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Seed Sovereignty


Seed Sovereignty 1Seed is another critical resource under threat. Privatization of the seed sector has been accompanied by poor regulation and unbridled processes of handing over control of the most valuable seed varieties and germplasm to the corporate sector.
Chetna Organic believes in the seed sovereignty and security as a prerequisite for the livelihood security of the smallholder household. Moreover, various traditional varieties of crops (Cereals, oilseeds, pulses, cash crops, fruits, vegetables, and flowers), indigenous livestock and poultry breed are becoming extinct and inaccessible. Chetna Organic  would work towards reversing the trend toward extinction of local crop varieties to maintain the diversity.

Seed Sovereignty 2

To achieve this, Chetna Organic set up Participatory Evaluation of Seed varities in partnership with University of Agriculture Sciences in Lanjigarh (Orissa) with replication trails in each of the operational area where in all the varities of crops and rare breeds of animals will be conserved to build it as learning center for the farmers to emulate. Apart from this, Chetna Organic would support farmers to undertake interventions for reclaiming the seed security and conserving the depleting germplasm through seed banks and other initiatives.

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