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Vision & Mission


Smallholder rural households from rainfed (and ecologically depressed regions) enjoy enhanced living standards


Promote ‘Agro Ecological Agriculture’ based on the three principles of sustainability (social, environment and economic) for livelihoods enhancement



Enhancing productivity and Reducing costs of cultivationVision Mission 1

Holistic approach and ecologically aligned technical interventions; internalized inputs for production; collective marketing,

Promoting viable institutions         

Promote farmer-owned, well-governed, well-managed, profitable & equitable instituions

Creating market access through value addition 

Vision Mission 2Farmer involvement in aggregation; farm-gate processing, accessing markets from the subsequent nodes in the value chain of the commodities.

Food and nutrition security

Production of diverse and safe (without agrochemicals, GM, adulteration, etc.) foods; making farmers the first point of safe food consumption; etc.

Women and child development

Drudgery reduction, being socially sensitive to immediate problems and trying to reduce them, support to strengthen local schools; orienting children towards sustainable farming; etc.

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