So, if you're fed up with damp, smelly clothes even when they've been freshly washed, read on for our expert guide to the best dehumidifier for closet use and get ready for a whole world of freshness. The airBOSS Closet Dehumidifier contains the crystals for capturing moisture from the air. 7 Best Dehumidifier for Closet Reviews: 1. It runs quietly (definitely important if you need a dehumidifier in your bedroom Whichever type you choose, youll find a range of styles available including portable and desk sized dehumidifiers through to upright standing units, including the Excelvan 1.5L unit. Response must be less that 100,000 characters. Safe use for children, pregnant women, and pets as well. The weight of this Peltier dehumidifier, model no. Before purchasing a product, it is expedient to rate its capacity and … They won’t add any smell to your clothes and merely remove the unpleasant ones. This Peltier dehumidifier for closets and shoe cabinets has II protection class. These units operate using the "Peltier Process" and are also recommended by sellers for smaller rooms in the house. 9.9 . No notable drawback of this dehumidifier. Empty the dehumidifier's collection tray at least once a day to keep the water from becoming stagnant. If there is not enough space in the closet for a dehumidifier, place the dehumidifier as close as possible to the closet. Doesn't take up much space. ALROCKET Dehumidifier 35 Ounce Small Dehumidifier for 2100 Cubic Feet 230 Square Foot Portable and Compact Quiet for Home,Bedroom,Closet,Small Room 7,455. price CDN$ 29. Long-lasting, user-friendly dehumidifier. Clean and modern design; fit perfectly and enhance the beauty. offers 1,139 dehumidifier for closets products. PURIFY YOUR AIR: VIVOSUN Mini Dehumidifier has a small and compact design with 400ml capacity per day can efficiently purify the air in enclosed, small rooms and spaces including wardrobes, larder, basement, and so on. It is an ultra-quiet dehumidifier in a … ALROCKET Dehumidifier 35 Ounce Small Dehumidifier for 2100 Cubic Feet 230 Square Foot Portable and Compact Quiet for Home,Bedroom,Closet,Small Room. Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier. Perfect for Bedrooms, Closets, Cars, RV & Gun Safes. A renewable closet dehumidifier does not require a power outlet to drain the moisture in the air. When they are full of moisture, you plug them into a power outlet which dries out the beads so you can use it again. Cons . MINI DEHUMIDIFIER GOES A LONG WAY: Super dry dehumidifier unit lasts 20-30 days before recharging the silica gel beads. This was my turning point and decided to use a dehumidifier that can help me prevent mold growth and take care of all the things I store inside the cupboards and cabinets. Absorbing capacity up to 6oz; SMALL, SLEEK DESIGN: This portable small design lets you hang or conveniently place the dehumidifier anywhere to fight pesky humidity! 5. We've included picks that were tested under both standards and noted sizing differences below. The improved Eva-dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier is an environmentally-friendly moisture-control unit best for small campers and RVs or inside cabinets that have humidity issues.. mini dehumidifier features a sleek, compact design and quiet performance that makes it an effective dehumidifier for small rooms or personal spaces, such as bedrooms, nurseries, closets and offices. 99. Honati Small Dehumidifier for Bedroom, Bathroom, Baby Room, RV, Wardrobe, Locker and Closet, Ultra Quiet Home Mini Portable Dehumidifiers with Auto Shut Off (Up To 160 Sq.Ft, 600ml) 4.4 out of 5 stars 594 $39.99$39.99 Get it as soon as Wed, Aug 26 Price incl. Silent and efficient thermoelectric cooling technology. 5.3 Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable 333 Cu Ft Small Space Closet Mini Dehumidifier (2 Pack) 5.4 Lensoul Dehumidifier 35oz(1000ml) Portable and Compact Dehumidifiers for 2200 Cubic Feet (260 sq ft) Whisper Quiet for Home, Bedroom, Basement, Bathroom, Garage, Closet, RV with Auto Shut Off; 5.5 Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 1200 Cubic Feet (150 sq ft), Compact and Portable for High … Removes Humidity & Helps Prevent Mold Growth Top Moisture Absorber for Small Spaces. Best Smart Dehumidifier: LG PuriCare 50-Pint Dehumidifier w/ Wi-Fi and Pump Get it by Wednesday, Dec 23. Jun 6, 2017 - Explore reviewhomkit's board "Mini Dehumidifiers", followed by 6865 people on Pinterest. Homeself Reusable Rechargeable Cordless Air Dryer Mini Dehumidifier for Cabinets,Closets,Home,Small Rooms,Car, Wardrobe, Safe (Blue) Homeself. offers 1,139 dehumidifier for closets products. How small is the device? 11. This closet dehumidifier can remove up to 750ml of moisture per day and works hard to protect you... Honati Small Dehumidifier, 2100 Cubic Feet (199 Sq Ft) Ultra Quiet Portable Mini Dehumidifiers with Auto Shut Off for Basement, Bathroom, RV (20 Oz). A closet dehumidifier can help spare you a ton of inconvenience over the long period of time. A wide variety of dehumidifier for closets options are available to … About 13% of these are Dehumidifiers. Also marketed as closet dehumidifiers are small Thermo-Electric models. This scent is the first sign that you might have a damp problem in your closet that, if not dealt with, can cause mold to thrive, not only ruining your clothes but also damaging the structure of the closet itself! It has no moving parts and as such creates no noise whatsoever. This dehumidifier has multiple uses. The last two are the best dehumidifier for 3000 sq ft and the best dehumidifier for 4500 sq ft consecutively. The desiccant rotor technology ensures the dehumidifier keeps on pulling moisture out of the atmosphere even in temperatures as low as 33 degrees Fahrenheit. However, it is a pricey choice on the list. Put a dehumidifier inside the closet to pull moisture and humidity from the air. Top Choice. The power input is 0.04 kW. NATRUTH Activated Charcoal ,Moisture Absorber boxes 500mL (9 Packs), Closet Dehumidifier, Eradicate Odor,Moisture Absorber, Dehumidifier for Closet ,Bathrooms, Kitchen & Study, Boats,RVs and More, NATRUTH Activated Charcoal,Moisture Absorber Boxes 500mL (6 Packs), Closet Dehumidifier, Eradicate Odor,Moisture Absorber, Dehumidifier for Closet,Bathrooms, Kitchen & Study, Boats,RVs and More (6), LONOVE Dehumidifiers - Upgraded 2200 Cubic Feet (220 Sq ft) Mini Dehumidifiers for Home Bedroom Bathroom Basement Closet RV Garage, 1000ml (34oz) Quiet Auto-off Electric Portable Small Dehumidifier, DEERMA Small Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber, Portable, Renewable Mini Dehumidifier with 350g Silica Gel for Damp Air, Closet, Cabinet, Eva-Dry Wireless Mini Dehumidifier, White (E-333), SEAVON Electric Dehumidifiers for Home, 2200 Cubic Feet (205 sq ft) Portable and Compact 16 oz Capacity Quiet Dehumidifiers for Basements, Bedroom, Bathroom, RV, Laundry Room, Closet, Auto Shut Off. 9.9 . Your garments are also protected from the stains caused by mould … Read my reviews of the GoldenRod models here. There are few things quite as unpleasant and frustrating as when you pull your nice, clean clothes out of your closet only to notice a damp, mildewy scent causing them to be thrown straight back into the laundry pile. It contains “drying beads”, a kind of desiccant that is very chemical and heat stable. Dehumidifier for Home Closets, Safes, and Cars 4. VAC-TTP-10-E is 220 – 240 V/50 – 60 Hz. Buy Portable Dehumidifier 550ML Electric Mini Dehumidifier for Closets, Bathrooms, Boats, Kitchens and Other Small Rooms & Spaces - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Gun Rooms Dehumidifiers Kitchen Cabinets Room Kitchen Mold And Mildew Laundry Room Pantry Moisturizer Guns Arrives before Christmas. Whether you need a small dehumidifier for use in tight areas like closets and pantries or a large unit capable of handling humidity in large warehouse settings, this selection of appliances from has you covered with This bathroom dehumidifier is perfect for small areas up to 10-20 square meters including bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, closets, small laundry rooms, crawl space where dampness and humidity are a problem. Check out which dehumidifier bags for closets … Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. It acts to absorb the … Only intended for very small spaces. ft, (Up To 160 Sq.Ft, Noise is below 33dB, Auto-Off and LED indicator, Bedrooms, Closets, Cars, RV and Gun Safes, closets, kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, lockers, campers, bathrooms, basements, closets, laundry rooms, Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Basement, Caravan, Office, RV, Garage, Home Bedroom Bathroom Basement Closet RV Camper, Bedroom, Bathroom, Baby Room, RV, Wardrobe, Locker and Closet. DivinAir dehumidifier is a desiccant dehumidifier that is very portable and convenient. Check Price. It has a nominal current consumption of 2.5 A. Moisture is drawn from the air without the use of an expensive electrical appliance. Table of Contents. You can hang these bags everywhere using mini hooks. N’allez pas plus loin! Keeps pantries and spice cabinets dry as well as smaller closets. 10. tax, excl. We all are well aware of the ease that a dehumidifier brings to our lives. You can easily hang them in the closet, shower, pantry, or any other high-humidity areas. How it works Since it’s not convenient to use a large electric dehumidifier in an enclosed space such as a closet, then instead you will need one that works a little differently, by using moisture absorbing chemicals instead. Description. Walk-in closets, pantries or small, windowless bathrooms are the ideal places for this dehumidifier. Things to Consider when Buying the Best Dehumidifiers for a Closet or Wardrobe: FAQ: some common questions about best dehumidifier for closet: Natural Dehumidifier Baking Soda [The Secret You Need To Know], What Is Ionizer Air Purifier?-Let’s Explore The Answer, How To Reduce Humidity In House Without Dehumidifier. All three of them are great selections but I find this unit excellent for confined spaces because of its non-toxic quality, renewable feature, and portability. So small it can be used in tight spaces like cars, closets, RVs, and more. VIVOSUN Mini Dehumidifier with Drain OutletIdeal for Grow tent Closets Bathroom and BasementVIVOSUN dehumidifier doing a great job of keeping moisture down.This Mini dehumidifier won’t takes up a lot of space with it compact design.This ensures that your moisture will be managed to small spaces (closets or bedrooms)It measures 7.1 x 5.1x 11.2 inches, has a 1.3 litre ( 0.34 gallon) water … Improve Air Quality with a Dehumidifier. Works with moisture-absorbing silicone beads that can be recharged. Breathe Fresh Vayu Natural Lite - Portable Deodorizer & Dehumidifier for Washrooms, Closets, Cars - 200g (Berry Blue) 10 price 348. They have a very low water extraction rate and are less energy efficient than a conventional portable. Sucking out the excessive moisture and creating a fresh-smelling and comfortable environment are its significant functions. Convenient dehumidifier bags and long-lasting. This type of closet dehumidifier is particularly suitable for enclosed storage cabinets located in cool areas, such as a garage, where the lower temperature results in higher relative humidity, increasing the risk of condensation. Designed with environment-friendly green materials. Your closet is presumably loaded with garments that you invested a considerable energy looking for or have gotten as gifts throughout the years. This mini wireless dehumidifier is a great option for closets with up to 30 days of moisture-abso... LONOVE Dehumidifier - 2200 Cubic Feet Small Dehumidifiers for Home Bedroom Bathroom Basement Closet RV Camper, 800ml (27 oz) Full Auto-Off Portable Electric Mini Dehumidifier for Space, Vacplus Moisture Absorber with Activated Charcoal, 6-PACK Closet Dehumidifier Attracts Excess Moisture from Bathroom, Closet & Kitchen, Unscented Dehumidifier for Closet, Moisture Absorber boxes (6 Pack), 10.5 Oz, Vacplus Unscented Moisture Absorber, Humidity Absorber Attracts Extra Moisture from Your Bathroom, Closet, Kitchen & Study, Dehumidifier for Closet, airBOSS Anywhere Dehumidifier with Activated Charcoal - Pack of 6, ALROCKET Dehumidifier 35oz(1000ml) Small Dehumidifier for 2100 Cubic Feet (260 sq ft) Portable and Compact Ultra Quiet for Home, basements, Bedroom, Bathroom, Garage, Wardrobe, RV, Home Dehumidifier, 2500 Cubic Feet (269 sq ft) 2000ml Ultra Quiet Small Portable Dehumidifiers with Auto Shut Off for Basement, Bathroom, RV, Office, Pro Breeze Electric Mini Dehumidifier, 2200 Cubic Feet (250 sq ft), Compact and Portable for High Humidity in Home, Kitchen, Bedroom, Basement, Caravan, Office, Garage, Vacplus Moisture Absorber Packets, Fragrance Free(5 Pack), Humidity Packs, Hanging Closet Dehumidifier Bags, Moisture Absorb 9.8OZ, Everzen Rechargeable Mini Dehumidifier, Moisture Absorber for Gun Safe, Closet, Safes, Bathroom, Rust Prevention, Renewable Desiccant Removes Damp Air in Small Space, NATRUTH Activated Charcoal,Moisture Absorber Boxes 500mL (3 Packs), Closet Dehumidifier, Eradicate Odor,Moisture Absorber, Dehumidifier for Closet,Bathrooms, Kitchen & Study, Boats,RVs and More (3), Midea MAD20C1ZWS Dehumidifier for up to 1500 Sq Ft with Reusable Air Filter, Ideal for Basement, Bedroom, Bathroom, 20 Pint-2019 DOE (Previous 30 Pint), White, Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier for Home,Up to 480 Sq.ft Dehumidifiers for High Humidity in Basements Bedroom Closet Bathroom Kitchen Small Quiet Portable Air Dehumidifiers with 2000ml(64oz) Water Tank, Yogi Brand (12 Pack) Moisture Absorber Bag, Fragrance Free, Dehumidifier Bag, Hanging Closet Dehumidifier Bags, Moisture Absorbers 235g with 10g Activated Charcoal, Caframo Limited 9406CAABX Stor-Dry 9406 Dehumidifier, Warm Air Circulator Fan, Small, Metallic, Letsport Upgraded 68oz Small Dehumidifier for Home, Up to 480 Sq Ft Portable Compact Electric Mini Dehumidifier with Ultra Quiet Dehumidification for Basement Bathroom Bedroom Kitchen Closet RV, Barska Safe Moisture Absorber Dehumidifier for Home Closets, Safes, and Cars, Air-Moisture Absorber Packets, Hanging Dehumidifier Bags for Closet,Bedroom and Kitchen,Fragrance Free-5 Packs,Moisture Absorb 12.5OZ, InvisiPure Hydrowave Dehumidifier - Small Compact Portable Dehumidifier for Home, RV, Bathroom, Closet, Bedroom, Small Room, Basement, Boat, Mold - Continuous Drain Hose Ready - Quiet Electric Peltier, Pure Enrichment® PureDry™ Mini Dehumidifier - Compact Water Tank Eliminates 300ml/day in Excess Moisture from Closets, Bathrooms, Boats, Kitchens and Other Small Rooms and Living Spaces, 4 Pack Boat Dehumidifier Moisture Absorber Hanging Bags and Charcoal Smell Remove Damp Musty Smell | Basement Closet Home RV or Boating, CLEVAST 1,500 Sq. Small bags, so, not good for large areas. Dehumidifier for Your Closet or Wardrobe? The design is well thought out. This Peltier Dehumidifier has a dehumidification performance of 750 ml per day that enables the machine to keep rooms up to 10 m2 dry in a reasonable way. 40-Pint Dehumidifier . Enjoy free shipping on all purchases over $75 and free in-store pickup on the Dry Out Dehumidifier at The Container Store. An example is the Sunpentown SD652. 8. VAC-TTP-10-E is 2 kg, packaging not included. Dehumidifier Bags For Closets. You can combat this problem in a variety of ways such as leaving the closet door open when you don't have guests, ensuring every item is adequately dry before placing in the closet, and leaving plenty of room for air circulation, but one of the best ways we've found is search Amazon and find the best dehumidifier for closet use. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Crystal container is particularly designed to prevent spills.