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Building Sustainable Institutions


Sustainable farmer owned and managed institutions

Building Sustainable Institutions 1Chetna Organic believes in enabling the disadvantaged farming communities to organise themselves so that are empowered to deal with the financial, commodities and services markets in an aggregated fashion and takeover the responsibility of their own development. Chetna Organic continues to organize the farmers into community based organizations based on the program implementation and requirement while promoting cooperatives at cluster level and brings them into Chetna Organic Farmers Association as member institutions and Chetna Organic Agriculture Producer Company Limited (COAPCL) as shareholders.

Building Sustainable Institutions 2

Chetna Organic Farmers Association (COFA) as process owner of the entire program would strive to build the capacities of the member cooperatives and COAPCL in governance, operational management and developing strategic business plans with the support from guardian organization FFID to help them evolve into member owned and managed sustainable institutions.
Building Sustainable Institutions 3Building Sustainable Institutions 4Building Sustainable Institutions 5

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