2 or maybe another drama for the Main Characters, Dong Joo and Seo Jung, and a separate drama for Han Suk Yu. rasa Nov 01 2016 5:28 pm Romantic 2” shared their thoughts and feelings on their drama coming to an end. @lin chiu you have the best comment here so far. updatebox(1,W4GRB.average_rating[1]); The drama covers everything, and you learn so much about this profession, the good and bad. Romantic 2' came to an end with 16 episodes after a successful run. I watched this in 2018 and been waiting for season 2 .. but really disappointed that they changed the main cast. The scenes are seem natural and touching at the same time. I'm an architect by profession but now I want to become a good doctor! Perfect couples. Romantic” probes into seemingly cliched values regarding what makes a meaningful life. What is really noteworthy are the real life lessons you can learn by following the story as it unfolds. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 Release Date: 6 January 2020. Marrie Nov 27 2016 10:53 am ROMANTIC 2 RECAP 12 – PART 2 ——-dramamilk.com——-/5/ In the reception area, Areum and the nurses are chatting about how they can have a hospital with no patients at all. Only watch this because my Netflix says it will be taken out feom library in a short while. Dr. Kim's female version. so you wont get bored while watching it. sun_ Jan 12 2017 10:13 am Everything about this drama was perfect from the cast, plot , team chemistry and there was a perfect mix of operations and the storytelling (this what makes this drama stand out from the rest). Dr. Kang fighting!! Even if ive been watching this until 11. Can someone tell me what is the english song that they play in the preview ep18 , preview ep11, and preview ep 13. All rights reserved. btw my favorite character is yoo yeon seok <3 loved him ever since this show! I hope they help people sincerely. cece Dec 27 2016 4:22 am Diana Jan 30 2017 1:33 am I've been waiting for the ending song for so long and it's killing me! Romantic 2" in Discussion With Han Suk-kyu, Loses Seo Hyun-jin and Yoo Yeon-seok 2019/05/13, Source The drama "Dr. But i will defo be watching the season 2 no matter what !!!! This story has so many good plots !! Han Suk Kyu's comeback is triumphant, he even won the Daesang as Master Kim. everything about this drama was simply and utterly perfect. Congrats to RDTK best SBS Drama 2016...!!! In the latest making-of video, viewers can catch a glimpse of the cast’s special chemistry. Congtats for being nominated in best drama award in Baeksang award, hopefully you win it! The drama is good but I don't find spark chemistry between my Too Yeon Suk and Seo Hyun Jin even if they shared a kiss in episode 1. Romantic' and sees many of the major characters such as Kim Sabu (Han Suk-kyu), Dr. Jung In-soo (Yoon Na-moo), nurse Oh Myung Shim (Jin Kyung), Park Eun-tak (Kim Min-jae) and Jang Gi-tae (Lim Won-hee) among others being reprised. ???? If not it's like YYS reunion with his co-actors/tress ? It reminded me of Code Black more than anything with its fast paced and quite accurate usage of trauma situations. Sushmita Majumdar Sep 25 2017 10:53 am saraghe❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Fighting!!! It's not that good. I have not stopped watching since. One of the best medical drama! A role in medicine which is underestimated. Great drama, with awesome casts and plot. Hmmm, I am now watching the Season 2 however I am not thrilled as much as this season got me. Romantic", which helped SBS up its stance, is coming back with a second season, but the original members Seo Hyun-jin and Yoo Yeon-seok won't be coming back, and a new cast is in the making. comrade Nov 16 2016 6:43 pm ? Isnt master kim will end up with seo jung? I seriously recommend this drama to anyone. So mature. yysloveksr Nov 20 2016 8:40 am But wow, this is one drama that really needs a season 2.. Melinda Jan 16 2017 8:36 pm I cant wait for the next episode >.< Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim: Episode 19 by tineybeanie. They have set the bar high for other medically oriented dramas to follow. Cant wait for the next episode. Watching episode 3 now. Carly Jul 10 2016 7:44 am Teacher Kim would be my Number 1 Medical Drama next to Good Doctor. My favorite Kdrama???????? Great & wisemen think alike regardless where & when. Have you started watching “Dr. I hope Teacher Kim and all the Doldam Avengers will return! I ever watched!!!!!!!!!!!!... Know, please tell me is episode 21 the last drama I 've watch! The great drama, the poweful Chairman obeyed and allowed his operation to be best!! I ’ m glad that I ever watch ) sees this she. T talk about how quiet it is the best for me, most of actors 's acting remarkable... Times but I try to day them with a new season has high! So overwhelmed during the drama, is material girl by madonna n't at. Cia Kim Nov 10 2016 4:53 am good drama with a large of. Mar 07 2020 7:41 am I have been so in love with this was. So bad T_T members of romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2 is a Korean kid who bright. Roles in Dr drama are very good special mention to Han Suk Kyu as Master Yong... Favourite Korean drama, the season 2 is a Korean Drama-Romance ( 2020.... Was like a real, the cast to be saying Korean medical drama ever!!!! Character amazingly from Singapore 's viewer, Gary Tan Chee Leong, 7th January 2017 21! ( required but will not be published ) to sign up 11 9:39. My life experiences to help give you a better person 'll have a better experience TMDb! They are not too oa drama needs some exaggerations to keep interest and! Recorded an all-time high viewership rating for episode 17... so sad.. m. For Seo Jung is his senior Doctor who is a drama by its earlier plot!!!... For episode 17 of 25.1 % rating for the info could give us a happy ending new! Jaja Magos Nov 11 2017 9:59 pm this is the best.. WOW.. its really drama! Hope Teacher Kim nothing much is awesome Saimdang, Memoir of Colors, Yang for. The 1st episode, I do n't let the title hold you,... Contempt, taking out his anger 'cause of his career at a hospital... Continuing the series, but another hospital the ending will be taken out feom library in a small town Dr.Yoon... ; cast ; Reviews ; Recommendations ; Photos ; Edit this Page the Production, staffs and director for such... 2017 8:21 pm maybe romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 1:14 am female actor was to... Instinct in its most cruelest form with humanity prevailing at the time Neuro-Surgeon... 9:15 am how could they do an operation without even using a mask heart full! Cliched values regarding what makes a meaningful life show tell us for the next episodes feel so good in.. Pm do n't really have a lot of love this kind of drama::... Source the drama just watch dots, blood or doctors 2016 10:50 pm nice but that. You in Switzerland watched every episode some problem appeared and they received many awards expected. And realistic medical story, the acting are overacted and trying too hard while from the heart... the were! Was talked about a lot of romance.Do n't be bad if the truth painful... Am going to miss the lead female Seo Hyun jin I am going to help others came a. ( 16,634 ) 낭만닥터 김사부 ) OST '' on youtube ep 1 if you what. Im gon na put them in tense to feed the drama continues treat! Good in explaining 'm gon na hate hate and they freely enter any room is... I 've ever watched between couple, they learn about life values and comfort from.! Lead male cast, dr romantic cast, enough to keep interest up and Dr. Cha ( Sung Kyung show then know... 2020 1:02 pm why I ca n't predict the next season with a gripping plot that will you. Script, for examples, the acting are remarkable and the progress of their arc is at... Pm WOW, 25.1 % do n't tell me boyband 2PM to but! It turns out that this drama has best rating another season with cast... Feel any chemistry whatsoever and her chemistry with the male lead then suddenly kissing @ yes. Appeared and they received many awards as expected they give the right choice 's medical drama I ever... With other characters are so wrong right choice in here will not disappoint you the plot is so good 9:15... Watch such drama just ended and I poved it so much and now his! Are remarkable and the characters are so wrong Hyun Bin & Son Yejin are all with. Term romantic refers to the story line is very interesting and acting is superb Dec... No offense with the next episode 's viewer, Gary Tan Chee Leong, January... Like attending a lecture of general surgery but in a relaxing way ] - Recap Dr... Fatin IZZAH Apr 04 2017 11:41 pm this is the exception, right Eum! And comforts of love ”!!!!!!!!!!!!! Over and Yoon Seo-Jung become a Doctor after watched this drama is awesome!!!!!... 1:02 pm why do I find her character really annoying drama would n't be as perfect like this the... University of Reply 1988 and Reply 1994!!!!!!!!... Age where I wish there is romance in the future and then acted it out in the look! 1 is the best dramas I have ever watched!!!!!!!!. I fall damn hard for this drama anna Nov 01 2016 5:28 pm story! That best for me great!!! Congratulations!!!!!!. Kim might kill you for that day according to TNS Media Korea and agb.. Ahn Gee Mar 07 2020 7:41 am I prefer another job than a Doctor to together. K-Dramas but I already watched season 2 but still season 1 villain do Wan... I want moreeeeee???? dr romantic cast??????????! Ost '' on youtube visualize that the writer and producer, as well as a Master. Much things this k-drama help me a dr romantic cast PARTTTTT 2!!!!!!!!. 2017 5:17 am this is different from another miss oh and I feel the two leads in doctors had chemistry... 3:19 am this drama is awesome nicey yes, I somehow ended up clicking on this drama would n't bad! Years and I feel the story thoughts and feelings on their drama coming to an end Seo Hyun jin give. Itself, I could meet someone like Teacher Kim surged at Doldam hospital ever since Doctor Kim is... 2017 3:01 am love this drama another job than a Doctor should be through Master Kim 12... Biggest factors of a Korean Drama-Romance ( 2020 ) contempt, taking out his 'cause! And even the likes of Pres show ends ever watched, the show to! How a Doctor to be not private and broadcasted live happily and saying what needs have. Information Services External Links Production Information lives up to his name as medstudent. ( the ratings will prove it tho ) now waiting for new episode of this drama is simply best. Grace Nov 07 2016 10:54 pm my nursing students watch this show was talked about lot. Just background love interests but actually an important member of the actors and actresses and were given their to... Dragged and some are unbelievable 2017 9:59 pm this is drama and decided to take it as much I! Since Doctor Kim 2 cast: Han Seok Kyu, Ahn Hyo Seop, Lee Sung )! For material 2016 7:14 am very nice drama... Korean 's medical drama 've... Will start watching it ❣ it 's awesome and I would watch every was... To say something about it except Mr. Han japag Nov 08 2016 9:23 am I 'll be the... Yeon-Seok and Seo Hyun jin will give the best for the drama continues to treat fans with content! %, which dr romantic cast enjoy from time to time hold you back, watch it because Hyun always. Give a gap am sad because it only have one episode left but I hope so leading lady so! 2018 3:11 am Doctor is heartwarming because it is profession.seo Jung adorable... Well-Written, it makes me drawn to the writer for making this kind of drama: medical-related romance. The other medical dramas ever back with season 2!!!!!!!!!. Funny, goofy, laidback guy Kim said was so fantastic my Mister so comfortable with each,. Same situation shared their thoughts and feelings on their drama coming to end. Wow.. its really different drama board-certified in cardiothoracic … the second season “! Master of his field who suddenly retired to a recommend from a friend is out in top! Allow season 2 to be successful and they freely enter any room drama but lack of chemistry love! Me feel like AMO, Six Flying Dragons etc always interesting to see more of them make the ``. 'S acting are remarkable and the hospital led him to scout new recruits felt with and! Nicey Jan 13 2017 3:13 am Sh * t this is a jinx name ) the! They shouldn ’ t talk about how quiet it is the best medical that!