SEN! Moon! ---Energy Projection A+ (can focus her anger into magical energy to her Clarent Excalibur *Noble Phantasm* Clarent Excalibur. There are many words, yet few twinkles. A sword (if that can be called a sword in the first place) that can release a powerful beam of light after invoking its true name. Melt away. ", Charles Babbage: - "My fantasy! ", Atalanta: - "I offer this to the two gods (Apollo and Artemis). Hmmm.... in that case its time to massacre everywan~! For example, Altria has a unique chant while she uses Excalibur, even though she only shouts Excalibur in the original Fate/stay night. Alter - "Vortigern, invert the aurora, swallow the light! Kenzen Ichinyo". Is explodiiiiing! Arthur : "This is a battle to save the world." Expanding sacred domain. Merlin : "...Approved. Take this! I invite you to the horror show! I might be incompetent, however, to this trust in me, I'll offer everything I have! SHIN! And is that...! Hamesh Avanin! I will sever the thread of destiny with this boundless light! Anchor of the storm! “Ramesseum Tentyris: The Shining Great Temple Complex”! The fox sees all. Here I go, Stance 108 of the Bell of Doujouji: Fire Dragon Mower! Ionioi Hetairoi! This is the howl of a soul filled with hatred! She sounds energetic, unlike her My Room lines. Always hitting its target, Eye of the Euryale! Devour! Irresistible. The Servant Universe is the cosmos: etherspace, yet lawful. Enjoy it. God's beast crushes all underfoot. Queen Anne's Revenge! Please enjoy all the pleasures it offers. GUMIIIII!! You shall hold the star aloft without being called by anyone. “Sword of Resurrected Victory - Excalibur Galatine! Sword of Paracelsus. This is the ultimate formation of the Great Tactician, Unreturning Formation. Gorgeous, happy, and elegant☆ I won't even allow your final memories to be as thus. This single blow has slain even fallen Divine Spirits! Fufu, fuhahahahaha, fu hahhahhahha! The autumn leaf viewing that hastens the rain shower, the oh-so lonely evening twilight. Wings of death, will thou sever their head? "Sunlight of spring, Dancing of flowers, The fragrant winds of June brush against your cheeks, Blessing beyond the stars. Excalibur Morgan! 'Dreamlands'. With the third shot, the suppression has been completed. )", Mordred - "This is the demonic sword that destroyed my father. I will awaken the breath of the planet, for I walk with humanity. Golden Drive... Good Night", OzzymanDIO: - "Almighty gods, see my work! Black Excalibur. Great enlightenment and deliverance are mine to give at the touch of a finger. Bedivere, Gareth, Lancelot, Mordred, Galahad" I am the woman who set the sun! You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Forward, towards the future and even further beyond! I shall pour all I have into this to deliver my greatest brush stroke! Excalibur Vivian! ", ArtoriaLancer: - "Releasing light from the end of the world... That which pierces the sky and connects with the earth! (Gasp)...! Hm, that was one-sided. Fuhahahahaha! Great Death Claw! ORA ORA ORA! Nioh Kurikara! Your role has ended. Fuhahahahahaaa! ", Drake - "Die remembering this name of mine! Vortigern, Hammer of the Vile King, reverse the rising sun. This world is full of destruction! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, The depravity of saberfaces knows no bounds. Be blown away! Damn, Okita's NP sounds badass now that I know what she says. Therefore, ---Enuma Elish", Medusa Lancer: - "These fingers are iron, this hair a cage, these whispers a sweet poison. Phoebus Catastrophe! Part 1 ... All the shards started that weird chant again and this time the others seemed to hear it as Mitelt held on a little tighter while the others looked around them looking a bit spooked. Fate/Grand Order Mats If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. It can't be helped. Eyes? Fufufu, fufufufufu. For whose sake is fate. My dark light will return you to particle form! ", Proto-Cu: - "Pierce, gouge, punch through! Red, White, or Black, you must all disappear! Feast your eyes on a true rainbow! The eleven stances that established an undefeated lifeteam, Oboro Urazuki--- now here I come!! This is the prime aurora... Hahaha! ...What a boorish person. Five Elemental Mountains, Palm of the Buddha! Shoot!! ", Gilgamesh - (old) "You should know the reason of the origin. System Keraunos! 5-Star Archer Limited Servant. Elementary, my dear! When will that revival from before return again! It was all a dream - Naught but a withered flower. I must not be mistaken! Nipa~. Regardless of who they may be, none can reach my heights! Ufufu... are you ready? Thusly, it has entered the realm of no desires and no thoughts. ", Paracelsus: - "The true Ether guide me... My flawed convictions, the form of my thoughts. The citadel's walls are robust and the cries of victory travel for ten thousand miles. A purified boundary that protects all within Himeji Castle, created by Hachitendou, the tengu that rules from hiding. Judgment is upon you. I guide man's dreams, man's hopes. The sparkling journey that is An Gal Ta Seven Colors! The lost City of Gold, the magnificent and eternal City of Flowers, the Throne of the Gods, the Gate of the Utmost Limits where dreams come to an end! Yay! BRAHMASTRA", Sir Lancelot: - "Until the furthest end, surpass your limit. Kerakuten : Dragon-Clam Mandala ! "Judgment of the Ten Rulers of the Afterlife・Travel of the Wicker Basket"! ", Scáthach - "Pierce! ", Nightingale: - "Abstinence of all that is poisonous, cutting off all that is harmful, within our power we will lead to the happiness of people! Hi guys, here are the updated NP chants translated, still need corrections and grammar, also finally organized by class. High quality Fate Stay Night Unlimited Blade Works gifts and merchandise. ", Beowulf: - "In short, the one left standing at the end after we brawl it out is the victor! Hot thing, go away! Yew Bow! Annhiliate them! ...Good boy, good boy.Noble Phantasm 2 Gao. May it become a world where no one gets hurt or hurts others. All withheld is an illusion. The great Hachitendou, the yokai of the castle of the white heron is coming through! Mirror of Corpses, Mirror of Darkness. I'll defy despair. ...Dead End, Airgetlám! Grant life and weaponry to this clump of earth. mmmm, Good morning, *Jack the Ripper - "From now on it's hell. ...Phew. ", Ibaraki: - "Bwahaha, The right hand that was cut off rightfully, with trickery has returned to me and become grotesque, I will kill you, FLY... Sōgenbi, Great Grudge of Rashōmon's"*, Raiko: - "Come forth my loyal subjects, my limbs, my armor! Uffufu, how adorable! ", D'Eon: - "Let the lily of the Royal family be eternal. Namu, Tenman Daijizai Tenjin! Protect mine brethren! but that makes no sense for Nero since she's roman hence probably would have used some variation of the julian calender. Vengeance of the Almighty Heavens", Jeanne - "My flag, protect my comrades! The Fruit of Wisdom. My curse shall solely abide by said sentiments. A purified boundary that protects all within Hakuro Castle. ", Hundred Faces Hassan: "The Pieces in our group. The heavenly deity, lord of the universe... O heavenly king, slumbering within the sea of stars! Fragrant winds of May brush against your cheeks, blessings ring from beyond the stella! I'll spread my wings! The shining holy sword that saves the planet. Do not awaken from thine dream. Akin to our red poppies of days bast! Arondight Overload! Bear witness! Linear, Female, Lawful Good. #extra #fatestaynight #grailwar … 『C.C.C.』! ", Carmilla: - "Everything is the blood of illusions, but maidens in this box... Phantom Maiden! Shocking strike, BZZ BOOM. Become a doorway and bring terror here. It is the forty-first episode of the overall series 1 Episode Summary 2 Plot 3 Characters 4 Trivia Camelot has fallen to The Black Knight and the YouTubers must reclaim Excalibur if they want the next key. Where are you from exactly? Advance! Die by the fangs of the beast! Mumyou, Sandanzuki! ", Child Gil: - "Even if barbaric this is also a tactic. Ain't that right!? When the original Excalibur was broken and shattered into several pieces, the shealth was thrown and lost in a lake, never to be used again. ", Ishtar: - "Fly, Maana! O Demonic Sword of the Sun, with that blade, give rise to destruction! I don't know who I am any more... Killer technique! TICK-TOCK BOMB [Slumbering Bomb]! The lightning storms of God are here before us! ", Amakusa Shirou: - "Heaven's Feel starting. My dream! It's me, of course! The Great God of the Norse. ", Astolfo: - "Dare to show your true power! This is the! !”, Emiya: - "I am the bone of my sword, so as I pray, Unlimited Blade Works. Haaah...such, the dream fades. From the heavens, to the Earth! MAC AN LUIN [Undefeated Violet Flower]! I won't take your life. Here I come, GUILLOTINE BREAKER [Glory to the Crown of Lilies]! Sleep, not swim, into sole peace...Kerakuten : Dragon-Clam Mandala! Majestic! To use these treasures. Target confirmed, angle set... DURINDANA [The Indestructible Ultimate Spear]! Hm, that was one-sided. Ah, she ate them. Temeroso El Drago! This is the fallen sun of Egypt, the snake that signals the end. Disintegrate all! I'll put you inside an insect cage. *Sōgenbi is a fireball spirit/demon/monster, you get the drill. Aahahahahahahaha!! Thy dragon, originating from sin, see the truth of Ascalon! 'Dreamlands'. Yahoooo! According to legend, the first owner of Durandal was the Paladin of the Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne, Roland. Look closely upon my strategem — “Formation of Formlessness!”. Jingle bells, jingle bells!♪ Around Caliburn! Shoutenshou! Laaaaa! ORAORAORA! 『C.C.C.』! Beyond the gate of deep slumber, what comes and goes through the sky is the ship of the stars, the skyscraper of the cloud curtain, the village where cats frolic, the palace of the gods, the picturesque scenery of the frozen wastelands! Behold my full strength! Eye of the Euryale! I can reach it, regardless of where that place may be! Uomo Universale! Dei! Brahmavihara, Amitabha grants you free passage. Caress of the Medusa! Guide these suffering people to a constructed Paradise. The tōrō nagashi revised by the sparrows. You're not going anywhere! Arthur : "Seal Thirteen, decision start!". Gather, guardians of the Round Table. CHRISTINE CHRISTINE", Mata Hari: - "Bonding, openly, please drown in a woman such as I! Even the Sun Fortress cannot escape Chacha... Go! This is the ultimate pinnacle of the spear. Dimension of Steam! Ah, it's quite a pain, so let's just melt you all at once... Exuberance of Colours, Godly Demonic Poison! It was the Last Phantasm. Breast Zero・Erzsébet! Saber received this from Lady Vivian after her previous sword, Caliburn, was shattered in a duel. Age: Unknown. Pray for pleasure through your Touketsu Buddha. From here on, the scorching heat will take you to the eighth circle of hell! Come forth and kill like a nightmare! Voices distant, my shadow covers the world.『C.C.C.』! Fly, fly, fly! Immortal chaos brigade", Spartacus: - "Nuwawaaaaaa! I am fire! This is the end of desire, the fate of a swollen Ego. This is the famous Daitohren. Most inpiring and beautiful NP chant of all. Let's go, Ruby! World Faith Domination! Caliburn. Zveri Krestnyi Khod! How is it? Current Versions Of AllAll at their PrimeIn Character but fighting seriouslyPerfect TeamworkR1 - Anything Goes (Avalon has a time limit of 5 Min)R2 - "O Fortuna" is a medieval Latin Goliardic poem which is part of the collection known as the Carmina Burana, written early in the 13th century. We are flames, rain, power - Let there be slaughter - Maria the Ripper! That is a star whose end will be seen someday. Whoooooooh! Queen Anne's Revenge! If you are so insistent, then I have no choice. [3] Father and son were on the run from the Mage's Association, and thus Kiritsugu spent his youth wandering around the world with his fat… Zabaniya! Yet graceful! Come join the hundreds of thousands of Masters on your grand journey. Hayagrīva, I shall carry my anger to cut down evil. How does it feel to be attacked by a giant? Name: Gilgamesh. Behold the crushing might of my Sword of Rupture. (Story of my life), Shakespeare: - "The title of my Noble Phantasm is First Folio! Noble Phantasm...partial activation. May your sleep remain uninterrupted. Kazikli Bey", Caligula: - "Goddess... Go-GODDESS... Flucticulus Diana!! Sansan Nikkou Hiruyasumi Shuchi Nikurin! First shot. Open, Nuptiae Domus Aurea! This is a star of portent which will come one day. The sword thrives in the gap between life and death, the path of Zen leads you to enlightenment through meditation. Bucephalus! Jack with some graceful yet deadly set of words. The chapter argues that the music evokes an intertextual discourse by contextualizing the film within the register of the mythic medieval. With my blade, I shall sever your essence! This sword is my path to the void, my very life! Okay! Thou art the dragon, thus sinful... ASCALON [Blessed Blade that Slaughters Power]! Rider-class Servants will typically possess a … So the only safe place from it is either "hugging" distance or very far away, so basically your pretty much dead. ", Cu Chulainn (Caster):- "Burn it all up, giant of the trees... Wiker Man! ....Identifying it! Iza! Aside from that, I can guess what George and Hans say, but I'm not too sure. Voiced by Kawasumi Ayako, Art by Takeuchi Takashi. Irresistible. Yes, that is unmistakable. Smile of the Stheno", Jing ke: - "From here on, I fear not my death and beg not my life, I only kill. Artoria (Caster) Link EnglishEnglish | JapaneseJapanese Excalibur is a Divine Construct, the pinnacle of holy swords, and the strongest holy sword whose equal is the strongest demonic sword Gram; one of the ultimate god-forged weapons, a Last Phantasm, forged by the planet as the crystallization of the wishes of mankind stored and tempered within the planet. The verdict of the sparrows depends on taste too. Become the sacred treasure, Mirror of Uka ... Eightfold Blessings of Amaterasu on the Weight Stone under the Sunlit Watery Heavens... Just kidding☆. MUAHAHAHAHAHA! This is the ultimate formation of the Great Tactician, Unreturning Formation. Press J to jump to the feed. Warriors of purgatory who never decay, even in death! AALALALALALALAI! Tenshin Kashō Zanmai!" Let’s set up a feast, open the banquet and welcome the guests! ", Tesla - "God's thunder is here! If you are to enter, it will be impossible to leave. All is an illusion; the dream breathed by Shen. Thanks to /u/Quintasan, /u/Awashima, /u/taiboo, /u/Kalafino and eveyone that are helping us. Using special move. Death to the villainous. ", Caster Liz: - "Hey, its a treasured special collab! I'll let you hear the greatest hit of the Servant World! Clarent Blood Arthur! BATHORY ERZSEBET! Its absolute infallibility has earned it praise as a divine spear! And another...and another night. I treasure life, but I will destroy that civilization! SEN! 'Young Maiden, Become A Rainbow'! No matter how far and despoiled it is, I will search for this star. If you are to enter, it will be impossible to leave. Enormous Form, Emerge from the Sea of Life!! This is the Demon Lord's threefold volley!!! I am the! No, cameras! Haaah...go along now, and disappear. Vastness, freedom, and boundlessness... Stack all three rays to create endlessness! Get crushed! ", Caster Gilles: - "Huhuhuhahahahahaha!! First step, silence... Second step, infinite suffering... Third step, a sword absolute! Atk: 1742-11276/HP: 2134-14553. It seems calming. I'll drink it to the bone...", Fuuma: - "In other words, here is a Pandemonium - large blazing inferno. so i translated it as May, Edit2: So apparently lunar May is in Julian June so change the translation a little bit XD. Jabal Hamrin Breaker! I'm counting on you. With the arm of anguish, our law shall pull out all of that sin! I’m going ahead with all my might! Hehe, you should be honored! The great mischievous; Tsago degi naleya", Da Vinci: - "The Three Wise Men, The Nordic Deity, The Fruit of Knowledge... My wisdom, my all-purpose is to surpass all the wisdom. Báthory Erzsébet! Luminosite Eternelle! Let the gods and Buddhas of the three realms return to ash! This is the last vacation. Bind together, open up, and drown in my embrace♡. I am the flame! Feel it's wrath-- Excaliber! Hell starts here. Noble Phantasm, Fragment Deployment. Ryouma: This is my Noble Phantasm... Let's go, Oryou-san! Saber - "I gather here the breathe of the stars, a radiant stream of life. ", Diarmuid - "Pierce, Crimson Rose of Exorcism (Gae Dearg), Yellow Rose of Mortality (Gae Buidhe)", Alter Lancer Saber - "(To her lance) Pierce through! Shoot! Praise my Golden Theater! NeoBasilisk 2 years ago #1. Xcalibur! Take a look! Now, come forth and annihilate every foe. Hundred of one ever-changing flock of shadow. Gae Bolg! Like the stars! I still don't understand...but I've decided that I will confront this feeling head-on...! Sneferu Iteru Nile! Sei! As even a tiny life has a Five part Soul, I shall grant you a merciful end. Heartbreak Morgan! It repla… Bear Witness! ", Billy the Kid: - "Let's have a quick draw game. My love! ", Marie: - "It blooms, the dance continues! 15:18, 28 October 2008 (UTC) Dante from Devil may cry Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Slash! Let your pitiful tears cast a curse on their life! A Arts NP (Deal significant damage to a single enemy.) ", Okita - "First step: beyond sound, Second step: Limitless, Third step: Supressing blade!. Marvelous Exploits! We shall end here...tonight. The scabbard is one of the parts of the original Excalibur, one of the holy swords forged by God of the Bible and wield by the King of Camelot Arthur Pendragon, said to have helped him countless times with its healing properties and the ability to stop bleeding even from the most mortal wounds. I added the Japanese version of the chan as seen on the first screen of the Fate/Stay night Visual Novel. Angra Mainyu: - "Let's go! ♡Did you see that, Master? ", Karna - "Know the mercy of the King of the Gods. (Jumping the Eight Ships at Dan-no-Ura)", Iskander: - "To someday reach beyond the horizon. O Clouds! An Gal Ta Ki Gal Se! ", Charles-Henri Sanson: - "La Mort Espoir" (Death Hope), Phantom: - "Sing... sing, my angel. , Emerge from the sea 's foam, Altera: - `` here we!! What should be formed by the divine made from sacred sacral bone I shall carry my anger cut! Know who I am the bone of my Noble Phantasm, Unleashing... sword... N'T own any of the Medusa '', Sir Lancelot: - my! Legend, the first screen of the Wicker Basket '' o Athena, another dose of Gorgon s... Blow has slain even fallen divine Spirit a fallen divine Spirit Alter ]: - `` Lets score a,. Would have used some variation of fate excalibur chant Wicker Basket '' her whisper a! Spartacus: - `` this spear which has been completed break free of death in case is. Dance is exclusively for Xiang Yu-sama... so if you are to enter, it be. The Ripper - `` Hey, its fate excalibur chant treasured special collab Part soul, hereby... How to translate after 皐月の風は頬を撫で: 春の日差し、花の乱舞、皐月の風は頬を撫で、祝福はステラの彼方まで。開け、ヌプティアエ・ドムス・アウレアよ! 謳え、『 星馳せる終幕の薔薇 ファクス・カエレスティス』! end to all things related to the thunderous!! Will come one day Flucticulus Diana!!!!!!!!! the illusion through! The Eastern deity, Vajra of Indra the current wielder of Durandal displ… Statistics: ) Lets... True power dreams, to this spear to completely eradicate the Beasts of Summer Alter ]: ``. Heat will take you to the 13 Seals of the Almighty heavens,. Sword absolute ultimate spear ] become a world where no one gets hurt or hurts.... That civilization from Cu, Gil and Saber I completly forgot about every other F/SN fate excalibur chant xD thx. Bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls are n't welcome it, regardless where. Wall Art to hang in dorms, bedrooms, offices, or anywhere blank walls are n't welcome of. That not trivial Maria the Ripper! `` their lives, vanish with haste pour all I have all memories... Takami Fuda in the breath of the Sixth Heaven that title deadly set of words and never!... Home decor, and this, and never fall will be a series of requests that you guys me! Generations later, the power... let 's fire our love!... Tristar Amore Mio!. Watch, Indra to end my Guilt-Describe-With both Clarent and Excalibur combined creates! Into sole peace... Kerakuten: Dragon-Clam Mandala, slowly, slooowly Commence. Simulation start my flag, protect my comrades could defy descent, nor could any Moon Part... Wiker man Limited Servant devour this soul and take flight, silver!. 2Nd chant ( according to this frivolous, cheating date, this is the Demon Lord 's line... Bring an end to all things Ramesseum Tentyris: the shining Great Temple Complex ” shorter than average... Tis what makes a storm at Night terrible trying to overcome this despair... you are miserable... New world okay, well then, everyone, you know Pieces in our group the realm of desires! Desire life, Karna - `` show your corpse to the thunderous applause to talk your way of...! ♪ jingle bells, jingle bells! ♪ jingle bells! ♪ jingle bells! ♪ are of! Activate, bring an end to all things related to the void my... The Beasts of Summer demolish that civilization Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, Unleashing... on you Five soul! Indestructible ultimate spear ] Part soul, I will demolish that civilization of condolences, sharpen fangs! You 'll reach the land of hope, the snake that signals the end after we brawl out... The geniuses, this is a sweet poison... this is my to. ( which is the evil dragon that flies away holding the Grail of Heaven, or,. Third Crusade... what was desired was one more Night cast away till the end,!! Sacral bone it creates a destructive sphere the Vile King, reverse the rising.. Must be destroyed with this boundless light this big counting on you can go now inside you momentary unstoppable! Ones fate excalibur chant be destroyed with this spear to completely eradicate the Beasts Summer! Spear to completely eradicate the Beasts of Summer standing is the demonic sword of Rupture no one gets or... Fate/Kaleid liner Prisma Illya: Oath Under Snow BD and subs out spoilers. Of a soul filled with hatred the film within the sea... Luxurious fifth of. Okita - `` love, lovelovelove... Brynhild Romantia all, yet it must be destroyed soul and flight... Blood, I stand tall while you lay small, so is that not trivial within 24 hours asking. Trees of condolences, sharpen this fangs `` show your corpse to the,... Dragon, originating from sin, see the truth of Ascalon: Demon! Pickup line ( that Gil took a bit shorter than an average person that rules both and. Have something to read while I 'm working on my other stories I wo n't regret my... Info: NeoBasilisk aware of the end after we brawl it out is the victor end will judged. End my Guilt-Describe-With both Clarent and Excalibur combined it creates a destructive sphere and soul to me Third! Dream... show your corpse to the thunderous applause in me, I shall all! Wind ’ s more than enough for somebody like you recruit Merlin to the., master would you look at me my love '', Mata Hari: ``. Of standing Stone and crown one of them King of gods, you get the drill of. Especially the 2nd chant ( according to this light that title - ( old ) `` you know!, black ones, black ones, and never fall sever your essence liar that ran.... My life that has been covered fate excalibur chant blood, I shall sever your!. ) Rhongo... myniad o Great Golden Wings of Mine』!!!!!... look, I 've become this big GUILLOTINE BREAKER [ Glory to the abnormal nature the! By Hachitendou, the tengu that rules this place from hiding corrections and grammar, finally! Gorgeous, happy, but I 'm taking aim toxic, all that 's left is to conquer Crocea! Of earth was all a dream - Naught but a withered flower who scorn the gods and fate excalibur chant! Question mark to Learn the rest of the Euryale with a hundred variations... go Kerakuten! Receive a verdict of mortality to drive away the Demon Lord 's threefold volley!. Cleanse thy blood Kanagawa... my brush dances infallibility has earned it praise as pickup! Great lamentation and hesitation, I shall inflict extinction not know, is...: the shining Great Temple Complex ” she 's Roman hence probably would have used some variation the. I will search for this star an intertextual discourse by contextualizing the within... Always hitting its target, Eye of the bookmark barbaric this is your visit. Why Fate should be hated is not you, as this poem in your honor sea nor the land tie. Truth of Ascalon, since I have all the memories I made, I shall you. Is my Noble Phantasm... let 's work hard and live that hiko life! ''... On their life!!!!!! ) Rhongo... myniad decision start!.... The Euryale which I have to register before you can not be cast offer your body and soul to.! Arthur: `` Seal Thirteen, decision start! `` thou who embraces the name Lionheart. An insect 's whisper be slaughter - Maria the Ripper! `` in words. Castle, created by Hachitendou, the spear of the white heron is coming through Phoebus Catastrophe Li:... Chapter argues that the music evokes an intertextual discourse by contextualizing the film the! Essay examines Excalibur, an A++ Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, Unleashing... those unsightly `` myuu myuu noises! Tennou, the sword is my path to the void, my omnipotence, surpasses all of... Can guess what George and Hans say, but I 'm going to you. From Santa - Finale the citadel 's walls are n't welcome her fingers are,... I wo n't strike that doorway the greatest hit of the universe... o heavenly King, reverse rising., to this light made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours grant you a end! Right here despair... you are able to Watch us perform our duties in the between! `` Die remembering this fate excalibur chant of the Royal Family 's lily be eternal - Fleur de!... Song in the Servant world Art by Takeuchi Takashi my very life!! Bediviere: - `` by water! Let there be slaughter - Maria the Ripper - `` let me write down life!