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Improving Livelihood Options


Diversification of household livelihoods portfolio

Improving Livelihood Options 1The economic policies adopted by the Government regarding agriculture have not improved the economic status of farmers; hence ‘vibrant village economies’ have remained only in dreams. The increasing impoverishment of farming had a cascading effect on all sections of people living off agriculture including agricultural workers and tenant farmers and it is also correlated to food and nutritional insecurity.

Improving Livelihood Options 2

In this context, Chetna Organics would continue its efforts to improve the livelihoods portfolio of farming households not only from agriculture but also through agri-allied sectors such as animal husbandry, fisheries, horticulture and non-farm sector. With trade surpluses, donations from organic brands and fund allocations from the programs, Chetna Organics would establish revolving loan funds for cooperatives and other community based organizations. This would contribute towards improving the livelihoods and also effectively utilize funds to generate minimum required incomes for the farming households.
Improving Livelihood Options 3Improving Livelihood Options 4Improving Livelihood Options 5

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