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Integrated Farming Systems


Promotion of Integrated Farming Systems

Integrated Farming SystemSoil health and fertility has declined drastically; the farm ecosystem which includes earthworms, beneficial insects, birds and diverse plants, has been badly disrupted in chemical farms; water systems have been poisoned; and groundwater has been depleted creating extensive dark zones. Farmers are being drastically affected by the productivity decline despite heavier fertilizer application.

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In this context, Chetna Organic is promoting the ecologically sustainable integrated farming systems as a powerful tool for meeting development and sustainability goals by empowering farmers to innovatively manage soils, water, biological resources, pests, disease vectors, genetic diversity, and conserve natural resources in a culturally appropriate manner.

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Chetna Organic would strive to re-orient the support systems available for the farmers and gear up its technical extension and research towards ecological agriculture, and create the synergies required to make ecologically sustainable integrated farming systems successful at a large scale.
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