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Internal Control Systems

Chetna Organic believes that Internal Control Systems (ICS) and Traceability are crucial components in building strong market oriented value chains in the Organic and Fairtrade business. Many international brands & consumers are increasingly becoming weary of organic products from India.
In this backdrop, Chetna Organic’s stringent ICS and robust Traceability mechanisms have been able to ensure that clients value its product authenticity. Three important facets are built around Chetna’s Organic & Fairtrade Systems– (i) No Intrinsic Bias, (ii) Empowerment, (iii) Control. 
These systems are designed in a manner that they do not give in to any intrinsic motive to cheat. This ensures that the systems are internally robust. Empowering the farmers to meet the stringent Organic & Fairtrade standards helps in creating an enabling environment. Exhaustive and stringent peer-to-peer monitoring of Organic & Fairtrade implementation helps Chetna organic identify non-compliance early and take timely & appropriate corrective action. 
Traceability of cotton is one of the key attributes of Chetna Organic. Such traceability becomes essential with growing incidence of GMO contamination and other chemical residues making their way into certified organic products. To create confidence in each stakeholder along the value chain, Chetna Organic systems are designed to trace every cotton bale to its source through an elaborate system of packing, labeling, accurate recording at every stage and counterchecks by cooperatives. Such traceability becomes possible only by maintaining an elaborate system of labeling, lot creation and lot-wise handling, sequential processing as well as documentation procedure at every stage.  
Such exhaustive monitoring helps Chetna Organic achieve complete visibility right through the product life and enhances the worth of this ethical value chain involving international brands as major stakeholders. 

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