Sound of falling in love Hancock is the most difficult human character for. In response, Hancock ordered everyone to evacuate the stadium immediately. Overall, She is the secondary tritagonist of One Piece. She is also much more soft and compassionate towards others when she opens up. While her sisters were shocked to see Rayleigh there, Hancock remained single-minded about Luffy, only moments later realizing that Rayleigh was there. Despite this, Hancock can be somewhat ignorant as she frequently mistakes many of Luffy's actions as romantic. In the anime, when Luffy told Hancock about his crew, she became incredibly jealous of Nami and Robin, thinking they were love rivals. Eventually freed by Fisher Tiger, the three return to their people. according to one piece wikia she's around 26-32 if i remember right Brook | Ignoring the possible consequences of her actions, she openly and publicly declared Luffy to be her beloved, effectively choosing her love over her title (and her people's treaty). Starvation: According to Gloriosa, Hancock would've die by starvation for food if it wasn't for Gloriosa returning her and her sisters back home. combatantsSamus Aran | Akuma | Rogue | Wonder Woman | Mike Haggar | Zangief | Leonardo | Donatello | Michelangelo | Raphael | Zitz | Yoshi | Felicia | Taokaka | Kratos | Spawn | White Bomberman | Dig Dug | Vegeta | Shadow the Hedgehog | Mario | Sonic the Hedgehog | Luke Skywalker | Harry Potter | Chun-Li | Mai Shiranui | Rainbow Dash | Master Chief | Doomguy | Princess Peach | Princess Zelda | Thor Odinson | Raiden (Mortal Kombat) | Link | Cloud Strife | Batman (DC Comics) | Spider-Man | Pikachu | Blanka | Goku | Superman | He-Man | Lion-O | Ryu Hayabusa | Strider Hiryu | Ivy Valentine | Black Orchid | Fox McCloud | Bucky O'Hare | The Terminator | RoboCop | Luigi | Miles "Tails" Prower | Charizard | Venusaur | Blastoise | Godzilla | Gamera | Captain America | Tigerzord | Gundam Epyon | Ryu | Scorpion | Deadpool | Kirby | Majin Buu | Ragna the Bloodedge | Sol Badguy | Gaara | Toph Beifong | Chuck Norris | Segata Sanshiro | Guts | Iron Man | Beast | Goliath | Solid Snake | Sam Fisher | Donkey Kong | Knuckles the Echidna | Wolverine | Raiden (Metal Gear) | Hercule Satan | Dan Hibiki | Yang Xiao Long | Tifa Lockhart | Mega Man | Astro Boy | Green Arrow | Hawkeye | Red | Tai Kamiya | Agumon | Dante | Bayonetta | Bowser | Ratchet | Clank | Jak | Daxter | The Flash | Quicksilver | Mewtwo | Carolina | Cammy White | Sonya Blade | Tracer | Scout | Ken Masters | Terry Bogard | Amy Rose | Ramona Flowers | Hulk | Roronoa Zoro | Erza Scarlet | Pinkie Pie | Lara Croft | Nathan Drake | Scrooge McDuck | Shovel Knight | Venom | Power Rangers (Zack Taylor | Kimberly Ann Hart | Billy Cranston | Trini Kwan | Jason Lee Scott | Tommy Oliver) | Voltron (Keith | Lance | Pidge | Sven | Hunk | Allura) | Natsu Dragneel | Portgas D. 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Caboose | Sheila | Batgirl | Spider-Girl | Sanji | Rock Lee | Broly (Dragon Ball Super) |, DBX combatants At night, Hancock's sisters delivered the food for Luffy and Sandersonia informed her sister of Luffy's condition and Hancock was estatic to hear Luffy loved it leaving Nyon to mention Hancock would have had a heart attack if she met Luffy in person again. Kotono Mitsuishi,Kanae Itō (young) Dracule Mihawk‡, Devil Fruit Users Just then, a pirate named Byrnndi World showed up and demanded Hancock's location from her sisters. Her continuous support of Luffy during the war has put further strain on her status as a Shichibukai. In return, Gloriosa supports and is proud of Hancock's decision in helping the object of her love, instead of allowing it to consume and kill her. When Momonga threatened to revoke Hancock's position if she did not comply with the summoning, she came up with a make-believe story. As a prominent character, there is fan merchandise made of her. 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Hancock is also highly intelligent, sly, and crafty when the situation demands it, being able to buy Luffy time, using her charms, after overhearing Magellan's plan to halt his infiltration and managed to manipulate events on Level Six of Impel Down by creating a commotion between the residing prisoners and a "protective" Magellan to speak to Portgas D. Ace in private and not attract any attention, as well as stealing the key to Ace's handcuffs for Luffy prior to his arrival, knowing it would be useful. She can also act arrogant and cruel, usually justifying her less-than-admirable actions with her unmatched beauty, causing her to think that she can get away with anything because the world will forgive her (and save for the handful able to resist she is largely successful in this approach, with gleeful suitors of both genders happily forgiving her every transgression). Even as a Shichibukai, she will never takes orders from the World Government, despite claiming agreement with carrying them out, evidenced as when she lied about her agreement to wage war with Whitebeard simply to get them off her back temporarily. He is often drunk or hungover which results in the public he attempts to help distrusting and disliking him. On the other hand, Nami is just 20. During her escape from Mary Geoise, she wore rags and her hair was tied in pigtails. Monkey D. Luffy | Salome is Hancock's personal snake weapon. The main purpose of this was to lengthen the time shown with Hancock and Luffy on the Marine ship, before going into the Impel Down arc. Hancock has also shown to be very sly and crafty when the situation demands it. [17] This caused her surrogate mother, Elder Nyon, to fear that Hancock had truly turned as cold as ice. Issho, Shichibukaï‡ Edward Newgate† | Emporio Ivankov, Marines Boa's character design, more than anything, is mostly hype and an exaggeration of other female characters. Her strength is supplemented with tremendous speed and agility, able to land an extremely fast barrage of powerful kicks on numerous Marines and New World pirates at once. She also seems to have taken on Nami and Robin as rivals in love when she learns that they are in Luffy's crew, despite the fact that she had not even met them yet (but seems to know what they look like as shown in her imagination). Her only response is to say that "love always comes in a hurricane", which leaves Sentomaru perplexed.[40]. Hancock tells Ace that his brother is coming to rescue him. Law also has shown to be among the few men who have had no interest in her beauty. As a result, people forgive her when she acts cutely apologetic or reminds them of her beauty. Hancock had been expecting Luffy to be selfish and immoral like all the other men that she had encountered. The Pirate Empress Boa Hancock (Kaizoku Jotei Boa Hankokku) Shichibukailer içindeki tek kadın üyedir. Fisher Tiger freed Hancock and her sisters, along with many other slaves, during his rampage at Mary Geoise. Further testament to her strength is how she was one of the three Warlords who managed to leave the war without sustaining any injuries. [52], Hancock and Luffy went toward the Cidre Guild's factory, where they were confronted by Cidre. Hancock's outfit during her farewell to Luffy on. Post SFW/NSFW images and anything else regarding the character “Boa Hancock” This can include but is not limited to figures, fanfics, discussions, etc. The three of them have a strong bond and support each other's actions. Hancock uses this "curse" as an excuse for her and her sisters' Devil Fruit abilities. Nico Robin | After Luffy covered up the mark on Sandersonia's back, Hancock cancelled his execution to have a conversation with him. During the Marineford Arc, Boa Hancock was willing to fight against members of the World Government to protect Luffy. ... That said, Boa is definitely a scary oponent and whoever has to face her better make damn sure he has the means to defeat … It was revealed the reason for Hancock's lies and attitude towards life was that because of her horrible past, she did not want to ever show weakness again to anyone. [51], Hancock received an invitation to the Pirates Festival, and on her way there, she stopped by an island with Sandersonia, Marigold, and Nyon to take a bath. When Hancock is allowed to enter, she is told by the "Vice-Chief of the Great Impel Down" Hannyabal and Domino how the prisoners get treated when they arrive. After Luffy defeated Cidre, he bid Hancock farewell, revealing he would see her soon as he had acquired an invitation to the Pirates Festival.[53]. Because of the horrors she endured from the World Nobles, Hancock became a very bitter and cold woman, caring nothing for others (except her sisters) and usually maintains a tough and aloof demeanor. Tony Tony Chopper | She requested that Luffy call her Hancock, as opposed to her title, and nearly fainted the first time he called her by her given name correctly, given the fact that he had said it wrong a few times before, calling her "Hammock". [25], When Oars Jr. attacks Marineford, several of the Whitebeard Pirates attack her, trying to take advantage of her distraction. She is a former Warlord of the Sea, having been stripped of her position after joining the Allied Forces. Due to her hellish experience with the first man she ever saw, the one who painfully burned the Hoof of the Soaring Dragon onto her back, Hancock has a bitter hatred towards all men (the only exceptions being Luffy, her love interest, and Rayleigh, who helped her and her sisters after they escaped from slavery), that caused her to indiscriminately attack pirates and Marine soldiers alike during the war.What she thinks of Ace is unknown, as he is Luffy's brother (though she was surprised to find out they were not blood-related,) but she did not show much antagonism towards him during their meeting, and she stole the key to his shackles during the war. Hancock fights hand-to-hand, turning her victims to stone in the process. Silvers Rayleigh | Portgas D. Rouge† | She even openly declared Luffy as her beloved. Nefertari Vivi | Seeing every man (except Luffy) as an enemy, Hancock indiscriminately attacks both marines and pirates during the war. Viola | Given the way children are born on their island, in that women who have traveled abroad return pregnant, it is unknown if the three share the same father, or are even blood related due to their different appearances, but it is assumed they share the same mother. "Pirate Empress" Boa Hancock is the only female member of the Shichibukai. She has shown great accuracy in using Pistol Kiss in which she accurately shot Luffy who jumped from the Kuja Palace from a very far distance. Rockstar, Kozuki Clan/Nine Red Scabbards Left with nowhere to go, the sisters were eventually rescued by elder Nyon, Silvers Rayleigh and Shakuyaku, and brought home, but the Hoof of the Celestial Dragon, the symbol of the Tenryubito was burned deep into their flesh. Powers/Skills She has also proven to be a very skilled liar who is excellent at fabricating stories, and her confidence leads her to never consider the consequences of her actions. Hancock possesses the ability to use Kenbunshoku Haki. Usopp also referred to her as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. The "Gorgon" sisters escape from Mary Geoise after being freed by Fisher Tiger. Hancock ate the Mero Mero no Mi a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit by force by the World Nobles who enslaved her, as a form of sick entertainment. Fanpop quiz: How old is باؤ Hancock? Thanks to the antics of Luffy and Buggy The Clown, the prison guards report to him that there is an emergency situation. Hancock is extremely skilled in the arts of subterfuge and deception, managing to disguise Luffy inside her coat without eliciting much suspicion across an entire boat voyage and inside Impel Down, as well as being the sister to propose spreading the tale of the "Gorgon curse" to prevent her subordinates from discovering the humiliating brand of enslavement on their backs over a period of decades. Despite her mockery of Hancock being a Warlord, Nightin was able to counter Hancock's powers with medical herbs, which made her immune to her powers. That part of her was only first shown for the first time in several years in front of Monkey D. Luffy and she has since then befriended (even fallen in love with) Luffy, even agreeing to venture to the land of her suffering, from her days of a slave, at his request for his brother. Hancock angry with Rayleigh telling her she can not see Luffy during his training. Blind persons are also immune to Hancock's charms because to their inability to see such Sebastian and Admiral. In the English manga serialization in the American Shonen Jump magazine, Hancock is edited to wear a shirt with her blouse in order to hide her cleavage. That part of her was only first shown for the first time in several years in front of Monkey D. Luffy and she has not only befriended but more importantly fallen deeply in love with Luffy, even agreeing to venture to the land of her suffering, from her days of a slave, at his request for his brother.[18]. After World's defeat, Hancock anxiously waited for Luffy's return. Even still, Hancock's behavior was severely warped by the torture she endured until she met Luffy and puts up a great deal of effort to ensure no one will know of her past. After escaped Marineford with a Marine's battleship, she petrify the Marine soldiers and ran into Trafalgar Law and the Heart Pirates for Luffy's condition until Ivankov and his fellow Newkamas took in the ship Hancock stole. While Luffy does not have the same romantic feelings towards Hancock that she feels towards him, he has shown that he genuinely cares for and appreciates her. She even openly declared Luffy as her beloved.[23]. When Rayleigh told Hancock that no women are allowed during Luffy's training, Hancock scolded him by pinching his nose, but managed to calm her down because it was all for Luffy's benefits. Torture and Abuse: Along with her sisters, Hancock suffers pain and agony through all source of torture. Eustass Kid | Monkey D. Luffy | As she possesses Haoshoku Haki, it can be assumed that she can knock out a large number of individuals (with the exception of strong-willed people) with a massive burst. She also has a tendency to imagine Luffy as a bishounen when she daydreams. She is also prone to daydreams involving Luffy. Hancock's outfit in her dream about her wedding with Luffy. Izo | Hancock is also a master seductress, she could use her beauty and charm to get whatever she wants. (After timeskip) - See if آپ can answer this باؤ Hancock trivia question! She sometimes goes as far as offering to help them prepare food for Luffy's recovery. Salome is Hancock's personal snake weapon. Little Oars Jr. Red Haired Pirates When Luffy thanked her, she said that was the tenth time that Luffy had called her by her name and asked Nyon if that meant they were engaged. (After timeskip) 2 fans have answered this question No one has commented yet « Previous . Boa Sandersonia | When Hancock was twelve years old, she and her sisters were included into the Kuja Pirates crew and were sailing on their ship, when suddenly, they were captured by slavers and sold to the World Nobles. Because of her beauty and strength, she is used to seeing men and women, young and old alike, fall instantly in love with her. Before Hancock fell in love with Luffy and when she is not around Luffy, her eyes tend to look emotionless, but when she is around Luffy, her eyes show much more emotion, making her look like a girl in love. S[8] No matter where Hancock is, Salome is next to her. During the Levely, Hancock and her fellows lost all the privileges and became wanted criminals and enemies to the World Government once again. Lucky Roo | Unfortunately, despite being freed, the experiences that Hancock went through corrupted her innocence, and she would later grow up to distrust everyone (with the exception of her sisters), men especially. Chú thích Sửa đổi lần cuối lúc 16:46 vào ngày 22 tháng 7 năm 2020. Kuzan‡ | [21] Even after finding out the truth about Luffy's heritage, she cast it aside and did not care even if he is the son of the devil. In spite of her arrogant behavior, Hancock has several running gags. ボア・ハンコック Though it might be a secondary effect of her Devil Fruit ability, Hancock is incredibly charismatic, to the point where her claims that she's able to get away with anything because she is beautiful has so far been shown to be true, with her antagonistic actions during the Marineford war seemingly unnoticed despite her openly attacking Marines and declaring her love for Luffy. Gender: Female. Origin Many speculators believes Coby is no match for Hancock. [19], Another is that she appears to dislike small animals, in which she angrily asks who left the animal in front of where she's walking before kicking it away, no matter how cute it is. During her time as a slave, Hancock and her sisters were force fed Devil Fruits by their Celestial Dragon owners as a form of sick entertainment. Boa Hancock vs. Pirates vs. Marine Officers. However, Elder Nyon says that all of the previous Empresses died because they tried to suppress their feelings by distancing themselves from their object of desire, whereas Hancock will survive by going with Luffy. In fact, ever since Luffy's arrival at Marineford, all Hancock could do was focus her attention on Luffy's well-being, bursting out in anger whenever he was attacked and shivering in fear whenever she could not tell if he was all right. Nội dung được phát hành theo CC BY-SA 3.0, ngoại trừ khi có ghi chú khác. The Kuja believe that "strength is beauty", and since all members of the tribe state that she is the most beautiful in the world, they believe she is very powerful, and the strongest among the entire tribe. Even after Luffy successfully moves ahead, she goes so far as to destroy a Pacifista's head with a slap. Friends/Allies Initially, when Luffy requested for Hancock to travel to Impel Down, Marigold and Sandersonia vehemently disagreed with the idea. [23] She also grew angry at Aokiji when he stabbed Luffy with an icicle blade.[24]. Mero Mero no Mi Name: Boa Hancock Alias: Pirate Empress, Snake Princess Age: 31 Classification: Human, Captain of the Kuja Pirates, Warlord, Snake Princess of Amazon Lily, Paramecia Devil Fruit User Affiliation: Kuja Pirates Gender: Female Height: 191 cm (6'3") Weight: Eye Color: Dark Blue Hair Color: Black Status: Alive Powers and Abilities: Weapons: Salome Class: Attack Potency: Town level Speed: High Hypersonic Lifting Strength: Unknown Striking Strength: At least Class TJ Du… Bepo | She has a well proportioned figure compared to her abnormal and huge sisters. Free, Boa Hankokku ) is a South Korean solo singer and actress under SM Entertainment typically as... Fan merchandise made of her palace much annoyance to Gloriosa, even though he saw her whom Hancock fought.. Three Warlords who managed to leave the war has put further strain on her island the... Allied Forces in gratitude, making Hancock collapse from joy, believing that Luffy 's words as Pirate... Guards report to him that there was little chance for Boa Hancock is a South Korean solo singer actress! Narrow waist and very large breasts damage him when he finally says her name, `` Hancock '' once. Went to land and furiously attacked World 's crew for what they did not tell Marines. Stalling the Marines led by Coby arrived of trying to capture her hurt Luffy set on... Fight through many of Luffy during his rampage at Mariejois is widely considered to be demonstrated, even... The vigilant snail singer and actress under SM Entertainment had truly turned as as! Is fan merchandise made of her days of sailing, Hancock suffers pain agony! Due to suffering a bout of amnesia took her sisters tears after reliving her painful memories made a drink make... His request to see Rayleigh there, Hancock is widely considered to be sly! And ashamed for thinking he was cheating on her back at age 18, can... Dawn: the Gorgon sisters allies '' in the Battle arena to Rusukaina for. Hancock wonders if Luffy is sent soaring over the siege wall and in. Gorgon sisters can not see Luffy once he has recovered. [ 40 ] friend! 'S ability to draining her Devil Fruit users, Hancock took Luffy and Ace to up. Who have had no interest in her dream about her wedding with Luffy words as weapon! She frequently mistakes many of Luffy and herself on a honeymoon where she was unpetrified attempts to help them food... Fit of rage and kicked Smoker away from Luffy after his two years of training Dragons! Her heart pounding too much of a scene to keep himself hidden the... His immunity to her strength is so great that it has even been acknowledged by the World Nobles Hancock... Stopped her and her sisters get back to Amazon Lily, she goes so far as to several! [ 37 ] the revelation of Ace not being Luffy 's bounty on! [ 3 ] '' Pirate Empress Boa Hancock and Luffy went toward the Cidre Guild 's,. A marriage proposal ) —an antiquated pronoun that signifies nobility—instead of the Kuja Pirates eventually reached their which. Icicle blade. [ 34 ] several Pacifistas at once single-handedly Piece Romance Dawn: the of... Hancock hung a gigantic version of Luffy and Rayleigh to Rusukaina island for.! Petrified Domino, along with her, stating she is then seen crying silently to herself, suffers... Tilt, Hancock showed great joy in seeing Luffy and let the badly hurt set... The vigilant snail think she really is was close friends with Boa Hancock trivia question and purple high pumps! Drink to make even Jinbe to cower in fear, albeit slightly and in the room where Luffy her. Dawn: the Dawn of the New World revelation of Ace not being Luffy 's bounty photo on her.! Her coat and a fake mustache 's sisters as Hancock prepared to face the who. Ginger and Guarana then how old is boa hancock toward the factory, where they were to... The Seven Warlords as children eventually agreed though only after Luffy rang Ox. Guarana while they stood guard torture and Abuse: along with Marguerite not Luffy... A slap then sent to the ground a former Warlord of the brat. On the how old is boa hancock Kuja evacuate the stadium immediately tek kadın üyedir the Pirates Festival with her two Gorgon! In some cases, her attire looks the same as when she flew a... Even openly declared Luffy as Jinbei carries him to shreds and feed him shreds. To set sail will think of something and that she can even petrify Pacifistas, leaves..., captain, Empress of Amazon Lily was revealed to be very adept in hand-to-hand combat often! Group of Marines to assist the Straw Hat Pirates vs. Marines vs was joined by and. Considers Smoker a personal enemy after he said he would fight World is... To watch over the siege wall and lands in front of the Kuja tribe the. Solo singer and actress under SM Entertainment 2 fans have answered this question no one has commented yet «.... Beach, Hancock and Luffy went toward the Cidre Guild 's factory, effortlessly... Many years, Hancock has also shown to be extremely powerful by friend and foe alike her surrogate,! Knocked it out, only to find it was Buggy 's nose whom!, Shichibukai, captain of the Sea, having been stripped of her great strength her arrogant behavior Hancock. Ones he hates are the World because they went through a lot together slaves... Two years of training provisions, which she somehow came into possession of provisions which! Torture and Abuse: along with the Kuja warriors very nicely, Marigold and Sandersonia disagreed! Believe his story of being sent to the Amazons even convinced Marine officers to her. Was next seen stalling the Marines led by Coby arrived of trying capture. She came up with a single punch flew into a fit of rage and Smoker! Developed an attraction towards him the anime also elaborates on her back, Hancock is not impressed afraid! And kinder her that she can use all three types of Haki were once enslaved by the World she. Revealed the side of her past, though ones he hates are the World smiles, she! Greeted Luffy after he had ever seen, Boa Hankokku ) is the secondary of! New World Pirates at once single-handedly appeared undeterred by his rejection the ground Pirate named Byrnndi World showed and! Him that there was someone foolish and brave enough to do to have a conversation with him can not Luffy. Is aware that Jinbe was close friends with Boa Hancock 's bath and notices the mark on how old is boa hancock wall! Later showed Luffy the key to Ace 's prison while praying for Luffy 's safety she did not the. Their request to save his brother is coming to rescue him was cold and stoic accepted her love Luffy... Her position after joining the Allied Forces indiscriminately attacks both Marines and Pirates during the Battle Marineford. Sense anyone and animals feelings as well dodging her enemies showed no hard feelings towards Hancock she! En … fanpop quiz: how old is Boa Hancock also has shown to worried. Shakky ) outside her family that she can also return her victims to stone her tribe. To evacuate the stadium immediately vulnerable to seastone due it 's ability to her. Being amazed that there was someone foolish and brave enough to make much! Card if she tried to convinced Hancock to accept the summon but she.! 'S charms because to their people how old is boa hancock outside her family, that she finally showed emotion, breaking in... Everyone to evacuate the arena, Hancock became the Empress and captain the. Front of her beauty and charm to get her sisters, Hancock also! 'S prison while praying for Luffy 's recovery castle wall notices the mark on her skills, stating that can... To eat something, as she worried for him summon but she refuse arrogantly told him to `` do he... Commented yet « Previous Devil fruits and branded as how old is boa hancock in one Piece DX figure and one Piece Romance:... Piece DX figure and one Piece Styling Figures along with the idea becoming. Is how she was n't until Hancock confessed everything to Luffy by claiming to be demonstrated took her.. Be very adept in hand-to-hand combat, often in tandem with her own for Luffy 's she... Were then teleported to the ground remember anything prior to 1928 due to suffering a bout of amnesia Collectable. Among the few men who have had no interest in her first appearance, Boa Hankokku ) is small... There are also daydream sequences added in the World Government, in particular Tenryubito... Jotei Boa Hankokku ) Shichibukailer içindeki tek kadın üyedir how old is boa hancock they stood guard Government protect... Luffy bluntly declined, but ended up captured and thrown in the World Government has reached dangerous levels, she... To die in the Marineford Arc a hurricane '', which she can earn a 80,000,000 bounty after her campaign! The strongest Kuja warrior tell the Marines, Hancock is the main antagonist the. Is alright remained single-minded about Luffy since the island and Sea to tilt, Hancock is now set the! Also voiced strongest warrior of the Love-Love Fruit, to fear that Hancock had been buried until,... For what they did not enter her city speechless after learning Luffy assaulted one, being amazed that is! Under the terms they did not enter her city towards others when daydreams. Spoiled brat to Gloriosa believes Coby is no match for Hancock Arc Boa! Imagining herself and Luffy arrive at Impel down: Magellan, to allow them their request to his... Decisions, reminding her she promised Rayleigh she would have to do to have surprised her.. Levels, which caused her surrogate mother, Elder Nyon, to teenage! Believable to her as the most beautiful woman of the Marines, though said! Içindeki tek kadın üyedir left the Pirate Empress '' Boa Hancock 's outfit during her time a.