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Peace By Peace Cotton Project


Operational Area: Kalahandi, Bolangir, Koraput districts in Orissa

Peace By Peace Cotton ProjectFelissimo Corporation in collaboration with Chetna and technical support from JICA, designed a collaborative program – Peace by Peace Cotton Project to complement the existing efforts of The Organic and Fair Trade Cotton Intervention Program(since June 2009) to support the smallholder cotton farmer households in Odisha. Project activities have been planned around the following two broad and yet critical thematic categories in the context of the overall program objectives based on the detailed need assessment;
  • Peace By Peace Cotton Project 2Transitional support for the organic farmers mainly focused on:
    (a) ensuring productivity enhancement through asset creation
    (b) reducing dependence on external inputs like seeds
    (c) enhancing capacities and confidence among farmers towards undertaking ecological/organic cotton farming practices by setting up demonstration models to reduce anxiety among in-conversion farmers and further help them in a smoother transition to organic.
  • Peace By Peace Cotton Project 2Education fund for promoting education among children of small and marginal cotton farmers and wage labor. The focus is mainly on
    (a) Facilitating rural communities to undertake school enrolment campaigns to ensure 100% enrolment of children in schools;
    (b) Capacity building of the farmer SHG on local school education monitoring and exercising rights for demanding accountability;
    (c) Set up vocational training centres, esp. for girl children (school dropouts) leading to skill development
    (d) Scholarships to outstanding children for higher education (+2 onwards) with specific emphasis on girl children.
Peace by Peace Project is being implemented successfully and has been recognized by the participating farmer community, government departments and more importantly valuable consumers of Felissimo Corporation which is evident from the increasing contributions.  In this context, Felissimo Corporation has now expanded the collaboration to cover Andhra Pradesh farmers too.

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MAAD Activities on Independence Day Celebrations, Odisha (Aug 15, 2014) Students and teachers across clusters in Odisha actively took part in activities organised as part of Independence Day celebrations on Aug 15, 2014. As a first event after attending the orientation workshop on MAAD concepts, the parateachers, fieldworkers and block coordinators tried to integrate the elements of local culture in art, music and dance in the events organised on the occasion. Launched under the educational component of the Peace By Peace Cotton project, MAAD is an initiative by Chetna Organic - Felissimo corporation Japan, to integrate Music, Art, Agriculture and Dance into the everyday curriculum of mainstream government schools in rural Odisha. For the last three - four years, days of national importance like the Independence Day, World Environment Day, Childrens Day is being used in these schools to build awareness and pride about local culture.
MAAD activities on Independence Day in Mahagaon Tribal School (Aug 15, 2014) As part of Independence Day celebrations on Aug 15, 2014, students and staff in the Mahagaon Tribal Welfare School hoisted the flag, organised Music and Dance programs and received prizes for their participation in various events. These celebrations give an opportunity for the tribal students to showcase the skills they learn under the Chetna -Felissimo sponsored MAAD (Music, Agriculture, Art and Dance ) program under the Peace by Peace project.  

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