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Indo-German Watershed Development Project

Operational Area: Utnoor Mandal, Adilabad District, Andhra Pradesh

Indo-German Watershed Development ProjectThe Indo-German Watershed Development Program (IGWDP) is an integrated program for rehabilitation of watersheds. Supported by KfW, Germany, the program aimed at regeneration of natural resources with an objective to develop micro-watersheds in a comprehensive manner, so as to
a. create adequate and sustainable livelihood opportunities for the inhabitants of that area.
b. to mobilize village groups to regenerate their degraded environment through participatory self-help initiatives.

Indo-German Watershed Development Project 2

Chetna is implementing the program that benefits 1000 tribal households covering 3000 hectares with over INR.35 million budget outlay. This program is being implemented on the sustainable natural resource management principles of resource conservation, resource generation and resource utilization by
a. cultivating the land based purely on its capability,
b. protecting fertile top soil and replenishing the fertility through:
  • Indo-German Watershed Development Project 3diverse composting techniques
  • minimizing silting up of tanks
  • reservoirs and lower fertile lands
  • protecting vegetative cover throughout the year
  • in situ conservation of rain water
  • safe diversion of gullies
  • Indo-German Watershed Development Project 4construction of check dams for increasing ground water recharge
  • increasing cropping intensity through inter and sequence cropping
  • alternate land use systems for efficient use of marginal lands,
  • Water harvesting for supplemental irrigation.
Chetna was recognized as The Best Project Implementation Agency for the year 2011 for promoting innovative approaches and good practices in implementation and awarded with INR.100,000 cash prize by NABARD. Two watershed committees of Chetna Organic were ranked among the three best performing WSC across the state and received additional support from NABARD

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        Training on Agricultural innovations for IGWDP staff (Aug 2012) Aug 9th 2012: A one day training workshop on Innovative Agricultural Practices in Watersheds was organized by Chetna Organic’s senior Technical Officer Ashok Kumar, for the Watershed committee members and IGWDP COFA staff in Dandepally. The interventions already being implemented like Contour Cultivation, Cotton transplanting method, Yield Impact of density plant population were reviewed. Participants were oriented and imparted training on the following new interventions that will be initiated in the coming months. Amrutha Jala preparations and application Organic tonic preparations and applications Dobalkar method implementation on waste land for PE Crop diversification as fenced commercial oil crop Safflower in 3 watersheds for Rabi Botanical extraction for leaf eating pest control Botanical extractions for sucking pest control Botanical extractions for bollworm control Action plan preparations: to identifying the locations and implementing the practices in 3 watershed areas Amruth jal,Organic tonic preparations in 3 watersheds Botanical extracts preparations in 3 watersheds Dobalkar method planning in 3 watersheds Safflower introduction in 3 watersheds After the training session, a field visit was organized to a cotton field where the saplings were transplanted from a nursery. The said crop was free from pest, had vigorous growth and was in square formation stage.

Update on Indo-German Watershed Development Programme

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