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Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture Network (RRA)


Chetna Projects: Adilabad in Andhra Pradesh, Yavatmal in Maharashtra and Kalahandi in Odisha

Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture Network 1The Revitalizing Rainfed Network (RRA) is a network of civil society organizations, research institutions and universities that has emerged based on the collective understanding that agricultural policies designed for relatively secure and well-endowed parts of the country have been indiscriminately extended to rainfed areas.
Revitalising Rainfed Agriculture Network aims to document and synthesises lessons from field experiences in soil, seeds, water, millet-based crop systems, fisheries, livestock, credit, markets and institutions in order to generate large-scale field experiences through comprehensive pilots in convergence with government programmes. The aim is to strengthen the case for engaging researchers, to promote macro-economic research on the issues of rainfed areas, promoting partnerships with civil society organisations, research institutions, government agencies and departments and donors who see the need for increased investments in rainfed areas and organize consultations on policy issues to feed into the planning process.

Revitalizing Rainfed Agriculture Network 2

Chetna Organic is anchoring the node on Revitalizing Rainfed Soils (RRS) to promote different alternative measures towards enhancing soil productivity through addition of organic matter in ecologically distressed rainfed areas to evolve and advocate alternatives in the mainstream programs through a synthesis of field experiences. Chetna works with a number of partner agencies in the interventions and established standalone pilots on soil fertility in 8 states.


Update on Revitalizing Rainfed Agrculture

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