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COAPCL Services

The formation of COAPCL is aimed at providing the member farmers with a fair business alternative so as to enable them to:
i) get the best possible price for their produce and
ii) enjoy the benefits of a fair and transparent transaction.
As a farmer-owned producer company, COAPCL is specifically involved in the following activities:-
Sensitizing and training existing farmer groups for participating in value addition of their produce and collective marketing for better margins
Managing the organic cotton marketing process of member farmers, hitherto managed by COFA
Oversee the certification process of farmers pertaining to organic certifications, fair trade certification and any other that the organization may feel the need to subscribe to from time to time
Organize marketing of non-cotton crops of farmers, wherever possible as organic and fair trade, otherwise in alternative formats
Business planning for local level farmer co-operatives/societies and providing expert inputs on conducting such businesses/local level economic activities
Facilitate fund raising for farmer’s co-operatives/societies to conduct above mentioned business/local level economic activities
Conduct/organize/facilitate suitable research and advocacy activities – in collaboration with COFA - that are in the benefit of its member farmers
Assist farmers of partner projects of FFID, COFA in marketing activities and/or undertake marketing activities on behalf of such projects
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