Everything Chuckie says actually happened in previous episodes: So many. Luckily, when the going gets tough, the gang gets going! We gots a lizard to see! ), (Back in the forest, the Rugrats, minus Tommy, are replacing Dil with something.). At the end of the episode, however, Certain episodes also imply Charlotte, when properly focused on her parenting, is actually more stern and capable of disciplining her, while Drew is frequently an, The Rugrats Movie. Angelica, The episode "Let Them Eat Cake" takes place at a wedding, during which Chas is weeping. At one point a store is shown with its sign in Hebrew text, which translates literally to "circumciser." I'll get the lizard to wish him back into a people! (circus logo slides into view.). Angelica, who was sitting on Reptar's tail, catapults off into the air.) Channel 11 Female Reporter: Is it true a dingo ate your baby? Reptar Wagon: I am Reptar, the perfect children's toy! Tommy: Not yet, but they're giving her this big party, so I'm pretty sure today's the day. 4 other monkeys line up behind him eating the bugs off each other’s backs. ), (Cut back to the Rugrats and the wagon, as they tear through the streets. Tommy starts wailing. Drew: We're talking about a real job, Stu, with benefits! Aunt Miriam: Face it, dolly. In "The Trial", the babies do this to find out who broke Tommy's favorite clown lamp, with Tommy as the judge and Angelica as the prosecutor (although she says she's the "Persecutor"). simply because she's jealous since she's too big to fit in the new playhouse Chuckie has. Tommy: That's it! Drew reminds her that Angelica agreed to clean her room once a month since Drew bought her a $400 video game console. Lt. Klavin: Mrs. Pickles, I know this is hard for you, but can you identify this binky? Breaking Cincinnati news, traffic, weather and local headlines from The Cincinnati Enquirer newspaper. Happens twice in "When Wishes Come True": And when the babies think twice about making a wish that may end up turning them into a rock: From "The Blizzard", when the babies take shelter in an igloo: At one point, while Tommy and Angelica are staying with Didi's parents, the babies are up in the attic but Grandpa Boris rushes outside and brings back in two obviously different children (two boys and much older as well). "The Box" involves the babies pretending the box for Stu's Kiddie Carnival (which he never did get finished) is many different things, including a race car, a rocket ship, and a house (that's half-cave). (Back in another part of the forest, Tommy finds Dil with 2 monkeys. He even gets roped into the center ring to perform with the clowns. It's a double bonus because not only does the judge call the lawyer on making the court, In "Naked Tommy," when Didi attempts to justify t he kids' behavior by citing Dr. Lipschitz, Betty scolds her and points out that. You men follow those tracks. Now I don't even have friends! Minka: She's having a baby, not a gefilte fish! (As Stu flies, he crashes through a flock of migrating geese but continues flying on as one goose flies into and gets stuck in his face. Aah! ), (Lil laughs and Chuckie screams. Phil and Lil are about to grab Spike and Lil jumps into the camera with her dress filling up the screen, "Stu Gets a Job": with Stu in his pajamas when he goes in the closet finding his clothes. Angelica: (enters, carrying a big bunch of cookies using the lower part of her dress) Oh, brother! You wouldn't want to get shipped to Japan with Reptar, now would you? Ting, tang, walla walla bing bang!♪, (4 more monkeys emerge from the top of the car, one of these was wearing a yellow hat, another was wearing a pink dress and carrying a parasol and the 3rd monkey who is an infant wearing a diaper.). In "Angelica Nose Best", Angelica blames Spike for knocking over Didi's jigsaw, Fluffy for eating the chocolate, and the babies for knocking over Charlotte's. During at least one episode ("The Odd Couple"), Chaz is portrayed as writing left-handed. This way. Dil: My nanna! Dil wants monkeys, and monkeys want the nanners. They are picked up by a giant stork by its claws, holding Lipschitz inside its beak, while flying with a flock of storks. Phil: Any further, and I would've needed a fresh diapie. I tried not to, but I had a feeling in my throat. (Spike runs off, with Angelica in tow.) I gotta get back to the dessert table before the grownups get all the good stuff. Betty: Ha! (Cut to under table, where the Rugrats crawled underneath. Phil! Stu, Didi, Randy called to say you were on your way. "Graham Canyon" - Tommy and Angelica travel to the Grand Canyon with Stu and Didi. It is common for Chuckie's cowardice to be met with one of the other babies saying "Aw, quit being a baby!". (Cut to Stu, changing Dil's diaper. Sometimes, the lies Angelica tells them eventually appears to affect her as well (in "Family Reunion", when she mistakenly thinks her story about families trading kids at a family reunion is true, she tells the kids "I thought I was making it up"). Tommy was right. "Dayscare" has Chuckie and Kimi having their first day of daycare. Dr. Lucy: Okay, Didi, let's go and get you settled in, huh? The wagon hits a stump, sending the Rugrats flying and they thud to the ground. Running from 1991 to 2004, it is Nick's third-longest running animated series, next to SpongeBob SquarePants and The Fairly OddParents. the doctor found out his leg was actually broken a little too late. Tommy tosses the jar away and was about to get another one when 3 monkeys run across the Reptar Wagon. Post Credit Scene: The Goat accidentally knocks the Reptar Wagon with Grandpa Lou inside. Tommy: I don't know! (Tommy and Dil are still arguing over the teddy. (Cut to exterior of the Pickles house. He tosses a receipt on sleeping Grandpa's lap. Before they hit the ground, we go back to reality in the kitchen with a banana split. "Reptar on Ice": Tommy attempts to bring a lizard to a Reptar ice skating show by putting it in his diaper. Tommy: Sure, Chuckie. At the end of the episode. Charlotte: Hold on, Jonathan. Being the most cautious and skeptical of the group, he often warns the others that what they're doing or going to do is a bad idea. Charlotte in particular seems to be the most frequent rebel to this trope. See, Tommy? Phil: Yeah. It bursts through the railing and lands back on the street, swerving away from another car, which also crashes with the sound of glass smashing.