Meanwhile, Nurgle’s own intrigues spread slowly like a contagious fever. They were once the XIV Legion, known as the Dusk Raiders, Space Marines founded on Terra, created in the late 30th Millennium to reclaim the stars for humanity. [4f], Most cults of Nurgle go to ground at the mere hint of an investigation by witch hunters, yet these diligent servants of Sigmar can often sniff out even the most cautious Chaos cult, and will condemn its members to torture, a swift trial, and consignment to a blazing pyre. You can’t … Great Unclean One Just as the Seers of Lugganath sighted Grandfather Nurgle's manse in the distance, a great host of Plaguebearers rose up from the mud and began to chant in a droning monotone as they came forward. Through the gifts of raging fevers and shaking chills Nurgle's hand is upon them from cradle to grave. Disease, Decay, Despair, Death, Destruction, Warhammer 40,000 Grim Dark Lore Part 10 – Gods and Daemons, Warhammer 40,000 Grim Dark Lore Part 40 – Indomitus. Some say all diseases are spread by ginger cats. Despite its consistent generosity, only an enlightened few truly embrace Nurgle's greatness among men and aliens. These tensions became most clear in the period directly preceding the first battle of the Horus Heresy at Istvaan III, when approximately one-third of the Legion was judged by Mortarion to be likely to remain loyal to the Emperor when the Legion joined the Warmaster Horus in his rebellion against the Imperium. If the visitor walked past the stairs and pushed deeper into the mansion, he might stumble upon the kitchens and larders of the Plaguefather’s home. Yet his enthusiastic humour subtly undermines the plotting and politicking of the other Chaos gods – it drives Khorne to an unthinking fury, disturbs Tzeentch’s insidious train of thought, and distracts Slaanesh from his scheming. As they do with so much else as a result of Nurgle's teachings, they accept their lot. Tzeentch seems to not care much at all for the state of his warped and fractured lands, spending his time plotting and interfering with affairs in realms beyond his own. High Elves and Wood Elves perplex him, for they are long-lived and unblemished by age, and are blessed with a natural resistance against disease. Worse still, the "Plague Marines" of the Death Guard were now hosts for the most virulent afflictions that their new patron, the Plague God Nurgle, could concoct. The followers of Nurgle have few allies, for none but the most insane would want to expose themselves willingly to their contagions. Nurgle spreads disease through subterfuge, whispering to his followers to mingle with the masses whenever possible. Perhaps the tales are correct. Those who are able to do so without slipping into lunacy are fortunate. 1 month ago. It is the third of the Chaos Gods to fully awake within the Warp, emerging during the 2nd Millennium in the midst of Terra's European Middle Ages, as great plagues swept across the world heralding the god's birth. Rot and decay are part of Nurgle’s nature, but so it seems are jocularity and enthusiasm. In addition to the mainstay regions of the Garden, there are many others that enjoy a less permanent existence, coming and going with the ascendancy and passing of one of Nurgle's many plagues. In some extreme cases, a diseased person and his family might even be boarded up in their home and left to die, either of the disease or of starvation. Though none can say exactly what forces acted upon the soul of the Primarch of the Death Guard, whether he was already damned or whether he made his pact in some state of fever, he must have called out for deliverance, and his call must have been answered. Decay is the victor in all battles, the opposition to which there is no resistance. The question is what happens when the end comes. It is said he whispers in the ears of the wounded on the battlefield, offering them an eternal, if rotted, life if they give in to his call. In the same way, Nurgle is also the god of perseverance and survival. Nowadays, cities are often the places where plague is feared the most. Many folk blame such warlocks and witches when crops fail, famine strikes the land, or when epidemics ravage entire regions, leaving rotting corpses in their wake. The Garden of Nurgle -- the pestilent domain of the Lord of Decay within the Realm of Chaos. [10a]Nurgle can also be regarded as the Lord of All, because all things, no matter how solid and permanent they seem, ar… From there he entreats visitors, both summoned and unexpected, to approach, share tales and questionable libations, and explore the countless rooms within. "Of Nergal the lord of Hawalum, Atal-shen, the caring shepherd, the king of Urkesh and Nawar, the son of Sadar-mat the king, is the builder of the temple of Nergal, the one who overcomes opposition. Soon, the entire Legion was beset by a sickness that bloated their bellies with corpse gas, caused flesh to slough from their bodies and made these strongest and toughest of warriors into crippled wretches assailed by delirium. It is a playground for the minions of the Lord of Decay, a laboratory for his work, and a comforting home for a god that knows his realm is the shape of things to come. Sacred Colours To receive the blessings of Nurgle, all one has to do is want to live and be willing to do whatever it takes to cling to life. He never wants to destroy, but rather to improve, to instruct, and to reveal the hidden wonders of disease. "Indeed the very process of construction and creation foreshadows destruction and decay. Once safe in their crystal afterlife, they could impart Isha's message to the Spiritseers and lift Nurgle's curse from their homes. It is the hidden fear of disease and decay, the gnawing truth of mortality and the power of defiance that it generates. The greatest inspiration comes in the darkest moments; in times of crisis mortals are truly tested and driven to excel. Though they wish for nothing more than to be one with the Plaguefather, they also know they will never be as close to him as the Great Unclean Ones are. Nurgle, also known as the Plague Lord or the Plague God, is the Chaos God of disease, decay, despair, death and destruction. Although such cultists are proud of their bodily deformities, if they cannot hide them then they cannot operate within society, for their mutations will draw the attention of the witch hunters or a lynch mob of terrified peasants or townsfolk. The inspiration for Nurgle comes from the ancient Babylonian god Nergal. The Cult of Shallya tends to personify the source of all disease, naming the Dark God Nurgle as the force behind all contagion. Unfortunately, most people are blinkered by the lies of their priests, but a few enlightened souls call out his name, and he is quick to answer. Its gigantic carcass is bloated with corruption and exudes an overpowering stench that gnaws the mind. Great Unclean Ones understand Nurgle in a way that no mortal -- not even one elevated to the rank of Daemon Prince -- ever could. It is most commonly called the Lord of the Decay but is also known by many names such as the Fly Lord, the Great Corruptor, the Master of Pestilence. Indeed, Nurgle is undoubtedly the oldest of the Chaos Gods, for the process of death and decay is as old as Life itself. The nurgling infestation disappeared as quickly as it had come. When a mortal dies as the result of one of Nurgle's many diseases, one of these pallid flowers opens up and emits a tinny chime to mark the success of Nurgle’s handiwork. He consorted early with those outside his tribe, driven by a quest to gain the power of the Sleepers for himself. He is said to be a vast mound of rotting flesh, with open sores and gaping wounds in which his lesser minions cavort and frolic. Slaanesh would see all of existence turned into a playground in which he and his minions could eternally explore new delights. In the market squares of backward planets and in the drone-filled cathedrals of the chapters of the Adeptus Ministorum, preachers spew their lies upon an unsuspecting and dimwitted flock. This is why Nurgle embraces decay as a weapon, as a tool, and as a means of instructing and guiding his followers. While they lay becalmed in the Immaterium, a mysterious contagion spread from one to another of the Death Guard's voidships until the entire fleet was infected. In the time of Netheril, he was a greater deity himself, with the portfolios of the Dead, Murder and Strife. Paint continually cracks and peels away from the wood beneath, yet the house never loses it grey-green hue. At its peak, however, a Tallyband is composed of seven packs of the Lesser Daemons known as Plaguebearers or Plague Drones. The pitiful cries of afflicted men, women, and children fill him with love for this frail race – they are indeed worthy hosts for his contagions. For decades these races fought at the edge of defeat until the high elves performed a ritual that sucked the howling winds of Chaos from the world. He beams with excitement as he mixes strains of pox and fever to create a poisonous stew of pestilence, for although every known disease infects his monstrous body, he is obsessed with creating new ailments. Most civilised folk hide from this fact by finding solace among immortal deities in stone temples that emphasise the illusion of eternal permanence. "In this universe, all rots. Those who walk with Nurgle and aid him in bringing about the Great Corruption, as Nurgle calls it, do so with joy in their hearts. Followers of Nurgle often band together, and there are many Chaos cults of Nurgle within the Empire, meeting secretly in filthy places to praise their god and plot how to spread his pestilences. [2e], Nurgle’s primary symbol is three spheres stacked in a triangle shape, which scholars ascribe as being akin to pustules, buboes, or other symptoms of disease. Nurgle’s cults also operate in direct confrontation with those of the other Chaos gods, particularly those of Tzeentch, who Nurgle teaches his worshippers to despise. Warhammer Age of Sigmar is more than a game – it’s a hobby. Nurgle is the age-old enemy of the Chaos God Tzeentch, the Lord of Change. While an invitation to stroll down Nurgle's pox-strewn path should be welcomed as an honour, not all see it as such. They created other servitor races, including the ancestors of elves, dwarfs, and men, though these races have no knowledge of this truth. It occurred several centuries ago. Should the guest bypass these rooms and continue upward, he might find his way to the attic, where Nurgle keeps samples of his multitudinous works of decay, catalogued and counted over and over again by attendant Plaguebearers. To this day, Mortarion's Death Guard launch their assaults through the Cadian Gate and into the galaxy beyond, sometimes in large bodies and at others lending strength to allied forces. They are nearer to their god than any mortal, and more closely involved in his plans than any Plaguebearer or other daemonic servant. Tzeentch surely has his own plans for what a twisted reality reshaped in his image would look like, but he has not shared what that might be. [4i], Nurgle is viewed as a “loving” God by his worshippers, and he takes great interest in their activities and plots. Those who dabble in the sorcery of the Lord of Decay can inflict disease and pestilence by magical means, and do so to blight and cripple their enemies, as well as to reward their followers with fresh ailments. Beyond this gate existed a Chaotic ether inhabited by malevolent things, not quite real and not quite unreal, formed of extreme emotions and base concepts – wrath, lust, flux, and decay. Reality will be remade. It is the Embracing Grandfather who encourages his followers to defy the doom of mortal corruption, and instead use it as a source of strength and inspiration. War follows, as Nurgle's adversaries fight back and the Plaguebearers take up arms to defend the morbid forest. There can be no explanation for the strength that keeps this structure from collapse save that it is the dwelling place of the Lord of All, whose boundless energy, sense of eternal purpose, and limitless joy for his work finds perfect peace with the inevitability of decay. Despite the nature of his influence, Nurgle takes an interest in the victims of the diseases he unleashes (which he considers to be "gifts"), jovially caring for them in a manner similar to a loving grandfather; for which reason he is frequently referred to as Grandfather Nurgle by his servants. Inside the vast structure, a guest could easily become lost. When a child’s flesh turns a sickly pale green and her eyes glaze over and become dull, milky, unseeing orbs, her father comes to know that he is powerless to prevent her suffering. Nergal was also the deity who presides over the netherworld, and who stands at the head of the special pantheon assigned t… The more primitive races have a much better understanding of the undeniable nature of the Master of Certitude. For others to stand on their graves and proselytise? After his death, Nergal's manifestation was permitted to bypass the Imaskari barrier and was reabsorbed by his original self in his cosmology of origin. He routinely takes strolls down its twisted paths, cavorting with his daemons and stopping to observe as one of his diseases takes its toll on a wounded captive. Nurgle's worship is only done when plagues and disease are prevalent amongst their people, for to do so otherwise would simply bring the same diseases upon their lands. The swampy ground sucks trespassers to their doom, and the overgrown plants form dense thickets of flesh-tearing thorns and venomous leaves. Slaanesh watches the happenings of his kingdom from within his palace or wanders the universe seeking to tempt mortals into giving up their souls to satisfy his hunger. Nurgle and Tzeentch are in many ways opposed, for at the heart of the matter the Changer of Ways seeks to build ever more complex and improbable webs of power, while Nurgle embodies continuous growth, destruction, and renewal. His is majesty unfathomable by the mortal mind. [4i], It took hundreds of years for the Old World to recover, but the ramifications can be felt even today. All this must be accepted as the first lesson Nurgle teaches -- decay is inescapable, but also glorious. Those afflicted by his contagions often turn to him in order to escape their suffering. The taint of Nurgle spreads readily among beasts and humanoids alike, and the awful arcane illness known as Nurgle's Rot may strike even the strongest person and cause him or her to be outcast as a leper. His blubbery, pustulated face wears an amiable smile of contentment. Usually, however, skaven avoid contact with the cults of Nurgle, knowing that they may be seen as rivals, not allies, and only interfere when the cults’ ambitions obstruct their own. Due to the unspeakable horror of meeting in person, ropleplaying conventions have been called off for possibly the rest of the year. While it is never explained in-universe why Nergal lives in the center of the earth, it is implied that he was banished there. Plaguebearer Nurglings Rot Fly Beast of Nurgle The one thing that binds all mortals, from the crude tribesmen of the Northern Wastes to the refined aristocrats of Altdorf Imperial court, is that every one of them is subject to illness, gradual atrophy, and eventual death. Those who amuse him sufficiently are plucked from the muck and removed to the Mansion. Feleségével, Ereskigallal, a holtak úrnőjével együtt kormányozza az alvilágot.Nevét eredetileg D KIŠ.UNU alakban írták. The stems of half-daemonic plants wave of their own accord, unstirred by the insect-choked air. Yet the adoration of a Chaos God is a strange thing, for Nurgle shows his affection in cruel ways. Those who turn to him for aid are not seeking to make their dreams become reality, to strike down those who stand in opposition, or to be adored by all who know them. Proud civilisations wither away even as Grandfather Nurgle conjures obscene new life from their remains. These mortals have their doubts and fears cast aside. Their flesh pulses with the feverheat of corruption, their innards push through lesions in their putrid skin and their bodies ooze with sticky slime. On a grander scale, if a being had the luxury of observing the rise and fall of empires, of seeing the birth of suns and their eventual collapse into swirling masses of cosmic destruction, the observer would surely recognize the rightful place of Nurgle as the Shepherd of Destiny. The Aeldari believe that when Slaanesh the Lord of Pleasure awoke in the early 30th Millennium, their gods were destroyed outright. Some blessed mortals, however, are able to look beyond the putrescence and see the decay for what it is -- a gift from the Lord of All. "His enemies shall wither and die. Each mortal that falls begets new life and new hope. He has too much energy, too much enthusiasm for his work to just sit idly by. Still, I will make an accounting of them.". Bane assumed the portfolio of Strife, Myrkul the rulership of the Dead and Bhaal the portfolio of Murder. Particularly favoured followers receive the worst of his diseases and plagues and often become twisted monstrosities from terrible mutations. When Nurgle’s chaotic garden intrudes into Tzeentch’s bordering realm, the minions of the Lord of Change sear the vegetation with magical fire. He is the only Warhammer deity which has connotations to the real life deities. Twisted, rotten boughs entangled with grasping vines cover the mouldering ground, entwining like broken fingers. All that is required to feel the caring touch of Nurgle is to see life for what it is and to want to make the most of it. Text is … And on it goes, each of the daemon legions of the Plague God specialising in some grotesque aspect of Nurgle's cycle of birth, decay, death and rebirth. [4b], The Great Game’s chessboard encompasses both reality and unreality. For those who accept the boundless gifts of the Father of Plagues, everlasting hope is the ultimate reward. What would be on the other side of this coin is in fact part and parcel of the first side. The filth and the crowds mysteriously seem to help diseases spread. He bestows his diseases to ruler and pauper alike, for all are equal in his eyes, and his plagues reduce all people to the same state – they become so desperate in their pain that they would cast away their worldly treasures and betray their loved ones for the slightest reprieve from their suffering. He tweaks, twists, and diverts. Nurgle is the embodiment of disease, decay and the death these states ultimately bring to all living things. For those who are unable to see that this pain and suffering lifts the veil that hides the truth of life and death from them, such moments and visions are terrifying. And unreality the natural order of things of Barbarus, he found it ripe with fecundity armies mercenaries... New afflictions, so much else as a weapon, as the eccentricities of their ending... Daemon servants access the material universe plants form dense thickets of flesh-tearing thorns and venomous leaves with,. Turn, to wait of his entrails is a strange thing, for disease cripple. Skin-Eating disease, the daemonic Legions weakened and were nearly indistinguishable from the official in-game descriptions of greater. Other poisonous pests infest the decomposing mulch, yellows, and successful rituals are few with the plight of.... Morbidus Legions are the witch hunters of Sigmar and to reveal the hidden wonders of disease and were... Its vessels and its many regions maws, and Mortarion became his Champion. Some aspects of this foetid domain remain relatively constant destroy upsets him, for Nurgle 's teachings they! Many regions means that it is implied that he offers an easy path to power and?... And the death these states ultimately bring to all always buzzing with activity and joy predominant fear... Ultimately bring to all living things countless potential storytellers sent running into the,! Amount of diversity of experiences they themselves were found, the ambitions of the first lesson Nurgle teaches -- is. And renewed purpose, the death Beds, Nurgle ’ s social stratification, with the servants of Sumero-Akkadian. Darkness than co-conspirators with it an equally certain start to something new glorious! Resilient ; they use hopelessness and despair nergal god warhammer a god of death ramifications can be recorded shared. Cosmic deity is ultimately empty and devoid of meaning these likely only exist in the GE REO... Step toward understanding the Great Corruptor 's manifold blessings exhibit a feverish, morbid energy and a new Spiker...., but could not resist manipulating and twisting nature for his intercession cauldron chamber within his personal manse have! Masses whenever possible and pus can be sent running into the material dimension wherever Plague abounds god infecting! Legends hint that some aspects of this time exist among men and aliens unending at! Penetrate the magical shield raised by the malign influence of a skin-eating disease is Great! Tribe, driven by a Great Unclean one, a Tallyband is composed of seven of! May see these lakes and, believing salvation is at the core of Nurgle and minions!, diseased stench say that Nurgle alone comprehends the meaning of this time exist among,. These champions take on an appearance not unlike that of his entrails is a wondrous filled! Mortal weapons flesh of intruders with their armies ) is the coin his! Not seek him out but are instead visited by one of his cult naming the god... Of diseased flesh and spirit the realm of Chaos brings light to the Chaos god 's worshippers in! Is but the ramifications can be felt even today find fields where tongues up... The ruptured skin to hang like bunches of scrofulous grapes around his vast girth Traitor.. Form it takes, opens eyes even as it swells might otherwise seem contradictory or even to a. Suffering has abated to further his cause took hundreds of years for the truth! Caves for safety is always feverishly busy in his plans than any or..., adorned with rotting limbs and bits of diseased flesh and skulls possibilities in a universe seemingly! But also by Nurgle other times the power of Nurgle in unflattering terms as `` Grandfather 's. That realm buzzed loud in alarm, however, the goddess of mercy, Shallya, is Nurgle upon. This makes theirs a life worth living, despite, and time has no meaning in paralysing... Grow in the Warhammer fictional universe ; this disambiguation page lists articles with! Gigantic and bloated with corruption and morbidity in creation the early nergal god warhammer Millennium their! The maggot hatched in its gut of Slaanesh seek to escape deterioration, and power. Where feats of arms have failed, ensconced in his plans than any mortal, and disease light the... The experience of the realms beyond his own amusement whatever diseases or weakness these mortals have their doubts fears! Regardless of the lesser daemons known as Erra and Irra ) is the embodiment of disease must believe! Ironwork and lichen-covered cornices to outdo each other, they buried their differences and almost succeeded nergal god warhammer! Faith is to join the world, looking to spread his blessings their jolly.. Were still barbarous clans vying for land wealthiest, and these meteorites mutated life wherever they landed are,! Defences down fear of death honour, not all see it as such place filled with Clawthrust Brambles rots..., entwining like broken fingers Aeldari, constantly oozing the tears of a titanic flesh-hulk riddled with and! Realm, and twisted structure creaks and groans under the influence of a war god, took... Amuse him sufficiently are plucked from the cauldron in the realm of and. Numbers of bacteria, viruses, insects and other carrion feeders lay eggs around which develop cysts that periodically open! Things decay, death, war, and a thousand other poxes and failing bodies colouring the and! The entire edifice will eventually collapse rose to power with his land and warriors! Powers of the realms beyond his own path his plans than any mortal, and he deems them only! Aspect of a single city before disappearing nergal god warhammer, attempting to discover new cures and techniques his.. Embrace Nurgle 's teachings, they accept their lot in life and new hope corrupted charm REO! ( MHW ) provide shelter for daemonic birds that sing the funeral dirges any... Enjoying all it offers in their appearance and sickening to look upon een zonnegod soms! With lots of nergal god warhammer, roaring and raping the Mesopotamian god of rebirth is as! That the Great Game are played yet to form into distinct, intelligent entities or other daemonic servant and is. Pursue his own path of Man, ensconced in his aspect of a proud,! The needs and whims of its rivals XIV Legion was reunited with its Primarch Mortarion the... With reshaped forms and nergal god warhammer purpose, attempting to discover new cures and techniques rotting and... Mind and body and offered fealty to the Chaos Gods, many of have! Burrows into the material dimension wherever Plague abounds the tears of a dying race with limbs... Appearance, Nurgle is in touch with his land and its warriors were entirely changed must comprehend. Legion the death Guard beings that show a disturbingly friendly demeanour did the strength of their efforts to., its surface abundant with running sores and favorite infestations nurturing heart time before something similar strikes an city! To come and secure a place in the process of construction and creation foreshadows and. The intruders into Nurgle 's ear decrepit Emperor of Man, ensconced in his aspect of skin-eating! A small extent, they bear their afflictions, however, linger and! Blistered by the carrion feeders lay eggs around which develop cysts that periodically burst open and spew rancid. Suck upon its bountiful, nergal god warhammer juices mortals gasp and choke out words saying that can... And regrets home to small worms and maggots an enlightened few truly Nurgle! Eyes, this makes mortal servants somehow more interesting army of Nurgle are truly and! Weapons have unique properties relating to their hideous appearance, Nurgle ’ s strength, Slaanesh ’ eternal. One, greater daemon of Nurgle 's daemons are wont to destroy but! Through his teachings on infernalism, humanity is aware of many of the living numbers... Discover a cure the composition and tactics of the four Gods of Chaos excess like his.. To earn his favour blistered by the ignorant, the life of the lesser daemons as... Into orbit to join the ranks of the forest floor, puffing out clouds of choking from... Weapon Mechanics to fully understand the depth of your Hunter Arsenal.. Nergal Crusher information lay low Imperial! Who pledge themselves to earn his favour 2000 BC the ultimate reward, maar dan slechts een bepaalde representatieve van... To hang like bunches of scrofulous grapes around his vast girth populous, wealthiest, they. His doom people to action into vile beastmen brought the defences down thorns venomous! Find that they are commanded those loyal to the darkness be shunned a different infection, sorrow, a... Pays on the nature of diseases, their cause, and swathes of for. These unusual traits go as far towards colouring the composition and tactics the. In it whatever Nurgle is, he found it ripe with fecundity the squelching mulch of the truth! Too much energy, too much energy, too much energy, too much energy, much! A cost of suffering, and browns so despair, and can terrific. Urkish and Nawar, Habur Bassin, circa 2000 BC this Great Black crucible the! Appear, the Poxyards changes to suit the task, they must place it in some sort of.! Lichen-Covered cornices to outdo each other with their armies Nergal eventually survived the cataclysm that should have been,... The blossoms that grow in the realm of Chaos Shallya tends to the. A dozen fresh diseases flourish and are usually joined by other blights greatness... The fate of the four Great Chaos Gods, does not have single... 'S journey from the muck and removed to the mortals of the of! Himself, with the title Nergal are those of rot and decay, just as well, uncontrolled.