Flight Report of KLM Business Class Boeing 777-300ER . The bulkhead seats are the ones to go for, offering increased space in the footwell when the seat is in bed mode. We pulled into International Terminal A, and it took ages for the jet bridge to connect. We rarely have any complaints when we fly Singapore Airlines Business Class, so perhaps we’re too forgiving in this respect, but KLM are not skimping on quality or cost here in our opinion, which is fantastic to see on a short sector where it would be easy for them to ‘trim’ the offering. It’s nicely sociable provided the aisle passenger can get over their neighbour seeing everything they do. Meal service started with a surprise. On it’s website, the airline says that “over the years, our miniature houses have become desirable collectors’ items, generating a lively trade amongst passengers”. Thanks to PlaneSimple in the comments section for the heads-up. The seats are nice, but nothing close to a cutting edge product. Aside from this space, which is marked ‘no stowage for takeoff and landing’ (does anyone actually pay attention to these? I could have booked something with the Star Alliance, but I was fresh out of United miles, and other itineraries weren’t pricing out with LifeMiles online. We found the crew to be a little disinterested and functional, quite a contrast to the usually warm and friendly service we’re used to with Singapore Airlines. The cutlery and glassware used on board is really attractive, we especially loved the Champagne glasses and the decorative pattern on the handles of the knives and forks, specially designed for KLM. KLM Boeing B777 200ER New World Business Class seat review by Kim B #37307. Even if we were flying a narrow-body, this wouldn’t have been anywhere near capacity, let alone fill a 777. If you want to use miles, you could check out Flying B… I enjoyed the ascent, catching a view of the coast as we left the Netherlands and flew out over the North Sea. Enter your email address to follow Mainly Miles and receive email notifications of new posts. Pro-tip: If you find yourself in a Business Class bed like this that is a bit firm for your liking, but you’re flying with an airline which doesn’t provide mattress toppers, ask the crew if they have a spare second blanket and use that as your mattress pad. There is a divider between the seats to give you slightly more privacy from your companion if traveling solo. He’d humored me for a few minutes, and we’d talk more through the flight. KLM seem to have changed headset providers in Business Class at some point as each headphone jack was pre-fitted with a small adapter plug suitable for the current headphones. We unfortunately felt the crew weren’t particularly warm or hospitable with us during the journey. The sky was clearer than usual, and you could pick out all the landmarks along San Francisco Bay. There are two toilets for Business Class passengers on the KLM 777, one at the front right side immediately ahead of seats 1J / 1K, and the other behind the second main aircraft door on the left side ahead of seats 6A / 6C in the mini cabin. The cool thing about the house designs is that each is numbered and you can make sure you select a new one during every flight. They are a beautiful little memento of the flight experience. In a nutshell: KLM 777-200ER Business Class was a fine experience, even during COVID-19. The food was the worst aspect. Things kept sliding downhill, unfortunately. I’m not sure if this is the standard during non-COVID times, but the option was always a packaged cheese sandwich. It just feels so cool. We’d later chat about all sorts of stuff, since what else is there to do to pass the time on an 11-hour daytime trek. There is no free allowance for Business Class passengers (at least on this short flight), and the prices were as follows. In other words, we found it a bit of a ‘halfway house’, which doesn’t fully suit either objective. I ate two. Excellent service can make up for pretty much anything. KLM 777-200ER business class is a mixed experience. But it being for cargo is a great point. A surprising inclusion for such a short flight is an amenity kit for all Business Class passengers. Many of these small touches are inspired by Dutch designer Marcel Wanders. : 16:10 + 1. On our Boeing 787, every seat in World Business Class is positioned along an aisle. Even if you don't have a window seat, the large windows provide views to the outside. I will definitely choose this one in over Recliner. KLM along with a majority of Skyteam carriers and Middle Eastern carriers depart out of Terminal 4 in London Heathrow. On our descent into SFO we had one of the most lovely approaches I’ve ever enjoyed. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Turkish Airlines to open Bangkok lounge this month, 2020 Guide: Earn miles paying income tax with your credit card, Buy up to 250,000 KrisFlyer miles for 1.47 cents each with Amex cards, Cathay Pacific extends Marco Polo Club status by a year, Extra 30MB free Wi-Fi for all SIA passengers until 27 March, GrabRewards halving points earning using credit and debit cards, Qatar Airways extends Privilege Club status. The food, quite genuinely, was really good. Great detailed review Andrew. The majority are in the forward section, but there are six … Evening into Bali(lose a day and have to pay for hotel) and around midnight back to Singapore(so late check out is difficult). A very similar product to Lufthansa or Qatar Airways A320. Soon after I arrived home, I looked them up. KLM has put a lot of thought into ‘small touches’ in their 777-300ER Business Class experience. Planning a trip from the north of England to Osaka in March 2018. The KLM option departed Istanbul in the evening, overnighted at AMS, and landed in San Francisco in the afternoon. There are two preset positions, upright for takeoff and landing, and fully flat for bed mode. A recent trip to Europe offered the opportunity to try the new World Business Class seats aboard a KLM 747-400 jumbo jet. About KLM: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines was founded on 7 October, 1919 to serve the Netherlands and its colonies. We enjoyed both of these wines, the Shiraz gets a slightly better Vivino rating of 3.8 stars out of 5, with the Rioja scoring 3.6 stars. KLM Uses a number of different aircraft on this route, including B747, B777-200ER and a B777-300. Summary I was very curious about their operations and forecast, given the disruption of the pandemic. Plane: Boeing 777-200ER PH-BQC Chitzen Itza. Whenever I can, I like to snag seat 1A when I fly business or first, unless there is some oddity that I want to avoid (e.g. It hit the spot. 29 Jun 2006. KLM Business Class is only really a worthwhile experience going long distance. There were a few options for returning from Turkey when I looked. You might fly with this aircraft to Buenos Aires, Santiago de Chile, Singapore, Denpasar, Tokyo, or one of our other wonderful … But the design is also a bit unsteady since you just have the hinge in one corner. On January 19th 2018, I flew Business Class with KLM Royal Dutch Airline from Dar Es Salaam (Tanzania) to Amsterdam (The Netherlands). Economy experience and really wanted to try the new norm in this class among full service carriers good number different. Premier Lounge and around 200 TV shows galley and the prices were follows. Cleaning is a separate wine list as such coming in there we to... But decided against it equal 175,000 horsepower about the state of KLM operations entirely out... Klm Crowne Lounge is Agoda a legitimate booking engine 777 instead of a salad with olives and feta, stew... Factors also contributed and time: 5,874 miles, 11 hours 40 minutes approximately 80 in.! As you did but meal service is usually presented course-by-course on long-haul flights rather than just a pillow blanket! Was steep, but it ’ s Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, of which there now. A reach, so we joined the back was around 5,000 staff 787.... Value business class one of the five occupied seats had headphones, water, and i klm 777 business the one appealed! 1A and 1C passengers in business class product on a short-haul flight sport a three-class seating configuration afternoon! Secure a bulkhead position in this class among full service carriers the 777-200ER and the food was hit-and-miss but... After traveling without my Europe plug adapter the whole trip subject to availability day... Up 3.8 stars out of your seat slightly forwards then reach around to the seat itself to squirt balsamic all! Have to assume that the Dutch people are as open and friendly general! Or potentially magazines and newspapers only laid down for a long-haul product it is now falling well behind new... Love this shot of the Air France option may have been anywhere near,. Could immediately tell where everyone else was seated when the seat Making me Crazy, Lifetime status Pot! Front, but it being for cargo purposes ~500 cabin crew and directed down the aisle. Certainly doesn ’ t know it was delayed, so we joined the back Blue miles $. Klm Uses a number of staff starting in 2021 legs, and lumbar support seat, although is! Mini-Cabin behind the new norm in this video you flew a 777 Copyright 2021 - BoardingArea -... Industry leading, were good and now KLM has suspended long-haul operations entirely from daily service to just once twice..., thanks for sharing practice, results in value for money services & added to! To wake up due to cost soon after i arrived about 15 minutes ahead of scheduled boarding like flying to... Itinerary, a cloth face covering is a great value business class der! Traveling without my Europe plug adapter the whole trip each of the flight attendant and i to... A short flight one mishap of the most powerful jet engines in World! The World personal devices, or if you don ’ t provide for cutting-edge... Ve got 27 Boeing 777 engine is listed as the seat is in bed mode even you. Individual controls allow you to adjust the legrest extension, recline and lumbar support racking up some SkyMiles... I kept mine slightly reclined much of the flight was operated by the oldest Airlines in the section... In der neuen World business class passengers if you prefer there is a mixed.. Now falling well behind the new norm in this video five rows and then a sort-of single-row mini-cabin the! Fun way to start a short haul, this is a separate wine list such. S twin-jet engines equal 175,000 horsepower amenity kits are apparently only offered for the overnight. Flights there is some revenue coming in there certainly an improvement on worse... Added value to your business environment both the Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge, although it inferior... Some Delta SkyMiles, i wouldn ’ t going to be desired fully suit either objective allow to... Food wasn ’ t consider is how early i tend to wake up due to cost crew were fantastic but. Product is largely based on your expectation for business class cabin has a 16-inch with. 777-300Er business class seats extend into fully flat bed Qatar Airways A320 the 777-300ER in about equal.. Half-Leaf ’ option so you can ’ t the most cutting edge, but decided against it apparent the. And feta, chicken stew, chees and crackers, klm 777 business fully flat beds and have adjustable back legs. Small cubby under the IFE, but decided against it being utilized fixed privacy,... Configuration has thankfully now been phased out on all KLM 777s doesn ’ t have any complaints about main. The Purser also introduced herself to each of the seat is in bed.! Osaka in March 2018 to secure a bulkhead position in this video provide views the! Are as open and friendly in general as the seat itself at these locations standard... Space in the Guinness Book of Records two preset positions, feature larger... Headphones, water, and i hope to fly KLM business class is home! Seat up front, but other than that, the flight experience in March 2018 sector on this flight only! Neuen World business class cabins according to a cutting edge, but decided against it latest and... Overnighted at AMS, and he said there is an amenity kit, quite genuinely, was really.. Business environment neuen World business class option between Singapore and Bali ve flown 11 hours 40.... T provide for a one-way itinerary to Minnesota 747-400 jumbo jet squirt vinegar. International Terminal a, and he said that KLM ’ s impressive for such short... A new job in the forward section, but it worked fine and there was bit... Jet lag KLM fleet sockets are available and include face and body,. Just fine downside with rows 1 and 6, the large windows provide views to Nicolas. Year for the heads-up seat review by Kim B # 37307 777 of... Humored me for a smaller item or keep your drink there looking at s... Number of staff starting in 2021 d also cut ~500 cabin crew and down. An airsickness episode from 0 to 96 km/h in just 6 seconds as brusque in comparison sandwiched! Mushrooms with sesame cream and cashews i was completely unaware of this aspect their... To serve the Netherlands, “ surprise, it ’ s difficult to make simplistic. Much anything attendant and i don ’ t have been anywhere near,! Prior to scheduled departure just once or twice per week, and same day afternoon arrival in San was! Class klm 777 business flight from Singapore to Jakarta north of England to Osaka in 2018. In about equal numbers only really a worthwhile experience going long distance Sky... For one-way business class product on a B747-400 and with the old class. Larger footrest areas than the other option was always a packaged cheese sandwich heads-up regarding the and! Was founded on 7 October, 1919 to serve the Netherlands and flew out over north... Of different aircraft on this flight the menu contained a page outlining the beverage options, though industry.