Interviewed and discussed cases with parent charged with nonpayment of support to resolve issued in lieu of filing court proceedings. Prepared psychosocial assessments and assisted in the intake/screening for single homeless men with persistent mental health diagnosis. This goes hand in hand with approachability. Facilitated staff meetings and co-facilitated relationship group for residents. Provided supervision, medication administration, groups/activities and Children's Court for placement. Ordered and analysis medical records and determine if clients meet social security disability listing. A successful management needs a wide range of sales manager skills, responsibilities, and duties. Participated in weekly staff meetings, offering specialized knowledge and expertise in individual case presentation. Participated in service planning by collecting background information for community agencies by conducting interviews and observations with biological family members. Developed and maintained good communication with other agencies within the County to facilitate inter-agency referrals. Provided bi-monthly reports to the regulatory boards, providing input on program participants as necessary. Supervised other social workers and attended weekly management meetings and training as needed. Facilitated annual and special interdisciplinary meetings with consumers and various health care professionals. Excellent analytical skills: Expert in forwarding thinking & market research Sound expertise in development processes and … Due to the nature of the work, case managers are expected to have a broad range of human services, communication and technology skills. Interviewed potential consumers and educated them on their rights as it relates to disability and social security benefits. Assigned program participants to employment activities to meet federal participation work requirements and helped them to reach economic independence. Collaborated with Physicians for patient care and prevention and participated on a multidisciplinary team. Take a look at skill set checklist below to see if you have the traits needed to succeed in this industry. Coordinated all residential services to program participants living within a dual diagnosis residential treatment program. Provided support in finding housing, seeking and maintaining entitlements, connect to medical and mental health care within the community. Facilitated cognitive behavioral therapy sessions and mutual help groups. Supported academic and vocational guidance and education on community awareness and responsibility, and goal setting. Working as a team is a vital part of the job and you certainly need collaborative skills to get the best out of yourself and your colleagues. Developed, implemented and evaluated individualized patient care plans, functioning as patient advocate and liaison to providers. Provided juvenile diversion programming and supervision of juveniles in custody of law enforcement or human services. Decreased agencies deficiencies by maintaining confidentiality of client records and timely documenting on the individuals. Developed collaborative relationships with physicians and communicated the stay and discharge processes utilizing InterQual criteria. Medical facilities, client homes, therapy centres, doctors’ offices, nursing homes are some examples, just to name a few. Find a case manager. Increased community resources by collaborating and establishing relationships with individuals, families, and business owners. Provided through communication and available resources to promote quality and cost-effective outcomes. Generated case documentation, completed and submitted required forms and developed individual service plans as required. Collaborated with interdisciplinary team members appropriate care plans to meet individual needs of consumers. In some cases, the patient may have to pay some out-of-pocket expenses, but it will be far less than what it would cost to stay in hospital. Provided case management services to adults and children with intellectual disabilities and mental health needs. Handled incoming internal/external customer contacts via oral/written communication to resolution, while promoting lifetime owner loyalty by making goodwill decisions. Provided information on HIV/AIDS and domestic violence to individuals. Performed initial investigations and ongoing evaluations of child abuse/neglect reports. Collaborated services to patients between medical institutions, local, state and federal governmental. All of these skills will create the perfect case manager role model that others can look up to. Developed and maintained current knowledge of community services and facilitated/coordinated these services on behalf of the client. Engaged with area agencies and service providers to facilitate case coordination with appropriate community agencies. Collaborated with hospital clinician/social workers regarding discharge planning. Performed utilization review and determined appropriate level of care and resource needs. Provided home-based case management services targeting adolescents and youth in state and foster care custody for customer service oriented organization. Communicated directly with probation officers regarding client treatment plans and progress. Processed high cost request for clients in need of temporary, loan based financial support to meet their basic needs. Participated in Psychiatric Evaluations to review medical records, discuss diagnoses, review medication, provide feedback for dose/frequency. Anyone can show a long list of management skills. Provided high level customer service support to ensure patients obtained access to therapy and additionally monitored compliance with ongoing therapy. Encouraged behavior modification strategies with adolescents exhibiting negative behaviors based on a variety of feelings or emotions. Provided individualized services for persons with severe and persistent mental illness through treatment, rehabilitation and support services. Provided counseling to families who needed help with housing, food, clothes, and other basic needs. Maintained client files and records through Colorado Benefit Management System. Some hard project management skills include: Agile methodologies, such as Scrum; Project management software, such as Trello and Zoho ; Tip. Supervised and maintained Medicaid service delivery plans for adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Arranged foreign hospital admissions and assisted English- and Spanish-speaking patients with insurance needs and medical emergencies related to international travel. As a manager, this means being clear and being human. In either case, you’ll have to understand what your resources are, develop time tables and budgets, and assign tasks and areas of responsibility. Next, highlight the skills that make your shine on the job, such as experience with individual and family therapy, the ability to create care plans, and project management skills. Provided timely, balanced, and accurate utilization reviews and recommendations in a time-sensitive and fast-paced environment. Decreased hospital acquired infections through effective communication and education of the patient prior to scheduled admissions. Provided continuous educational, vocational, personal and social adjustment counseling on an individual and group basis. Collaborated and interacted with other team members and clinical providers on a regular basis. The skills needed include: Clinical Communication Time management Decision-making and problem-solving Organizational Autonomy Conflict resolution Teamwork Delegation Political savvy … If there are any skills you think we have missed, please feel free to let us know in the comments. Maintained client files according to HUD, CDHS, HOW guidelines, and participated in program planning and evaluation. Provided comprehensive counseling, education, case management and client advocacy to 208 HIV-positive adolescents and family members. Applied program policies and procedures relevant to the confidentiality of information regarding applicants and program participants. Maintained consistent communication with Clinical Director regarding documentation, support, authorizations, and client progress with service plan. Communication Skills. Liaised with outside community agencies to accumulate resources and additional support services. Scheduled care planning, documentation and productivity for patient care operations. Keep reading to find out how to get a sales manager job and supercharge your sales career. Collaborated with insurance companies and multiple government agencies to ensure clients had access to needed medication and psychiatric appointments. Coordinated treatment by providing supportive counseling, symptom monitoring, housing assessments and coordinated services with local community agencies and professionals. Worked after hours working with hospital case managers giving authorizations for admissions, continue stays using InterQual criteria. Participated in parental adjudication court proceedings and adoption hearings. The Case Manager position requires at least a bachelor’s degree. Definition of Case Management. Answered crisis line and screened potential clients for admission or support including information/referrals and advocacy. Assisted the Victim Advocate with the task of keeping the Victim(s) informed of all Court proceedings. Participated in treatment staff meetings and one-on-one interactions with clients. Join the Interest List! Negotiated and documented reimbursement rates for health care services when necessary. Determined whether clients were temporarily exempt from Workforce program or qualified to meet Social Security Disability requirements. by ajcasemanagement | Oct 30, 2018 | Rehabilitation, Therapy | 0 comments. Promoted effective utilization management and monitoring of health care resources while ensuring services arranged were member-appropriate. Maintained strong relationships with claimants to facilitate efficient case reviews, while communicating accurate policy information and providing exceptional customer service. Determined appropriate level of care after thorough evaluations based upon medical necessity. Facilitated psycho educational groups on a regular basis. Participated in legal proceedings regarding child abuse cases and met with Indian Child Welfare Act/tribal representatives regarding tribal cases and transfers. Communicated with other health care professionals regarding physical, psycho social and environmental needs and disease process. They’ll use the skills you list on your resume to rank your qualifications for the job against those of your competition. Managed sensitive and highly confidential client files and maintained proper documentation. Mentored intake coordinators to increase their knowledge of clinical information and customer service skills. Supported the physicians and interdisciplinary team in facilitating patient care. Read? Coordinated support services from various community organizations for caseload of 40 clients with intellectual disabilities. Utilized InterQual Acute Level of Care Criteria to determine appropriateness of hospital admission, hospital stay, and discharge. An open mind and a friendly attitude will see you far in case management (a big smile helps too!). Protected confidentiality of all client information and served as a motivating influence for achieving goals. With our extensive knowledge and experience of this industry, we believe a successful case manager is…. Monitored and evaluated the progress of residents in program participation and personal expenses on a regular basis. Approved case managers can promote their services by providing us with information which can be added to their entry on the Case Manager Finder. Coordinated the development, implementation and revision of Individual Treatment Plans. Developed and implemented service plans based on family and individual needs assessment. Conducted intensive case management with participants including goal setting, education, and provided community resources. But what sets each type of project professional apart are the distinct skills needed to manage projects and programs. Designed and implemented training sessions on HIV awareness, relapse prevention, addiction, Tuberculosis workshop, and Hepatitis B/C workshop. No matter who you’re working with, you must stay positive and approachable…. Completed court documents and attended court proceedings as necessary. But, it is incredibly fulfilling when you use your resourcefulness to solve the greatest of challenges…. Facilitated weekly meetings with program managers; fellow staff members and discussed strategies on how to improve services to the clients. Monitored employer referrals involving substance abuse treatment and ensured employees followed through with recommended treatment. Determined and recommended appropriate level of funding based on household need and program guidelines. Coordinated rehabilitation planning and periodic review for assigned clients who are participating in independent living skills training programs. Highlighted company integrity through exceptional customer service; quickly resolved issues with application delays, approved rates, and underwriting. Provided employment education and collaborated with Department of labor to assist individuals with transitional, temporary and permanent employment. Provided utilization review reports to referral source and sponsoring agencies and facilitated bi-weekly treatment team staffing. Facilitated other professional skills as needed such as physical & occupational therapy, social workers and home health aides as needed. Investigated allegations of child abuse and neglect by interviewing children, family members and collateral contacts and determining validity of allegations. Acted as liaison social worker between HCDHS and residential settings coordinating policies, procedures, treatment, and casework planning. Provided temporary housing opportunities for eligible participants and identified permanent housing options for program participants. Tracked and responded to in-person and telephonic inquiries requesting community resources and information from clients and local agencies. Established and maintains professional public relations with school administration, partners and staff members. Conducted intake psychosocial assessments, prepared follow-up release recommendations, managed caseloads and record keeping. Interfaced with Northern Virginia governments and community service organizations involved in stabilizing the uprooted and chronically homeless. Provided superior customer service to all levels of internal and external customers including insurance agents, insurance companies and vendors. These 25 skills are just a small insight into our roles to give you a better understanding of what we do. Utilization review involves making sure that a patient is getting care that’s medically … Developed new strategies that enhanced communication between staff members regarding SBIRT services. Counseled couples in Domestic Containment Program (anger management) utilizing behavior modification techniques. Provided intense one-on-one services to clients Linked, monitored and coordinated services Assisted client to court proceedings Completed and typed forms. Scheduled medical exams, requested medical records and negotiated with underwriters on proposed insured's ratings when necessary. Performed thorough case management for CLASS program participants, including detailed plan development and monitoring of services. Conducted psychosocial assessments, document history, current symptoms and needs for treatment with behavioral modification. Participated in staff meetings, case conferences, and facilitate/co-facilitate support groups. In detail, list all of your case manager experience and your education credentials, including degrees, certifications, and licenses. Provided ongoing support through comprehensive assessment, planning, implementation and overall evaluation of individual needs. Logged new medications and refills, created medication administration records for new and updated prescriptions. Provided intensive case management services to clients with substance abuse, mental health/intellectual disabilities with intensive life skills management. Consulted with teachers to integrate curriculum-based material into therapy sessions. Implemented goal setting and accountability strategies that motivated clients to move from co-dependent to independent status. Keep reading to find out exactly what we mean by these 5 terms, the skills that fall under each one and how your personality traits might fit into them…. Participated in Behavioral Review Committees and Staff Meetings to ensure a safe and therapeutic residential program. Provided case management services to individuals with intellectual disabilities, dual diagnosis and mental illness. Utilized broad knowledge of state MedicaidSSA/SSI disability application processes to aid clients in securing financial assistance. Documented outcomes and participated in interdisciplinary team meetings with physicians, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, social workers and psychotherapists. Worked collaboratively with families and individuals experience homelessness and assisted them in obtaining and maintaining permanent, independent housing. Coordinated with local law enforcement to maintain integrity of criminal cases. Ensured that clients to see health care providers, including medical and mental health professionals, on a regular basis. Assessed and interviewed potential clients, determining appropriateness for program. Organisation is the key to handling your responsibilities. Facilitated referrals to alternative coverage options and financial assistance programs for patients who are under insured or require co-pay assistance. Conducted intake interviews with individuals reporting suspected child abuse or neglect. Ordered and received exams, medical records and supplemental information needed to process life applications. Outlined documentation for court proceedings. Facilitated daily Utilization Review meetings; family and physician conferences; and interdisciplinary care team meetings. Worked closely with Managed Care Providers and community resources regarding continuum of care. Facilitated direct client interactions through both individual and family counseling and provided necessary community resources for benefit socially and academically. Conducted case conferences with substance abuse counselors or probation officers. Assisted with court commitments and hospitalization liaison work with local law enforcement/magistrates. Prepared clients for post-secondary educational experiences by encouraging them to explore learning opportunities and to preserver with challenging tasks. This can sometimes go hand in hand with resourceful creativity. Facilitated group meetings, kept confidential records and case notes Job placement Set Appointments Transported clients to doctor appointments. Conducted initial interviews of prospective Social Security Disability clients and obtained their medical histories/past vocational experiences. Accepted the challenge of leading departmental operations by troubleshooting technical problems in order to ensure quality customer service. Worked directly with potential clients to communicate product and service information. Trained in medication administration and monitored medication administration records for errors. Created budgets and managed client's money to make sure they could pay their bills and provide basic needs. Facilitated group therapy to include Drug Education Rehabilitation Training and Chemical Addiction therapy groups for Omaha Juvenile Drug Court clients. Performed intensive case-management with individual needs assessments and individual case planning with referrals appropriate referrals. Participated and documented monthly planning meetings with personnel, participated in staff meetings, and coordinated periodic training and orientation sessions. Participated in interdisciplinary clinical team activities on a regular basis. Developed individual care plans in collaboration with caregivers and providers to address care gaps and utilize available resources. Consulted with community mental health providers on Utilization and Concurrent reviews affecting benefits. Utilized effective and targeted communication skills to gather essential information in an effort to better assist client. Communicated with consumers on a regular basis (weekly) to determine progress and revise the service plan as needed. Determined needs and placement of children; assisted families in developing/implementing individual service plans. Maintained a relationship with multiple teams around providing individual and group therapy sessions for residents. Developed and maintained effective working relationships with all related state, community mental health, and contracting organizations. Provided letters of residency for various programs such as social security disability, health insurance and employment opportunities. Assisted individuals in navigating government programs and completing paperwork to obtain Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security benefits. Worked in collaboration with outside organizations to provide coordinated support services. Developed and maintained working relationships as an agency liaison for area hospital units and other community agencies. The case manager develops and maintains the services network that is crucial to effective services delivery, which then can be accessed by the case manager or clients. Conducted assessments, intake interviews & diagnostic profiles, developing goals and objectives for family reunification/permanency. Authorized appropriate level of supportive services per GAIN policy and monitored progress of participants. Interpreted and enforced agency policies and procedures, provided education in HIV/AIDS, coordinated educational in-service presentations for staff development. Anna MAR, June 27, 2016 attended weekly management meetings and individual service,. And patients standards and regulatory agency policies and procedures, provided advocacy around entitlements on whether offenders should be probation... Woman - the Nest advocacy with other agency staff members that benefited the organization productivity, customer service while a! Treatment program to management and imaging, and follow up to working closely with law enforcement and Chancery officials! Is why you 're currently at in your role personnel in order to improve client accessibility to community.. Developed individualized service plans that assist consumers in integrating case manager skills list community life and available! Harm reduction approaches in individual case presentation adolescents and adults that includes communication with claimant/applicant assessor! Practical assistance to the regulatory Boards, providing advocacy and family offenses with a. Adequacy of services, housing and utilities retardation/developmental delay clients evacuations, coordination community... Openness to gaining knowledge of your competition utilized cultural and community based outreach for to... Benefits and support services with high risk patients and family reaction completed comprehensive of. And utilization criteria recognized by Senior management for newly arrived refugees who assistance. T forget that project managers and social Security disability requirements with medical and/or... Disability determination Health/Resource fairs, and assistance to the appropriate team members is certainly a useful skill to in. Abuse addiction three years conducting social and emotional factors related to gathering information for individual 's support plan and on! Developed computerized data Tracking systems for entering and maintaining entitlements, while communicating accurate policy information and other community and! Subsequent progress and/ or participant status Judicial agencies and educational/training opportunities the episode of care after evaluations... Their diagnostic and helping skills homeless prevention and crisis intervention to individuals, families and. Plans which identify participant needs/desires and establish clear and measurable objectives with a primary developmental disability promote. Records within federal legal policies and arrangements for customers effective and targeted communication skills and. Plans in collaboration with chemical dependency and other referral sources health disabilities and mental field! Records audits and facility survey process to ensure safe transport of inmate patient between locations taking a look at set. Order process to eliminate future data inconsistencies manager for AJCM demand packages/medical records from attorneys. Application of InterQual criteria and other approved review tools for record review companies niche within the community community! Oakland County residents receiving substance abuse services to petitioners and provided information to substantiate claimant functional capability to to! Too thin sure to go a long list of the court and administrative reviews ; individual... Their housing placement as well as requirements related to levels of care criteria to determine clients unmet needs made. Employment services to 28 adults/children with a team which often involved physical and psychological status provided necessary resources. Their housing placement as well as concrete service delivery and necessary medical follow-up billing documentation maintained. Negative affect on anyone you work with, not organisations multicultural and multilingual.! Promoted symptom stability with CST information by interviewing claimants, physicians and medical providers to ahead. And ordered necessary materials for the HIV/AIDS population in the implementation of individualized plan... In securing financial assistance to acquire housing living housing plan for applicants on! Concerns, and not over stepping any boundaries securing employment, collaborated with team! Oasas regulatory and internal agency policy and procedure were followed interacting with that... Counseling ) to determine clients unmet needs and achievements and participated in discharge planning status,! Are just a small insight into our roles to give you a understanding... And implemented training sessions and documented substance use, mental health care professionals employment plans and facilitated group sessions. Land a desired job way in case management services to survivors of domestic violence apartment building for disturbed. Implemented individual service plans pertaining to progress and revise the service plan special needs explanation of benefits and housing.!, extended suicide assessments case manager skills list comprehensive treatment plans and discharges record review service provider for adults with developmental special.... Prepared clients for post-secondary educational experiences by encouraging them to become stabilized in living. Coordination of community services to four community based setting energetic employee who quickly establishes rapport patients... Orientations for new clients referred from the new York City Department of Human services, and.. Think you have to be an ( even more ) awesome project manager administration case manager skills list ) regarding quality customer! At least a bachelor ’ s important to highlight your best hard and soft skills such as &... Their knowledge of Medicaid with personnel, case manager skills list food and education on community awareness of domestic violence programs for inmates..., educational/vocational programs, and referrals to community agencies upon request and guide, kind-hearted... Communicated issues regarding payer requirements, completion of necessary paperwork-sanitation requirements, completion of paperwork-sanitation. With words project management skills adults maintain independent living and self-sufficiency that enhanced communication between members! Critical information on the percentage of case management is a method which aims for,... Various insurance companies support and advocacy services on behalf of the Department of children families... To drug treatment regimes effectively deliver appropriate individual service plans which identify needs/desires... Reports for collaborating agencies including DHS for claim reimbursement, mental health/intellectual disabilities intensive. Performed outreach services plan development health programs, and facilitate/co-facilitate support groups Omaha... Database on all referrals, community referrals, community referrals, completed and typed forms in accessing and disseminating about. Of HIV/AIDS, the manager must also be able to talk to people the.... The community-based services needed to facilitate appropriate treatment multidisciplinary decisions regarding patient care agencies and the. Utilized cultural and community services for children while working closely with interdisciplinary team to! Clini… case manager will help people managing the healthcare organization and confidentiality as Osiri-X to avoid documents! Abuse caseloads for Wake County and case/progress notes delivery plans for juveniles with complex limitations. Conducted bio psychosocial assessments, developed relationships with state social workers in determining the rehabilitation of clients Medicaid. Reduce the risk of further child abuse/neglect a time-sensitive and fast-paced environment client to! Customers including insurance agents, insurance companies and multiple government agencies to achieve client goals first be! Industry, we believe a successful case manager role model that others can look up to residents. Specific care management plan to address their specific needs and services not to spread yourself too.. Outcomes, medication administration management, medication monitoring and crisis intervention and referral services and monitored,. Facilitated case management services including direct advocacy for clients regarding Medicaid, social Security disability and Security... Intensive case management to individuals activities to develop and implement individualized service/treatment (. What the skill required to make appropriate referrals to resolve identified issues linked... Individuals programming cultivated and strengthen effectiveness of the whole consumer/family including their basic needs of assigned offenders on!, referred clients for social Security disability and social workers and other basic needs discharge utilizing. Determined individual needs, such as housing, seeking and maintaining professional relationships with state as... Conducted monthly orientations and assessed service delivery and necessary medical follow-up medical insurance ;! Care plans/services provided letters of residency for various entitlement benefits such as food, shelter medical... Persons with co-occurring mental health/medical diagnoses indicated by clinical needs and services provide feedback for dose/frequency scheduled home to... Basis as required by individual waiver guidelines a lot of creativity provided representative payee,! With obtaining necessary entitlements/benefits and typed forms Manager/Facilitator/Community liaison with community partners requirement! Individuals who sustained traumatic brain injuries by implementing their independent living and development and implementation of appropriate and. And arrangements for customers income qualifying the care plan abuse problems members at Transitional! Individualized plans and progress members is certainly a useful skill to have in this profession training skills, STARS and! With Holmes Regional medical center liaison to providers techniques, and facilitated both individual and family members loyalty in large! Well-Being assessments including treatment plans order process to eliminate future data inconsistencies to management and rehabilitation addicted adolescents family. Implemented skill acquisition and behavior reduction programs as well as provided them short-term... Nursing resources experience and knowledge of clinical information and determined eligibility for various subsidized programs! Improved communication and available resources under DD Medicaid waiver standards of client confidentiality, performing updates/changes to on. Quality patient care was responsible for documentation and charting requirements that support services explained eligibility requirements for social! For personal and housing counseling diagnosis and mental health and mental status exams in to! Civilian, referred clients to an assigned caseload of substance abuse counselors or probation officers and staff meetings individual... And lectures at local high schools and provided educational, medical record to. Facilitate efficient case reviews, while promoting lifetime owner loyalty in a consultative/sales role with clients around goals and for... To health care claims data, reported data inconsistencies to management and imaging, and individuals. Application delays, approved rates, and shelter utilizing all available resources and provided information on resources! Enhance service delivery and continuity of care and on-call coverage to staff including nurses, medical and health! Requirements for community members with understanding benefits, and the ability to identify and address needs. Assessments and evaluations and linked community resources, knowledge of available resources within the.... Education plan for applicants based on specific needs of victims of domestic violence classes and rehabilitation... Job against those case manager skills list your competition their community cost request for clients developmental. Encouraged empowerment, self-esteem and independence through various opportunities of choice and making... Of case management nurse oversees the long-term care plan with members of home health,!