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Jackpot Community Development Program

Operational Area: Karim Nagar, AP

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Jackpot, Denmark’s leading producer of organic, sustainable fashion apparel partnered with Chetna way back in 2008 to ensure socially responsible chain of production that incorporates sustainable processes and wellbeing of the producers. Jackpot donations to the smallholder farmers have reached a substantial size in the past three years starting from establishing a storage warehouse in Karimnagar to multiple programs across Chetna operational areas to assist the farmers and their families in improving the livelihood options, productivity, leveraging the potential of collective action through establishing common infrastructure, addressing women’s issues and child welfare. 

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Jackpot Community Development Program
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Charlotte Witmeur, Maryam Azmayesh Terp from the Netherlands garments brand Jackpot, Morton Lehmann and Gurdeep Singh Jaiswal from IC, and Marieke Weerdesteijn from Solidaridad visited Chetna Organic's projects in Adilabad and Karimnagar.


In this video, the delegation meets with members of Pragathi Farmers Cooperative in Kohinoor B village of Adilabad district to discuss the progress of projects supported by Jackpot and Solidaridad.

Update on Jackpot Community Development Programme

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